Friday, November 28, 2014

More Thanks!

Let's continue giving thanks!  It's a nice feeling to be grateful and feel somebody is thanking you and appreciate what you've done.

This is a tag I recently made for the Papeles y Más magazine.  I loved making it.

Used stencils, embossing folders, sequins, distress inks, flowers, stamps (of course!), fiber, and more...  and used a plastic circle as shadow box (from a packaging).

I think it came out as a nice thank you tag...  Do you like it?  Thank you!

And thank you for stopping by!  :)  Leave a comment for a chance to win with Unity Stamp Co. I'm linking this to Friday Friends with Flair.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!

Hoy es día de dar gracias... Bueno, Día de dar gracias es todos los días, pero a veces es bueno que existan días especiales que recuerden a todos lo importante que es ser agradecido.

Hoy les comparto la portada de un mini álbum muy especial.  Es mi mini álbum de gracias, el cual fue publicado en la Revista Papeles y Más.  Cada página de este mini álbum fue dedicada a diferentes cosas por las cuales yo estoy agradecida de Dios... familia, salud, trabajo, y más...  Está repletito de sellos de Latina Crafter en todas sus páginas.

Si ya tienen la revista (espero que sí), ya lo vieron, pero aquí les cuento un poco del fondo que trabajé para la portada y así pueden verlo en más detalle.

Primero que todo yo estampé la imagen que ven aquí, pero luego la tapé con una máscara, porque quería que cuando la coloreara se viera como parte de la portada misma, y no pegada.

Así que con la máscara protegiendo la imagen, pinté el fondo con diferentes stencils de Latina Crafter.  También incluí pintura en spray y de distressing en los bordes.

Luego pinté la imagen en la portada y como ven sobresale mucho del resto y se ve espectacular porque es parte de la misma base. No es una imagen cortada y pegada encima de un fondo.

También estampé el resto de los mensajes, usé letras de cartón, lentejuelas y flores.

Como les dije, adentro tiene fotos y sellos mostrando todas las cosas por las que estoy agradecida.  

También anadí fibras y un tag con la palabra "Gracias" en los anillos que unen las páginas del álbum.  Este es un die también de Latina Crafter.

Espero les haya gustado y que también les inspire para dedicar un álbum a todas las cosas por las cuales están agradecidas de Dios.

Que tengan un día fabuloso!  Gracias por sus mensajes.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Very quick and easy to make Christmas Card!

Just a quick stop to show you this easy to make card I made the other night.

Stamped this beautiful Christmas tree from Inkadinkado in white cardstock and embellished with green, gold, silver and white sequins.

Frame the white with red, the red with black, and all in yellow card base.

Sentiment is from Unity Stamp Co.

Hope you like it.  Got inspired?  Tell me about it.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hello Snowman

Happy Monday...

This is a short week at work... Let's do this!!!!  Can't way for some days in a row to get some rest...  but  I know I have to focus because need to make a lot in 2 or 3 days before Thanksgiving.

But today I wanted to ask you... do you like snow?  For me, that I live in a tropical Island and don't really enjoy warm weather... snow seems fascinating.  Just a few times in my life I've seen it and it has been as a "tourist" LOL...  So I hear some people complaining about snow consequences when they live a long cold winter...   It all depends on the eyes of the spectator and everything in excess is not good... too much sun, too much snow...

But I think everybody loves snowmen.  I use some of them for my cards and projects even though my Christmas is warm... Snowmen are a great Christmas icon, no matter where you live.

Here's this little fellow from Unity Stamp Co.  Love it (or him?)!

Anyway... this is a very very simple card but I wanted it to be that way.  Just pictured the way it is... blue background with the snowman and just a few more elements.  He has glitter and heat embossing to accent some of his parts... I really like this guy!  Hope you do too.  Have a great week!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Red Unity Be Inspired Challenge...

Hey Friends... Having a good weekend?
I used to dislike Sundays... There was a time in our lives that these days were lonely.  We decided to reinvent them and now we look forward to Sundays and try to do something nice.  Most of the time we really cook a nice meal and pair it with wine at home, or simply share with families and friends.

This is a card I made to enter the current Unity Be Inspired Challenge.  Loved the color inspiration provided.  You can access it HERE.

This beautiful Ange Girl is called RED and I love her.  For this card, I wanted to keep her kind of abstract and mostly use the silver and red colors from the palette in the clothing.  Also... note how I heat embossed silver in her clothing and in some of the snowflakes...  Wish you could really see it.  Love the final effect.

I really love these Ange Girls from Unity Stamp Co.  I think I have enough of them now...  (Nah!)

Oh, I'm so thankful for your visit to my blog.  Don't forget to leave a comment.  These are very appreciated.  And perhaps you can win something with Unity.  I will link this post to next Friday Friends with Flair.  Every Friday the Unity community share work of the week and we all get great inspiration.  You participate by sharing your projects, and also by leaving comments.  :)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Great News!

For almost a year my husband has been studying to be a sommelier.  It's been very hard, not only because there's a lot to learn and study, but also because we've been struggling with a lot this year, so the combination can be tough...  The sacrifice has paid back and yesterday we found out he passed all tests...   He's a sommelier!

Not only he passed being part of the reduce group of nine who passed (from originally 40 something), but he was also the highest score...  I'm very proud of him and I can't be more happy for him knowing more great things are coming soon.

Just wanted to let you know...  :)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Strong J

Hello again my friends.

