Saturday, June 30, 2018

Communication Let me Down...

Hi there!

I am sharing a layout which is a Scraplift from Paper Issues Friends.  They have lots of challenges going on every month, and a Scraplift every Sunday.  Week 4 this month was a page by Cassie Box.

For my layout I used a photo of my DH in the house's roof. What was he doing there?  Well, after Hurricane Maria, we lacked lots of basic services, being one of them... communications.  It wasn't just about internet or special services... it was about not being able to call anyone... not knowing about your relatives and friends... nothing.  You could go by car if you had luck with the devastation in the streets... and if you had gasoline...  We were so disappointed on the fact of communications failure.  I guess nobody expected this to fail... they didn't protect the towers or antennas; probably just thought this would never happen to us...

A friend told us there was one telephone company with open line and that he could get the signal on top of the house. ...   Well... it didn't work for us... but we tried.   

Frustrating face of my husband is priceless....  At the end we knew it was just a possibility.

For the layout I cut several triangles of different scraps patterned papers and positioned dramatically at left.   Photo was framed with several pieces of papers as well and added some elements related to the theme, plus stickers and tags at right.   Thinking about this day, I remember a song from the 80's and that's what I decided to be the title.  Hope you like it. 

Because I liked it so much, I followed the original layout as much as possible.  Take a look yourself!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

You are my Sunshine... card

Summer is here... well, I bet you know it.
I've said so many times that where I come from, the seasons don't change significantly so it's like Summer all year.   A little bit more rain (or lots) during Hurricane season, but in terms of heat... basically the same, unless you go to a high mountain during Christmas... LOL!

This card kind of resembles a beach scenery.   Look at the light blue sky with a big shiny sun...  interrupted by the sea... which waves create the foam that arrives to the beach and touch the sand...

Can you see it?  It's kind of abstract, right? LOL!

Sun, swirls (waves) and sentiment are from Unity Stamp Co.  I shared this card with Unity Show and Tell group for the watercolor challenge they are currently running.  It's simple watercoloring application combined with stamps and snow marker... plus a few sequins.

I distressed edges hand tearing apart and applying ink.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Let's Get Together ATC

As a wine lover and scrapbooker I have many wine related stamps... most of them from Unity Stamp Co.  I made this mixed media ATC for my swap Unity group.

I cut the base and stamped the image.  Then masked it to protect from modeling paste being applied through stencils.   Removed the mask and applied watercolor over everything but the stamped image. I also added sequins.

I specially love the process of creating different imperfect textures... some because I probably over applied modeling paste and can be considered an error, but some were deliberately applied on some spots and then pressed with finger to create the sticky irregular texture.

The beauty of this kind of creation is that not one is the same as the other...  on purpose.  :). They are unique.

I hope you like them... Cheers!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Choose Happy ATC

So, as you know... I am part of an ATC Swap Group, using Unity Stamps.

Every month each participant makes two ATC's for the rest of the gals in the group.  This is one of my June's ATC's.

I use a brush to  watercolor circles in the base and then sprayed some gold color and let dry.

Then stamped the sentiment with black ink and applied embossing powder then heated for melting.

Finally, applied some distressing ink in the edges for a final composition.  Hope you like them.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Tenemos Ganadora! - Aniversario Latina Crafter

Hola a todos...

Gracias por haber comentado en mi POST y participado en la celebración del Aniversario de Latina Crafter.   Para mí ha sido un honor y a la vez muy divertido ser parte de este blog hop lleno de talentosas amigas en este maravilloso hobby.

Y ya pronto sabremos quien fue el ganador o ganadora del blog de Latina Crafter...

Pero como prometido, yo también realizaría un sorteo de este pequeño y maravilloso kit de sellos, entre todos los que comentaron en el blog, y también extendiendo a mayor oportunidad de ganar si comentaban o tenían alguna interacción en la página de Facebook.

Así que nuevamente les doy las gracias por el apoyo y por haber participado.  Espero que continúen siguiendo mis proyectos y lo que con tanto amor comparto para ustedes.   Esto es simplemente diversión.   Siempre he pensado que el scrapbooking nos da la oportunidad de crear sin tener reglas de correcto o incorrecto, por lo que libera nuestra mente y creatividad.  Además, compartiendo es que se aprende así que podemos aprender de parte y parte.

Se ha seleccionado al azar a una persona que participó y sin más preámbulos la ganadora es...

Lidia Rodríguez

Gracias a todas, y en felicidades Lidia...   Comunícate conmigo a través del email, o por inbox de Facebook para que me brindes tu dirección para hacerte llegar tu premio.  Espero seguir contando con tus comentarios y visitas.

