Monday, December 30, 2013

More Washi Tape...

Hello my friends.  Happy Monday!  Wooohooo!!!!!  I usually don't like Mondays, but today is the last one of the year... there is something attractive about that.

It's almost the end of the year and I'm feeling excited about what 2014 will bring to my life.  I declare it is going to be a great year.  Since in life all is about the attitude, I am thinking positive and I see a bright future.  Hope you feel positive too and that you are enjoying these days.

Remember I told you about the washi tape contest? I submitted a card that I shared with you HERE.

I also submitted a tag and a special project.  Today I'm sharing with you the tag.  It was published in the "Papeles y Más" magazine and that is how I found out it was chosen among the top 3.  Woohooo!!!!

I dressed several triangles with washi tape and assembled the tree.  Same for the star.  I embellished with glitter, glossy accents and sequins... Oh, I love sequins...  I started to used them a while ago and now they are a trend.  Who would figure that out?  LOL!

So this is my pretty tag... I love it.  Hope you do too.  Tell me so.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Scotch Washi Tape Card


Hope you are having fun the last weekend of the year.  I have a lot of little tasks at home and haven't been able to make some scrapbooking projects that I have in mind and that I need to accomplish this week.  But there are several cards and projects I have not shared with you yet since they were made for a magazine or for a contest...

As far as the contest goes, I submitted some projects for a Scotch washi tape contest.  There were 3 categories:  tag, card, and embellish/ornament.  I found out in the "Papeles y Más" magazine that my tag and ornament were chosen as runner ups.  The card wasn't.  So today I'm sharing it with you.  (I will share the tag and the ornament in a future post).

The contest was for Scotch and I had to use washi tape so you can see I framed the main element in the card with washi tape and that element (the wreath) is made out of washi and cardstock.

I placed washi in lines leaving some spaces, and punched flowers to create irregular color combinations for the wreath.  I used two different washi tapes for the project.

Also stamped some leaves and added glossy accents, combined with a doilly, and embossed background.  

I also used some washi inside the card. 

I hope you liked my card and somehow got some inspiration...  Have a great rest of the weekend.  Please leave me a comment to complement mine.  Those make me smile.


Friday, December 27, 2013

A special "card" for my DH!

Hello my Friends.  I hope your Christmas was wonderful.  I had great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family and friends.

I made a card for my husband... but not a traditional one.  It is not very symmetrical and probably would not make any sense for you...but I made it full of symbols that describe him... at least in my perspective.

I made it in a canvas with words since he likes to read and lives by his word.  I used paint all over and specifically added some brushes since he likes and appreciates art and its forms.

I also stamped a message about how he needs coffee but deserves wine, and used a clock with wine glasses because he is very strict with time and I usually see him relaxed when he's tasting wine.

I added a dog's silhouette to symbolize our dog son, and I also included arrows because he's like a personal GPS for some people.

A house symbolizes his love for our home and a big heart in pieces to be able to love a lot of different people around him.

Also rulers because he is very square and likes to measure all. LOL!

And there's much more... but you've got the idea.  He loved his special piece of art.  Hope you like it.  Tks for your comments.

I am going to link this to Unity Stamp Co.'s Friday Friends with Flair, so if you leave a comment you are participating for a chance to win great goodies.  You won't be disappointed.  Have a great weekend!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Mini Bottle

Hey my friends. It is almost there.  Talking about Christmas Day of course. 

Let me share with you today a mini bottle embellished for Xmas.  This can be a gift or a Xmas tree ornament. Or just a little detail to decorate around the house. 

The mini bottle was published in the December-January issue of the "Papeles y Más" magazine.  I am part of its Design Team. You can find instructions there or leave a comment asking for more information. 

The Spanish sentiment is from Latina Crafter stamps.    I hope you like it. 

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sangría Bottles

Hello friends.  

Hope your Sunday is great!!!

Had it in my mind to share these gifts I gave to friends at work. 

I already shared the mason jars made for the girls.  That was my previous post here:

But these homemade sangria were for the boys. I added a mini mason jar to which I inserted stamped Xmas images and sentiments. 

 I then hung them tied to the bottle for a unique presentation. Do you like them?

Tks for stopping by. Love your comments.  

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Mason Jars

Hey!  Wonderful Friday Friends!
It's almost Christmas... We are just 5 days away! Super!

Today, I will have the Secret Santa gift exchange at work.  We'll go out for lunch and stay the afternoon in a get together.  Awesome!  It's a great way to spend a Friday at work!

I will give a token of appreciation or little detail to some of the co-workers.  I made some "polvorones" (kind of a sweet cookie or biscuit that I did not find how to translate to English... LOL), and put them in mason jars for the girls...

I used some patterned paper / journaling cards and added a touch with some Unity Stamp Co. stamps...

This one is not even from a Christmas kit but loved the sentiment "Are you thinking pretty thoughts?".

This other one... "... wonderful things are about to happen..."

And this other one I really love...  Christmas words of wisdom...  Don't have to do anything to it... It's great just the way it is.

Three jars for 3 girls.

If you noticed that I photographed them in front of books, remember that my Xmas tree is kind of peculiar this year...  Haven't you seen it?  CLICK HERE.

For the boys I made something different.  Will share in a future post.

Have a great "weekend before Christmas".

