Friday, February 28, 2014

Wine & Friends Mini Album

Friends, friends, friends...

Welcome to the last Friday of February, and the last day of the month too!!!!

You know how was my last month awaiting for the Scrapbooking convention to be held last Sunday!!! It was crazy.

It finally arrived and was stupendous!

Shared some time with part of the "Papeles y Más" magazine DT, from which I am a member.  By the way, I am loving to be part of this team. I am having so much fun!

I had a great time.  First time I see a scrapbooking convention from the other side.  But it is not a dark side...  LOL!  I arrived and immediately wanted to do things, but I then realized time was passing by very fast and it was time for my class.
I had a group of wonderful students/friends and had a great time.

They said they were very happy with the project and even though we could not finish it in the 1:45hr timeframe, I think they were pleased... thank God!
We made a 10-page 6"x6" mini album in a box... with lots of textures, hand made embellishments and lots of stamps from Unity Stamp Co....  

Here are some of the pages to share with you and taking advantage of this post to say THANK YOU for all your wishes and positive thoughts.  I had such a great experience!  It is very nice to honor this hobby as an activity to get people together, to learn from each other, and to have a good time... that's it.. no more than that.  You don't complicate your hobby thinking who said this and that, who's better or worse... you just share and enjoy.  I loved this experience.
Tks to Unity Stamp Co.  Tks to Revista Papeles y Más.  And Tks to YOU!

  See this heart in this page?  Make sure to see my previous post with a tutorial about it HERE.

I still have some kits left if you are interested on making this project.  Send me an email to and let's "talk".  Or follow me in Facebook and write through my inbox.  Find me as Scrapper Myra or click the button at the upper right corner in this blog.

Have a great weekend and a Fabulous Friend with Flair Friday.  Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win with Unity.  Just fab!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Scrappy Heart

Hello there...

You know about those things you think you made up and you are the sole original author?... Well, sometimes you think you have come up with the greatest idea...

I don't know about other things but I'm sure these scrappy embellishments I make are only mine.   LOL!  I love making my own embellishments and also combining with commercial made ones.

I've made scrappy canvas hearts, scrappy paper hearts, and other shapes...  And I love making them.  I call them scrappy because I use pieces of paper or scraps that others would throw away.

So, today I am sharing my scrappy hearts with you. 

I start with a piece of paper and glue the shape I want in the back side.  Why the back side?  Because the shape will only be served as stencil later.

I trim around the shape and turn around and  glue lots of elements.  In this case I use different textures and colors...  some cork, burlap, papers, cardstock... etc.

Once dried, I turn around to cut the shape.

If I am planning to use sequins, metals or harder materials, I don't glue them before... I wait until the shape is cut and then apply.

I cover the embellishment with Glossy Accents and wait, and wait, until dry.

And I end up with great embellishments.

These examples are hearts, but you can do circles, squares, stars, wine bottles, houses, you name it!!!!  I used the mentioned elements and similar colors, but you can go monochromatic, you can do without texture... whatever.  But you will end up with your own unique personal fabulous embellishment.

You like it?

Here are some more examples.

If you make your scrappy hearts or embellishments inspired by this, I would only ask for you to mention it and include a link to this post.  Just giving the right credit when needed.  Fair enough?  I would love to see your creations inspired by these.  You can share with me by email (, or through facebook inbox.  Find me as Scrapper Myra or follow the link in the button at right upper corner in this blog.

Tks a lot.

Friday, February 21, 2014

A quick mom to be card...

For today's Unity Stamp Co.'s Friday Friends with Flair I am sharing a card I made for a coworker's baby shower last week.

It was a fast and easy card to make with the help of stamps, of course, and washi tapes (which I love too).

I used a pink card base, cut some cream cardstock and placed washi tape at top and bottom.    Stamped these magnificent sillhouettes from Unity, and the sentiment.

Then applied some ink here and there, and added ribbon bow and sequins...

I love the girly delicate result.  Do you like it????  

