Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Header, Headline, Heading...

I was looking the other day to an old layout I made about my blog...  and saw the photo of my original headline... and I missed it... and placed it back...  

Click HERE to see that layout that reminded me of the old headline.

I like to change the headline from time to time.  It just refreshes the view... you see things differently... you change perspective... have new inspiration... color your surroundings differently... you renew...

Changing a headline, or title, or name, or topic... can be applied to life.  Change your behavior, your focus, your point of view...  open your heart... allow your eyes to see beyond...

Call it whatever you like... but change it from time to time.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Paris Layout

Hello my friends...

Remember the cartridge I borrowed to make the invitations the other day????  Check out that story HERE.

Well... I used it for the invitations, and even cut some shapes for future use...  and I am very grateful of the person who let me use it for a while.  She had told me she had bought this cartridge to make an album for her mom, about a trip to Europe but that she was not in a hurry to start it. 

As a token of appreciation I made her a layout so she can start the album.  I really don't know what her favorite style is and don't even know what techniques or materials she prefers to use but I decided that I just was going to make a page putting my heart on it because I just felt I should do something.

So, I decided to make it about Paris, since Eiffel Tower is the main reason I borrowed the cartridge in the first place...

I used the Destinations Cricut cartridge for the title featuring the famous tower...  I also used a doilly and a hand made flower.  I actually have several of these organza blue flowers left from a SWAP.  I made quite a few and could not exchange all of them...  You can know more about how to make them HERE.

I added lots of paper elements and different colors.  Since I don't know what photo she is going to end up using in the layout, I want to make sure most photos will look fine in this page, but keeping some coordination and overall unified look. 

I added more doilly presence for the romantic look this city, Paris, denotes... and birds, handwriting stamped images, washi tapes, and lots of ink and distressing in every corner.

This is how the layout looks as a whole page:

I wanted to see how it would look with a photo so I used a personal photo placed for position only to visualize the final product...  The only difference is that this photo was taken in Caguas, Puerto Rico... not Paris!  LOL!!!

Thank you my friends for stopping by and leaving me your comments... I really enjoy them a lot...

Have a great week!!!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013


It's here!  Friend Friday is here!  I love Fridays... You already know that.

This week has been too long... I've done so much... my back hurts (seriously!)...  Meetings, plans, coaching, more meetings, seminars, and meetings...  Guess what?  I have meetings today...LOL...

But well... even with my backache, I decided I wanted to make something for today's Friends with Flair at Unity.  I love FWF because it makes me work on projects with Unity stamps, which I love... and I love to see all the projects from other friends... plus the opportunity to win more Unity stamps...  It's fun, it's friendly, it's Friday, it's just Fabulous!

I haven't started to make any Mother's Day cards but I remember about this "oldies" Unity stamps from a set called Little Me.   It's a mom with a daughter... and I thought maybe I could make a card honoring daughters... not necessarily mothers...

I stamped it, masked it before combining with other stamp from Wine and Friends kit, which are the flowers around the mother and daughter, and then I stamped in several other patterned papers to use paper piece technique.

I also used another stamp from this kit, which is the golden hearts in the border of the card.  The work "daughter" is also from Unity... I acquired it from a grab bag.

I made the flower out of cardstock circles and a brad.  I finished the card with some decorative tape, glitter and of course... ink, and  ink, and ink!

Hope you liked it.  Don't forget to leave a comment for the opportunity to win some candy from Unity. Have a fabulous Friday, and even better weekend! Tks for stopping by!

Friday, April 12, 2013


 It's Friday... and there's a lot going on!
Another Friday with a lot of things to do... and lots of hope for the weekend.  Hope you have plans and good things for the next couple of days.

I want to share a recent layout I made dedicated to my home.

But... what's a home?  Not just a "place" where you live... it's more than that.  So even though I show a photo of my "house", I journaled about all the things that make a house to become home.

I used buttons, felt ribbon, washi tapes, baker's twine, doily, chipboard, ink, and of course... stamps!  I  tried to make the layout a "homey" page... (LOL), so I coordinated different elements but made sure to use diversity... just as what you can find in a real "home"...

I stamped directly on the photo with a phrase from Unity Stamps that says:  "home is where you park your heart", and emphasized the word "heart" with color.

Journaling is in Spanish, but this is the translation:
"In this house we have laughed, cried and received good and bad news.  We've got tired, frustrated and even inspired.  In it we have loved, yelled, and regretted.  Being here we have made plans and in every corner at some point we have talked to God.  We have partied and we have honored family, friendship and love.  With it we have fought, we have fallen, we have dreamed, we have prayed.  Here we sleep, eat, take showers and live.  It's just a house, but it is also a dream come true.  It's really more than that, it's our home."

Here's the whole page.

Hope you like it.

Leave a comment.  I'm going to link this to Friday's Friends with Flair from Unity Stamp Co, so you could win great stuff.

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


 Hey my friends and followers...  Hope you are having a blessed Sunday!

I had this layout finished and wanted to share it with you.  It's a scraplift from Scrapper's Place, which is a local store lead by Rebecca.  Her work is beautiful and she has a style that everybody loves.  
I usually don't scraplift too perfectly ... I always need to change a bit in most of inspirational layouts to make them "mine"... but this one I tried to be as faithful as possible because it had elements I would definitely use in my own layouts, and techniques I love.  

You can visit Scrapper's Place blog HERE.

Here are some of the elements I loved about this page.

The Flowers

They look beautiful and delicate all placed together framing the photo.  The spirals were pre-cut by Rebecca for the class and I just had to assemble the flowers.  I loved the process and enjoyed it a lot.  One of the things I love is to make my own embellishments or modify the already made ones.

The Banners

I love to use banners and support journalism with these kind of elements that embellish and also communicate or symbolize something.  I pretty much kept with Rebecca's design.  Just added an additional one to show a date.

The use of paper

I love to use papers at their whole capacity... and this means I don't trow away the pieces. This is not necessarily a good thing because I end up with lots of scrap accumulated... and I'm trying to improve that...  But when it comes to papers with designs, texture, messages... I try to use it all.  Rebecca achieved this with these papers in this layout!!!

Inking and Distressing

I love to ink it all.  I sometimes try to not ink my projects and I just end up with so much stress because I feel something is missing... LOL...  So I go with the flow.  With Rebecca's layout this was easy to do because she really rocked with the distressing and inking in this page.

Another change in my layout version is that I added a journaling just below my photo.

The Versatility

I love that this layout can be dedicated to a daughter (as original Rebecca's page), or just to someone else, (probably more suitable for a girl)...   I decided to dedicate it to myself.  I have lots of random photos of me, and thought I had a good one for this layout.  

The Non-Title Inspiration

Rebecca did not titled the original layout for the class.  She did use some phrases around the page that communicated very well but left the opportunity of the title for each one of the scrap-lifters.
I added my title and love the result.

The Whole Look

It's a beautiful layout.  Colors and technique are very inspiring.  It's one of those pages you feel have a lot going on, but they look so uniform that they flow, right?

Hope you liked it.  I'm glad I chose to take this class with Rebecca.

Tks for your comments.