In last edition of Papeles y Más magazine, the editor asked part of the Design Team, which I'm honored to be part of, to make a special project using a foam tray.   Yes, a foam tray.
My first thought was to make the tray something else and recycle it, but I immediately changed my mind and wanted to use it as a tool and as an element in the project.

First I cut a piece that I used as a stamp.  Yes... it sounds crazy but this tray has these cool circles and lines so I used it as a stamp with different inks over canvas and over paper.

Not only I made a cool background stamping with it, but I also used the piece of foam and added it as another element in the project. 

The project is titled "Strong J".  I inspired in my neighbor friend who's been a tough girl through a lot... and she has made a great work... even though others can see her weak... she's not... nah nah nah.  So I also stamped this image that reminds me of her, first in the fabric as a guide and then in paper where I colored her, cut and attached to the project.

The canvas was then put over a frame covered with paper and cool butterfly stenciled image.  I added flowers and her initial.  I waited until her birthday to give it to her, and now I can share with you.

Hope you liked it... For me, this is her.  Strong J.

Leave a comment for a chance to win... I'm linking this to Unity Friday giveaway.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

LCSC#41 - Un reto con Animalitos

Saludos a todos y gracias por su visita!
(This is a Spanish post.  For English, access from your desktop and use blog translator button at left)

Estoy participando del reto de sketch de Latina Crafter para noviembre... Es el #41 y el twist que le han dado es usar un animalito.   Pueden ver la información AQUI.  Tienen todo el mes de noviembre para participar.

Me dije a mí misma:  !Qué gran oportunidad de utilizar este nuevo stamp que llegó recientemente y no había usado aún!

Es un zorrito muy simpático.  Decidí utilizar el mensaje de "mejórate pronto"... así de una vez tengo tarjetas variadas a la mano.  No creo que tenía ninguna con este tema.   Espero les guste.

 A continuación una imagen completa de la misma.

 Utilicé un stencil de Latina Crafter para crear el fondo de ladrillos.  Lo hice con "modeling paste" y luego de secarse apliqué distress ink...  Noten como se fue algo de modeling paste fuera del stencil... pero no quise sacarlo porque me gustó.  Recuerden que me gusta la imperfección y estos detalles denotan el factor de "hecho a mano" que tanto valoran muchas personas.  Es bien subjetivo... lo sé... :).  Hay quienes por esto hubieran descartado el proyecto.  Es lo que amo de este hobby!

Gracias por sus mensajes y por el apoyo...  Hasta la próxima!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Did I say Halloween is not over yet?

Happy Friday friends...

Halloween is not over yet... because I haven't shown you this card.  This was published in the last edition of the magazine Papeles y Más.

I loved making this one because the details in this stamp are great, and this witch is gorgeous.

Note I used watercolor pencils, and glossy accents, glitter and lots of color for the beautiful witch.  I even used some real brush hair for the broom... Yes, I used an old pencil brush and cut some hair.

I'm linking this to Unity Stamp Co Friday Friends with Flair... so as I always say, make sure to leave a comment for a chance to win with Unity.

And if you don't have last issue of the magazine... what are you waiting for?  There's plenty of inspiration and great work from the Design Team and a lot of other friends.  Check it out HERE.

Also... did you know you can follow me in facebook?  Yes... RIGHT HERE.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween is not over yet.

No, it's not. Halloween is not over.  Let me share with you a page dedicated to last year's Halloween. This was recently published in the Papeles y Más magazine. 

 We were dressed up like old TV characters.  We had so much fun. 

This magazine issue has lots of ideas and inspiration for Thanksgiving and a lot more of fun projects. 

Hope you like it. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge

Happy day!

I made another card for another challenge...  I recently discovered the Curtain Call Inspiration Challenges Blog and I really love all the inspiration I get from their challenges.  So since I need to make Christmas cards, I am trying to participate in challenges when I can.

As in yesterday's post I made a Xmas card with nontraditional colors...  You can see that one clicking HERE.

I first sprayed some gold in the card base emphasizing in two opposite corners, knowing I intended to place the main image in that position at right.  I used some glass beads effect for the background.  Loved it.

The image and sentiment are from Unity Stamp Co.  I colored the image with watercolor pencils.
Here's a detail of the crystals... beautiful!

Hope you liked my card.  

I will of course link this to Curtain Call.  Stop by and see all the beautiful creations if you have a chance.

Since I used Unity Stamps I will also link this to Friday Friends with Flair next Friday.  Leave a comment for a chance to win.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Be Inspired...

HELLO my friends.  Starting a week with lots of things in mind... work, health, house chores, scrapbooking projects, family...  I have so much to do...   But being busy, worried, and even in pain... remind me that I'm alive! 

For the Unity Be Inspired Challenge I made a Christmas card with non traditional Xmas colors... Those are the ones I love!

I used gold paper, and also made some beautiful textures with modeling paste and gold spray mist over pink cardstock.  Colored my lady mainly with watercolor pencils... and I absolutely loved the result and hope you too! 

Finishing touches include sequins (of course!), baker's twine, and these beautiful chipboard snowflakes I've got from a Unity mystery bag recently.  I painted them... Lovely, aren't they?

I will link this to the Challenge, and will also share in the Friday Friends with Flair next Friday, so you can leave comments and have the opportunity to win with Unity Stamp Co.

OH... and don't wanna leave without sharing a Halloween photo from last Friday.  We had a blast at work.  My team dressed up like local (Puerto Rico) children's characters.   We also had other departments and had a contest.  All won something... and all had so much fun.