Leave a comment for a chance to win with Unity.  And please please please... send me your best wishes  to Puerto Rico for my class in the convention that will be held next Sunday.  I need your positive thoughts... :)  tks!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Let's continue talking about LOVE...

It's Sunday...  almost finished with all details regarding my class in the convention.  Just waiting for some things by mail.. hope they get here on time!!!   There's still space to be in the class, you can get information in the button at upper right in this blog, or sending me an email to, or like me on facebook (Scrapper Myra) and contact me through inbox.  :)

Separately,  let me share these LOVE party favors.  These are very simple to do, specially to make with kids since the steps to follow are very easy and you embellish as you want.

Some of these were published in the Papeles y Más magazine.

Let's take a look at them one by one.

Here's one with the "key 2 my heart" sentiment.  I stamped the key, cut and tied with bakers twine.  Used mainly cardstock, stickers and stamps.  Candies are placed inside as shown.

Here's the front view:

This one was so fun to make.  Stamped the images and colored with paint, ink, pencils, glitter... and more.  Added some buttons and sticker at bottom.  Very cool.

This is my favorite.  Stamped banners and cut them to assemble with doily, buttons, bakers twine and a feather.  Lovely, isn't it?

And, last but not least, I took advantage of the patterned paper design and just added the sentiment, doily and ribbon for this one.

Hope you are still enjoying St. Valentine's Weekend.  I am...

It's all about love....  love... love....

Friday, February 14, 2014

Let Love Grow!

Today's St.  Valentine's Day. Happy love day to everybody. And happy love life!!!  I think love is not necessarily a feeling only, but it is a decision. I said this before. I think you decide to allow love to grow over the years with your family, friends, relatives, and of course you're other half love of your life. So today, it's a day for you to decide to love everything around you. Love will answer you back. I'm sure about it. 

Today, I'm sharing a layout I made for the magazine "Papeles y Màs". You have probably seen it before if you already bought the magazine. But for those who have not seen it, I decided to share itofficially  today, because it is very appropriate for the LOVE topic. 

This is my husband and me. Love this picture, because he always has a gesture to make sure the photo is not perfect. 

Look at all the stamps I used from Unity Stamp Co. 

Flowers, diamonds shapes, the sentiments, wood.... All. 

Hope you like it. 

Finally, let me remind you about the class I'm giving next February 23 at the Scrapbooking convention. If you are in Puerto Rico this day, you need to go to this convention. Click on the button at upper right corner in this blog for more information.  Or like me in facebook (Scrapper Myra), or email me.  This class is sponsored by Unity Stamp company. 

Another thing, have a great Friday, and don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win. It is Friday's Friends with Flair  at Unity. 

Have a great weekend. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Class by Scrapper Myra
February 23, 2014
Puerto Rico Convention Center
12:15 - 2:00 pm
"Papeles y Más" magazine's Scrapbooking Convention

(Para español, lea más adelante en letras color violeta)

I'm very excited about the fact I'm going to give a class in a scrapbooking convention.  This hobby has brought me many happy moments and it is amazing to share it with so many talented and beautiful people.  You learn by sharing and this is what scrapbooking is about.  Here is the information about the class and how you can register to be one of the lucky persons.
We will have so much fun together in this class!!!

About the class:
The class is dedicated to friendship and good moments.  We will be making a 6"x6" mini album in a box...  It is full of different textures and elements.  Wine lover or not, the album is designed to treasure your favorite family and friends photos in a unique mini album that will be easy to display or storage.  You will have fun and honor the real objectives of this hobby:  document life in a unique way, relax and enjoy some time just for you. There will be raffles!  This class is sponsored by Unity Stamp Co.

What is included in this class?
The class includes the materials needed to make the designed album and the box, as follows:

patterned papers
box with lid
stamping cardstock
metal ring
embellishments and other elements (such as cork, burlap, doilies, sequins, worsted fiber, ribbons, a zipper, clothespins and more...)

We will provide stamps and glossy accents to share in the class.

All stamps to be used are from Unity Stamp Co.  We will be using over 20 different stamps images and sentiments in this project!!!

