Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day

Yes... Happy Mother's Day!

And Happy Sunday.

Let's celebrate the one and only, the chef, the teacher, the driver, and the friend... The ones still with us, the ones no longer here...  

The cooks, the wine lovers, the crafty, the workers...

Happy Day to all of you.

I made some tags to celebrate moms with positive sentiments and messages.  

Because we love every mom... some are stronger than others, some are sporty, some are executives, some are housewives, some are through processes...   

We love them just the way the are...  they are special and they are not alone... because they are daughters of God.

They are always in our hearts...  They worth a million... more than gold!

Some of them are in the moment to shine... their best moment and they have to take it.

Moms are courageous... they are beautiful.

They are fabulous!

They are unique!

They fight and fight for us all the time...  and they succeed.

We love our moms... even though they are imperfect.

I will share this post and creations with my friends at Latina Crafter, for the May's challenge with the twist of the love for our moms.  All the stamps and stencils used in these mixed media tags are from Latina Crafter.  You can still participate in the challenge if you want.  You can either use the twist as I did or use the sketch they provide (#94), or both.  Click HERE for more information.

Thank you for stopping by. :)

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Sharing some ATC love...

Hello My dear Friends...
I have really been very busy with other aspects in my life and unfortunately am missing my hobby so much.  I hope 2019 will be different and I could find again a good balance.

I have made some ATC's that I've shared in Instagram and Facebook but hadn't posted here.  Even though a blog is not so popular nowadays, I want to continue posting my creations here and somehow keep documenting this creative journey with you all.

Hope you like my latest creations and let's make a toast for a wonderful beginning of 2019!  Cheers!

And for those who would prefer to make the toast with some coffee... here's this cup of joy!

The important thing is that we keep united by the love we have for creativity... 

… and let the wind guide us through this wonderful journey...

Thank you for stopping by...