Tengan todos feliz Fin de Semana!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

It’s Summer

Summer starts around June 21... so they said.   In my beautiful Puerto Rico we feel it's Summer all year long...  Ironically we have a Hurricane season six months of the year.. from June to November...

I recently made this card for a call and it wasn't selected, so I can share it with you now. :)
I first stamped the image, and watercolored it and the background with Summer colors simulating a beach scenery. 

I tied a baker's twine and added a button, and then framed with dark cardstock layers to stand out all the beautiful colors.

I hope you like it.  Welcome Summer.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Feliz Aniversario a Latina Crafter - Celebrando con un "Blog Hop"

Hoy me uno a una gran celebración y me honra ser parte de este maravilloso acontecimiento.  Celebramos el 7mo. aniversario de Latina Crafter.
¡Así es!  Ya son siete años en los que hemos disfrutado de los productos de Latina Crafter.
He sido invitada a participar de un "blog hop" para compartir esta alegría y por motivo de esta celebracion he trabajado un proyecto especial para felicitar a Diana y a todo el equipo de Latina Crafter.  Más adelante les daré los detalles de cómo pueden ganar un gran premio, pero antes quiero presentarles mi proyecto de celebración.

En una base redonda de cartón de los que se usan para base de bizcochos o dulces, utilicé varios medios para expresar mis felicitaciones a Latina Crafter.

Primero cubrí la superficie con gesso blanco, al que rocié color azul cielo.  Luego coloqué un "doily" y utilizando "stencils" de Latina Crafter y pasta de moldear, creé texturas.  En la parte de abajo a la izquierda usé el stencil de "chevron".  Arriba a la derecha usé el de globitos de celebracion.   Y más abajo el de los banderines.

Luego rocié un color azul más oscuro en la seccion del "doily" y polvo mica violeta en la parte de los globos, que activé con agua.  Para contrastar, luego rocié con amarillo mostaza y esto hace que las distintas texturas sean más notables.

Ya habiendo creado esa base de medios mixtos y con las texturas deseadas, utilicé sellos para estampar las imágenes de los globos y de los banderines sobre papeles con diseño.  

Corté los globos y los coloqué cuidadosamente en la sección de los globos ya creados con la pasta de moldear.

Y luego los banderines también los corté y los coloqué en la parte inferior izquierda de la composición.

Finalmente, utilizando un "die" de Latina Crafter, corté la palabra "Felicidades" y la coloqué al centro tal cual la visualizaba, adornando con una flor y hojas.

Finalicé con toques de lentejuelas con colores pareados y ya!  

Me gustó mucho como quedó mi proyecto en muestra de solidaridad con Latina Crafter.  Quise usar sellos de estampar, "dies" y "stencils, que son tres de los productos principales de esta línea, y los cuales atesoro mucho.

Latina Crafter nos da la oportunidad de crear en nuestro idioma principal, y aunque también tiene sellos en inglés, su base es la línea de productos en español y se distingue por la calidad.  

Espero que les haya gustado mi proyecto, y les dejo con un mensaje de Latina Crafter.  Lean hasta el final pues hay sorpresas. :)

Porque los aniversarios son para celebrarlos en grande...deseamos festejar junto a Uds. estos siete años cargados de gratos recuerdos, de proyectos en los que hemos expresado nuestros sentimientos gracias a los diversos productos que Latina Crafter ha creado para nosotros, con mucho entusiasmo y en nuestro idioma!
¡Ven únete a la fiesta!! Inicia el recorrido en el blog de Latina Crafter, deja allí tu primer comentario; y continúa brincando y dejando tus comentarios en cada uno de los blogs de la lista.
Al final, cuando hayas realizado todo el recorrido, regresa al blog de LC y deja tu nombre en el inlinks para participar por el Super Premio de Aniversario que se sorteará entre quienes hayan dejado su comentario en cada uno de los blogs de este grupo de amigas, que en esta oportunidad se ha reunido para decir en una sola voz ... "¡Felicidades Latina Crafter!!!".

Así que queridas amigas y amigos... recuerden ir al blog de Latina Crafter y de ahí hacer el recorrido visitando a todas las participantes.

Si vienes de hacer el recorrido, debes haber visitado a Fanny DG y luego de dejar un comentario aquí en esta entrada (Scrapper Myra), entoces te corresponde visitar a Alexandra Raoult .
Cuando ya hayas visitado a todas las talentosas participantes y dejen un mensaje, vuelvan a Latina Crafter para dejar su nombre. Tendrán la oportunidad de ganar una tarjeta de regalo.