Tks for your comments.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa Claus is coming to town...

Don't you love Santa Claus?  It's difficult not to love someone who is able to travel around the World, with a great attitude, just to leave presents for all...  with a great service "delivered" to your home.  And he's cute too!  LOL!  This Christmas figure is amazing.  The emotions lived by children when thinking about the magic of the Season and all that it involves... it's just great!

As long as we don't forget about Jesus, the real meaning of Christmas, and take the time to actually think of it and enjoy that magic in our hearts too... it is ok to love Santa Claus!

So, this card is to honor Santa Claus.

I found these stamps from Inkadinkado and had to get them.  They portrait several images of Santa Claus... but they are kind of vintage images.  It is a challenge for me to work with vintage materials so I went for it.

I stamped the image in white cardstock, so I just colored the hat and skin... also gave some color to the background so the white can stand out.

I embossed t he red and cream cardstocks in the background, and embellished with jewels, a lovely poinsettia flower, and more...  I even used a piece of a Prima packaging... can you spot it?

Hope you like my card.  You'd better leave a comment 'cause Santa Claus is watching you.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More Holiday Cards...

And... here I am again!  I'm so happy.  This week has been full of work but also of great emotions.

The new edition of the "Papeles y Más" Magazine (Papers and More) has been released... and I cannot wait to see it.  Design Team will be revealed and I am part of it.  It is so exciting!

I will definitely share more of it soon...  For now, let me just share a set of Christmas cards I recently made.

I designed one and then followed the same look for the others... that is why I call them a "set".

I punched a circle to show the stamped image...

... and when opened, a sentiment is revealed.

For the cover I used different patterned papers, washi tape and buttons.

Also tied the buttons with some baker's twine.

Images were colored with watercolor pencils.

Here are the four cards together as a "set".

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog... I am so happy you stopped by.

Have a great rest  of the week!!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Another New Year card!

Everyday brings its own story... great things can happen whey you have a positive attitude. Hope your day is great... whenever you are, whatever you are doing... attitude is everything!

Here's another card I made with the New Year's eve theme.  I used this itty bitty from Unity Stamp Co, which I love (without mentioning the fact it is about wine... I love it because of that too!).

I embossed a background for texture and dimension, and I placed the clock at right as the focal point, with the sentiment.

I combined with another sentiment from other kit that says "as the clock strikes 12..." and stamped it on the inside...

It's always a good time for a glass of wine... As long as we have wine, the holidays will be fine!  Cheers!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Tree - This year dedicated to WISDOM!

Christmas tree?  That has become a nightmare for me the last several years.  I know that the tree is important.  I cannot let the Christmas spirit die...  but sometimes I feel it is a lot of work and stress, putting the tree together, trying to maximize the materials and ornaments one already has and avoid spending more money, and at the end it is just there the whole month (actually more...), and then get ready for the stress of bringing it down.

There's not a big family in this house, you know?  My dog-son actually doesn't mind if I don't have a Christmas tree at home...  We enjoy Christmas in our hearts...

So... another year with the idea of not having to buy anything and not using the same ornaments...  We've already had our tree upside down (CLICK HERE), and one dedicated to friendship and good moments (CLICK HERE), and we've also had invisible trees (those years we've been covering The Grinch's vacations and we literally have not had any tree...)...

This time I went with the idea of using something other than a tree and the regular ornaments.  I present to you the process for my 2013 Christmas Tree... dedicated to wisdom... made out of books!!!

First of all, you need is a husband that can buy your idea and make it his own...  This way, we will do the brainstorming together but at the end he will decide on the logistics around the idea...  And don't get me wrong... I like it...   I trust him.

If you are lucky enough, you will manage to make him so enthusiastic about the idea, that at some point he will tell you to not interfere too much because he already has it in his mind...  and then, you leave him alone... :)... Well, not completely... you can be there taking pictures, classifying the books by sizes and making sure the dog-son does not bother.

You will end up with the Tree of Wisdom... made out of a stack of books you had to move from one room to another anyway, so you are taking advantage of the activities around the house.  Not bad, huh?

I just added some lights, and a Santa Claus on top...

Then I thought I could also add some poinsettias for a final touch.

Love it... It's different, unique and perfect...  from my point of view!

Merry Christmas!!!!

We are now officially ready to receive Santa Claus at home.  Hope he doesn't get confused and gets to understand our tree... LOL!

Warm Wishes... from the tropic!

My beautiful friends...

How are you doing?  How's your Holidays going?  Are you enjoying?  I hope so.

Our Holidays in Puerto Rico are very warm... really warm.  Some people might say they feel the weather is cooler than the rest of the year... and it is true... but still warm. 

So when I make Christmas cards I don't necessary think of the winter with snow, snowmen (even though I love them), snowflakes or blizzards... LOL!  I think of great food, music, presents and gaining weight (besides the famiy, love and friendship factors of course!!!).

So, I thought I could make a card for those who live a colder winter and Holiday season.

Love these Unity Stamp Co. stamps that put prices to the kisses and hugs...LOL!   I made a banner with those and ready to be sent with warm wishes.

I was going to make the card with a palm tree and a bright sun, but then I might had given the wrong impression and people could think I was being ironic about the weather, don't you think?  That's a card I will make soon.

Receive my warm wishes with lots of love...  Tks for your comments.