What's the cost of the class?
The cost of the class is $30 + tax.  
It includes all the materials listed and instructions for making the project.

What you need to bring:
All materials mentioned above will be provided for you.  However, you will need to bring:   scissors,  guillotine, adhesives (glue, any dimensional adhesive, and others such as glue dots, strips or runners) and circle punches in different sizes (optional).  Bring photos for the album if desired.  You will be able to complete the project without photos and add them later too.

 Note:  I will provide a very limited quantity of acrylic blocks for stamping to share in class but I strongly suggest that those who have any at home, please bring your own to use in class.

Want to be part of this?  What you need to do: 
If you need more information, or to reserve your spot, do any of the following:

(1)Send me an email to, or
(2)Visit my fanpage and send a message through the inbox:  SCRAPPER MYRA CLICK HERE
(3) Contact Revista Papeles y Más through facebook:  CLICK HERE

 All payments should be made to the order of Revista Papeles y Más.

Important note:  Cost of the class is $30 + tax.  Full payment is required before class.  Cancellations should be made with 48 hours anticipation for payment reimbursement.  Class and instructions will be provided in Spanish.  Limited spots available.

Spanish Version

Clase por Scrapper Myra
23 de febrero de 2014
Centro de Convenciones de Puerto Rico
12:15 - 2:00 pm
Convención de Scrapbooking de la revista "Papeles y Más"

(For English, read version at top of post)

Estoy muy entusiasmada con el hecho de que voy a dar una clase en una convención de scrapbooking. Este pasatiempo me ha traído muchos momentos felices y es increíble poder compartir con tanta gente talentosa y hermosa.  Aprendes cuando compartes, y esto es de lo que se trata el scrapbooking.  A continuación información sobre la clase y cómo puedes registrarte para ser uno de los afortunados.  Nos divertiremos mucho juntos en esta clase!!!

Acerca de la clase:

La clase está dedicada a la amistad y buenos momentos. Vamos a hacer un mini álbum de 6 "x 6" en una caja... Está lleno de elementos y texturas diferentes. Amante del vino o no, el álbum está diseñado para atesorar tus fotos favoritas de la familia y amigos en un mini álbum único que será fácil y práctico para exhibir o guardar. Habrá plena diversión y honraremos los objetivos reales de este pasatiempo: documentar la vida de una manera única, relajarse y disfrutar de un tiempo sólo para ti. Habrá sorteos. Esta clase es patrocinada por Unity Stamp Co.

¿Qué está incluido en esta clase?

La clase incluye los materiales necesarios para hacer el álbum según diseñado y su caja, como sigue:

papeles de diseño
caja con su tapa
Papel para estampar
anillo de metal
Adornos (embellishments) y otros elementos (como el corcho, tela de saco, blondas, lentejuelas, estambre, cintas, una cremallera -zipper-, palillo de madera y más...)

Se proveerán los sellos y "Glossy Accents" para compartir y uso exclusivo en la clase.

Todos los sellos a utilizar son de Unity Stamp Co. Vamos a usar más de 20 sellos de diferentes imágenes y mensajes en este proyecto!!!

¿Cuál es el costo de la clase?
El costo de la clase es $30 + IVU.
Incluye todos los materiales mencionados y las instrucciones para hacer el proyecto.

¿Qué necesitas traer?
Todos los materiales antes mencionados se proveerán con la clase. Sin embargo, usted necesitará traer: tijeras, guillotina, adhesivos (pega, cualquier adhesivo dimensional y otros, tales como puntos de pegamento -glue dots -, o "tape runners"), ponches de círculos en diferentes tamaños (opcionales)

Trae fotos para el álbum si deseas. De todos modos, podrás completar el proyecto sin fotos, y añadirlas luego.

Nota: Se proporcionará una cantidad muy limitada de bloques de acrílico para estampar para compartir en clase pero les sugiero que aquellos que tienen bloques en casa, por favor traer el suyo propio para usar en clase.

