Friday, February 22, 2013

Wherever you go...

Where to go? Oh God! This week has been so crazy.  A lot of things going on at work... but also lots of fun and new things.  I was thinking how crazy of me of being involved in so many things, but also how lucky!  And it doesn't matter where I go or what I do... I'll do my best, and will put my heart on it. It's so easy to lose faith or to feel weak sometimes... but attitude is everything!  Friday helps!

So, in the middle of so many things this week I managed to make a card yesterday morning.

I stamped directly on the base of the card and made a background with the same stamp and different ink colors.  Then stamped the larger image but cut and placed in the base so it has some dimension.  I combined it with the sentiment. 

The balloons images were placed with 3D foam to make them pop.

Also added some tiny buttons to complete the look.

So... thanks for your visit... I hope you came with all your heart.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Love Friday!

Hello Blogger friends... and Friday friends.

Today's a special Friday (as all of them! LOL)... because yesterday was St Valentines Day, so it is a good excuse to say that this is Valentines' weekend...  You know, us, humans, always have excuses for everything.

I was thinking that having excuses to justify bad behavior or mistakes is no good... no, no, no... and you know it... But when the excuses are for good help others... to work more...  to protect nature... to give surprises, to make someone happy, to do something good for someone else or  someone in need... if the excuse helps you be a better person...  it's ok... I'll allow the excuses.

So, even though is a commercial thing, if you have the excuse of St. Valentines' weekend to love your life and everybody in your life...   I'll allow it.  I'll accept the excuse.

This is the card I made for my husband... very crafty.. lots of paint, color and mixed elements.  I used chipboard letters, cut outs, stamps (of course!!!), patterned paper, cardstock, ink, paint, journaling from cards, etc...  I used some of the scrap materials from a box where I put things that I cut or stamped and then didn't use...  That's why I don't throw away things so easily (almost a hoarder).

My husband loved it.
Have a wonderful Friday... and Valentines weekend!

Enjoy life!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

CAS Heart

Happy Sunday.

For today's CAS Sunday Challenge at the Outlawz I made a card that is all heart.

I stamped the image in three different backgrounds and repeated it.

Hearts are glued with foam squared to make them pop.

At left a ribbon and the sentiment.

Tks for stopping by.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Productive Saturday!

How's your Saturday?  Hope you are having a great time...  It could be cleaning the house, doing diligences out, celebrating a special occasion, working, having fun, or just doing nothing...  Relax.  What is important is that you are enjoying life.  You could enjoy anything you are doing when you focus on your purpose of doing it.

I was kind of tired today 'cause I had a short business trip and arrived home very late last night... but after a good breakfast I've had such great news and positive results...

First, I received an email from a very good friend who had been out of work fighting cancer...  She told me she is now back to work and with a great position in our Governor's house.  Isn't this cool?  Not only I'm happy for her because of her self esteem and because I know how good she is at what she does, but also happy for all the cancer survivors.  Oh, what a good feeling.

Then I visited Scrapping Everyday Miracles blog and I found out I made top three from January challenge and also won some candy from Paper Loves Glue.  What a wonderful surprise!  I never thought my work expressing something of my life can be inspiring to others and be able to touch others' hearts.  I love scrapbooking even more now.

Then I started to work with invitations a friend of mine asked me to make for her daughter's 15th birthday.  I sent them a prototype and they loved it... so I started to cut and make some work on them.  I felt very productive.  I will also be the MC on this birthday... cool, isn't it?  It's on late March, so when I finish the cards I'll show them here.  You know... I'm a full time worker, so it will take a while... LOL.

Finally, I had these tins from some of my husband's colognes...  and if you've read some former posts, I've mentioned I am kind of a hoarder when I see something with potential... but 2013 is my year of organization... I'm trying to organize my scrapbooking room and am doing it slowly, but I'm enjoying it.  So, I decided I could use these tins to organize some pens.  I started covering them with patterned paper...

...Protected with some mod podge...

...And embellished.

I still need some more because I have a lot of glitter pens I don't use because I don't see them... and one of the purposes of organizing is to be able to see some stuff I have in drawers and don't use them often.

So, for now these little tins have a space in my room...  I will probably put them in the desk/table later, when I make more room for them LOL..

Tks for stopping by...  Enjoy life... every minute of it!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Sweetheart Little Card!

Hey... Happy Friday.

Remember my last post and the little CAS card for the Outlawz?   (You can see it HERE).

I mentioned I made two cards that day and that I was going to post the second one today... Here it is...

It's another 4.25" square CAS card...   I stamped sentiment XOXOXOXOXO... in a distressed and edge inked 4"x4" white cardstock to be placed on top the 4.25" square red card base.

I stamped and cut the heart image and added another stamped sentiment and a little bow, and then placed on the cardstock...

It made a little cute card I love!

I hope you love it too.  I will link this post to the Unity's FWF since all the stamps used are from Unity.

Tks for stopping by...  Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A little card...

Outlawz' Sunday CAS Challenge this week was open to any theme as long as the card was 4.25" square.  I made a very CAS card for St Valentine's.

On a red cardstock I placed some washi tape and a punched border.

I used a leftover of a black circles border I had used for another layout (THIS ONE), and combined with two chipboard letters to give life to an XOXO message.

Very CAS...  clean, simple, with open space and easy to reproduce.

I hope you liked it.
I enjoyed making it so much that I made another one... but I will post it next Friday...  Stay tuned.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Friday, I love you!  It's the first day of February... all about Love!

It's going to be a busy day at work but Fridays are always special.   It's like a unique feeling of knowing the weekend just started... in my mind... all day...

Tonight we'll get together with a friend.  We plan to chat and catch up on a lot of things that have happened the last several months.  We hope we can serve to give her hope, support and solidarity.  She said she needs that.  It's a long story... just life.

I have to confess I started making another different card with a "thank you" sentiment to post today but I didn't like the result... and a different feeling was in my mind.  I was thinking on tonight's encounter. I wanted to use worn colors, go vintage, ink the edges, go with an old look... but with a little bit of bright to create contrast and to stand out this sentiment I used, that goes with what I just explained about my friend...  Here's what I came out with...

These two stamps are from different kits from Unity Stamp Co.  The sentiment is from the "Time for friends and wine" kit.  The image stamp?... I don't know.*  I think it is from former KOM.

Don't forget to leave a comment because when available in the morning, I will link this post to the Friday's Friends with Flair... You could win good stuff!

I hope you enjoy my card and somehow get inspired...  Please, get some time to be imperfect this weekend... Have fun!

*I confess I have some Unity stamps that I am not sure if they are part of a KOM or any other collection because I have acquired them through prizes or bundles... I will have to check on all past kits to classify them... I just feel they are all mixed and it doesn't feel right... What would be the fastest way to do it?  Any ideas?