Pero eso no es todo.... Aprovecho entonces para unirme a esta gran celebración brindándoles otra oportunidad de ganar otro premio.  Este no es tan grande como el de Latina Crafter, pero para que se entusiasmen, sortearé un pequeño kit de sellos de Latina Crafter entre las personas que dejen sus comentarios en esta entrada de mi blog.  Y si van a mi página de Facebook como Scrapper Myra (link: AQUI),  y buscan la entrada relacionada al Aniversario de Latina Crafter con fecha de hoy, y dan like, comentan o dan share, obtendrán oportunidades adicionales.  Por qué hacemos esto?  Bueno, queremos celebrar y queremos regar la voz sobre esta gran alegría.

Muchas felicidades nuevamente a Latina Crafter, y a todas las que somos parte de esta gran familia.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Happy Birthday to my MOM

Today's my Mom's birthday.  What a blessing to know she has just turned 78!  I wish her health above all... with that we can figure out the rest.
This is the card I made for her.  The image/sentiment is from Deep Red Stamps.  This brand is new to me and I own several of these stamps.  Very high quality and cool images.
Mom loves cats so the image is perfect for her birthday.

I made some layers with patterned papers and wrapped a cord, while placing a button as a nice touch.  The image was colored with watercolors and framed with orange cardstock.
I chose these colors because they are "happy colors"... and I wish she just be happy and healthy.  No complaints, no negative feelings... that's just what I wish for her.

The paws in the envelope are also image from Deep Red Stamps.
Happy Birthday mom!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Don't Stop Believing! Never!

Not just a song... it's a good thought... Never stop believing...  That's key to achieve goals and dreams...  Don't Stop Believin'.

This "books" image is from Deep Red Stamps and I just love it.  I watercolored and added some glossy accents, then fussy cut and placed with dimensional adhesive.

Sentiment is from a KOM Unity Stamp Co.  Love the font on this one, and the perfect size.

Remember... don't stop.

Friday, June 8, 2018

For the Wine Lover Dad

Do you have a father in your family who's a wine lover?
This card is for him.
It's quite simple to replicate and fun to make.
Die cut your shapes... I cut two different tag sizes and the wine bottle and glass.
Combine colors and papers...  I used a card base in beige, then place the distressed blue patterned paper with a trip of a brown with stars one.
Place the shapes...   I placed the large tag with the stamped sentiment first, then the small one with the cord, which also has stamped image...   And finally the bottle with the wine glass at the bottom right corner.
Note I also used some ink in the edges and some cut shapes.  I hope you like my card.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Stand Tall...

Be proud of yourself and your decisions... Some of these decisions will have positive outcomes, while some might not... but still we learn from them and we should stay firm about our feelings and values.
This is why I love this sentiment used for this card.
And this girl sure has a very "show your pride" posture...
I used several patterned paper scraps for a background frame and I love the effect of the different colors and designs.

Hope you like my card,

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Don't trash your scraps...

How's it going?
I quickly stopped to show you this simple Father's Day card using scraps.
Cut circles with those pieces of papers that are too small to keep but you can't do it because you are a hoarder as me... LOL...
Place them in rows in a card base and combine with stamped sentiments for a unique card.
I love the result with this one... unique color combination and elegant style.
Hope you like it too.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

You've captured my heart...

Just a quick stop to show a little cute card...
Colorful camera framed with several layers...
And some sequins for a nice final detail...

Thank you for stopping by. :)

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Today is Beautiful...

Hello Saturday... 
Let's make a decision today... everything around you is beautiful....  there's beauty in all... make that decision with me... and always find the beauty in all things.
Just stopped by to say that, show you this card, and wish you a happy Saturday.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, June 1, 2018

June Ready!

Happy June!
Already Fathers' month...  Are you ready with your presents and cards?
These are another two cards made for Father's Day... Hope you like them.
For the first one I used design paper to come through a circle cut of an embossed cardstock.
I inked the embossed shapes for a distressed look, but leaving it light in color so the patterned paper is the one providing color to stand out.
I stamped sentiments in another design paper and hand cut as banners, then placed with dimensional adhesives.
This second one card is very CAS and easy to replicate.  Just use a masculine patterned paper as base in the card.  Then die cut your shape and stamped the image and sentiment.  Color as you wish.  I used very subtle watercolors for a soft look.  Hope you like it too.

Bring it on June... We are ready.