¿Quieres ser parte de esto? Lo que tienes que hacer:
Si necesita más información o para reservar su lugar, hacer cualquiera de los siguientes:

(1)Enviarme un correo electrónico a, o
(2)Visita mi página de facebook, hacerte fan y enviar un mensaje a través del "inbox": SCRAPPER MYRA haga clic aquí
(3) Contacto Revista Papeles y Más a través de facebook: CLICK aqui

Todos los pagos deben hacerse a la orden de Revista Papeles y Más.

Nota importante: La clase cuesta $30 + IVU. Se requiere el pago completo antes de la clase. Las cancelaciones deben hacerse con 48 horas de anticipación para el reembolso del pago. Clase e instrucciones se impartirá en español. Espacios limitados.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A card for a SWAP

Hola. Feliz viernes!   Hello. Happy Friday!

I hope you have plans for a great weekend.  As you know, I am getting ready for the scrapbooking  convention coming up. So I will be very busy. Sure I will find some time for wine. LOL. 

This is a card I made for a St Valentine's swap with the DT I am part of.  I did not want to use traditional hearts and kisses but honor the women's heart in this opportunity.  These women in my team are all hard workers, creative, and most of them have their own businesses. As myself, some work full time with a lot of pressure but still have time for the hobby and for the support of the magazine's DT.    Add to that the fact some of them havechildren  and other responsibilities. 

So the message had to be inspiring... And appropriate for a woman's heart.   These stamps were perfect for that. 

The recipient was a wonderful and talented woman:  Zulma. 

She loved the card and I loved making it for her. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Class in the Convention...

Hello my friends.

Remember I told you about me conducting a class in a scrapbooking convention soon?  Oh well... I feel like a car's mirror because this "object" is closer than it appears... LOL...  It's getting closer and closer.  February 23 is getting near.

The Convention is organized by the Papeles y Más magazine. This is "the" local scrapbooking magazine in Puerto Rico.  It's been around for 2 years and it really is a great magazine.  I have the honor to be part of its first design team (DT)... and it's been amazing.  Not only I can get to know better a lot of talented people but I can enjoy this hobby I love so much, with special asignments and projects to be published, and surprises... and more...  including the opportunity to give a class in a convention... isn't it great?

My class will be a 6"x6" mini album in a box.  I've named it "Wine & Friends; the Perfect Blend".  The mini album is dedicated to honor friendship and wine.  Wine lover or not, you will be able to treasure your favorite photos in this mini album... but the most important thing is that you will for sure have fun making it.   Students will be using different elements such as cork, sequins, doillies, glossy accents, and more...   a little bit of mixed media combined with stamping and more. 

The class is being sponsored by Unity Stamp Co.  The stamps to be used in the class were provided by this great company.  I'm lucky enough to count with this blessing and trust.  They have great quality stamps and a whole line that is wine related... which of course I own almost all of them... LOL!

But seriously... this is going to be great.  If you are in Puerto Rico and have the opportunity to attend this convention, you will not regret it.  Mine is not the only class.  More DT members and local scrapbooking stores teachers will provide a great variety of classes for all preferences of styles.  We will also have several make and takes all day, plus exhibitors and stores in the same place.

The convention will be held on February 23 in the Puerto Rico Convention Center.  More information about the activity can be found in the magazine fanpage here:  PAPELES Y MAS.  You can also send me an email, or contact me in facebook.  Click the facebook logo at the right upper corner of this blog to find me, or click HERE.

I'm so happy...  I have so many expectations...  (Sigh!!!)

Love you just the way you are!

Happy Saturday my friends. The only fact you are alive and able to read this post, makes today a wonderful day. Think about it. 

Here is a card I made using a Stampahoot stamp. Nice couple, huh?

I used watercolor pencils to give'em some life. Also complemented with other stamps (Unity Stamp Co), strips of patterned paper, doillie and sequins. 

It resulted very cute and I really enjoyed making it which is at the end the most important part of this amazing imperfect process. LOL. 

Love life just the way it is... Imperfect and wonderful!!!

Tks for your visit.