Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Thank You Tag!

Hello friends.  How are you?

I just stopped by to show a little tag I made for my neighbor friend.  I want to thank her for a nice gesture she made for us in relation to a medicine we needed for our dog-son.  The details of the favor she made us is not important, but it is the fact that she said we can count on her always.  Her disposition to help was tremendous and she was very kind. 

And, this is not a big deal, but since what she did was related to our dog, I made her this tag just for fun and to reinforce how grateful we are for what she did.

I used the Cricut machine to cut the doggie and added some crazy eyes.  I embellished with doily, patterned papers, stickers, fiber, and more.  I also used ink, glossy accents and jewels.  I used two stamps... the "heart" is from a Unity Stamp Co. called "you+me=happy", and the "thank you" sentiment is from TAC.  The banner is imperfectly hand cut and it was completely on purpose.  I wanted the tag to look crafty.  She will know this was specially made for her.  It even got her name!

I am not sure if she would use this for anything, or just hang it in some place, but when I made it, I concentrated on how sweet she is and how she helped us.

Hope you like it.

Continue having a great weekend you all!!!!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

My new Key Chain!

Here I am again... another Friday, working against my addiction to scrapbooking...

I bought these place cards at TJ Maxx, and I've already used them for several things but a place card.

I inked one of them with distress stain and then stamped this sentiment from Unity Stamp Co..  I totally love what it says...  It applies perfectly to me.

Then I stamped and cut in chipboard to use as a mask...

... and added another color with distress ink...

I ended up having this:

Then I added some color and glossy accents, plus glitter to the drinks... and a thin decorative tape for some break of color.

Here's a close up:

On the other side I stamped this key image several times and then, also stamped it in different patterned papers to cut just the center and add some personality to the stamped keys.

I used this luggage badge and replaced the id card with my piece of art.

And I will use it as my new key chain.

I admit I still want to add something to it...  but for now, I'll use it for a change.

Tks for stopping by... Don't forget to leave a comment.  You need to do it for two reasons... One because I'll link this to Unity Stamp Co.'s Friday Friends with Flairs and you'll have the opportunity to win something... and Two, because I love reading your comments.  

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday... Photos of cupcakes top in action!

Hello WC&S friends and followers...  I'm so happy with all your comments about the cupcake top I made for my goddaughter as per my last post HERE.  Thank you all!  The party was yesterday.  She had a blast! 

I promised to post pictures of the cupcake tower in action, so here they are.

Aren't these cupcakes beautiful?  They are from Walmart... Yes, they are... I'm not kidding.  But the most important part is that they were delicious!

This is me with the birthday girl.  She doesn't usually wear makeup.  Remember the party was a spa day so the girls were allowed to use makeup, their nails painted, they even had a facial and a craft activity... and they had like a fashion show at the end where they all walked and modeled for us to enjoy.

My goddaughter loved the party and she said what she enjoyed most was the moment everybody sang the Happy Birthday song to her.

Tks for stopping by.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy 8th. Birthday!

Hello... Happy Friday, and it's the first day for Summer!!!

How's your week been?  Mine has been productive... and full of surprises.  In case you wanna know, here's a summary... Or you can skip this paragraph and go directly to next one.  Weekend started with a homework to do for my goddaughter (I will tell you in a little bit); I dedicated the whole Saturday (literally) just for that, then an accident caused my 1st floor at home to get full of water on Father's Day so we could not go anywhere (some furniture damage), then an unplanned cool get together with neighbors at night, lots of work at the office (people say that when the cat is not home, mice go party!  I think it should be the opposite... it's when more pressure you have not to be absent or miss anything... I mean my boss is out of office just in case you didn't understand my humor LOL), then had to do some medical checkups, also my dog has an ear infection, good surprise that I had lunch with my DH in the middle of the week, mom still waiting for her car to get fixed, and finally will do my nails today...  Exciting, huh?  This is what life is all about...

Today's my goddaughter 8th. birthday.  There will be a little party tomorrow... just a get together with some friends to have a nice spa.  This kind of birthday celebrations for girls is kind of the "in" thing right now.  Her mother wanted me to make a top for the cupcakes tower, and also a tag or embellishment for the bags.

The cupcakes top had to have an "8" and some room to place a single cupcake where she plans to place the candle.

So I bought a foam 8 and used as stencil for its own covers...

Made sure to ink a bit to cover imperfections...

Covered one side with stamped cardstock...

And then realized I didn't like the interior of the holes, or basically the way you can see the back of each others' edges from the opposite side, so I had an idea...

I covered one of the sides to make it flat like this:

But then left the other one open to use as the front side and create some dimension.

Inspired by the birthday theme I'd cut some flowers, to which I draw lines to look like imperfect sewing and simulate the original ones.

I also stamped bees and several butterflies.

... So I used two of these for the interior of the 8's holes...  nice 3D effect!

I placed the 8 in the base, also made with foam covered with cardstock, and embellished all around... making sure to create a spot for the single cupcake.

This is the front side:

This is the back:

One of the sides...

And the other one...

I assembled the tower to visualize the final work.  I promise I will take pictures of it with the cupcakes tomorrow and will post later so you can see it in action.

Then... it was the bags' turn.  Wanted to make a tag with the birthday girl name and the number 8, but did not want a traditional tag.

So I typed her name and cut with scalloped circle punches, and placed an 8 in the middle.  I also used flowers, bees and butterflies...

Here's how they look...  They will have presents for the girl friends assembled with tissue paper.

And finally... a bonus.

My friend had given me some pieces of large confetti to get inspired. I combined those and some of my stamped images and glued to sticks to be placed in the cupcakes.
Can't wait to see them in use.  By the way, don't you just love this bee from Unity Stamp Co.?

I'm not finished...

I made her a card for tomorrow... Of course I used the same theme.

Stamped butterfly and bee...  cut flowers with drawing and painting for nice finish...  and I made up another beetle with some circles and sequins...

This is the inside of the card:

And here's a closer look to the nice colorful elements.

Stamps used are from Unity Stamp Co, TAC, Inkadinkado and Latina Crafter.

Tks for stopping by.  Love to read your comments.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, June 14, 2013

A simple layout for a simple Friday!

Hello...  Another Summer Friday, stopping by to share a very simple layout I recently made.  I could say it is really work in progress because I might add a little bit of more details before putting it in the album... maybe not...

Before I tell you about it... remember I told you about the Puerto Rico Scrapbook Event?  It was awesome! I met Teresa Collins!!!! yeah!  You can see the story and some pictures clicking HERE.  Enjoy!

About the layout... Just wanted to document my husband's 42th birthday.  I gave him a bottle of a Kripta Cava he wanted to taste so bad...  It is sold in a hand made bottle which bottom is rounded... so you cannot stand the bottle anywhere... When we drink it, we'll have to have it in the ice cooler.  It is very cool... I can't wait to taste it...

I used these Unity stamps about wine, I just love.  I even stamped on this cork paper I found at a local store.  Love it!

... And place some "Simple Stories" elements to document and avoid extensive journaling. I wanted to keep it simple.  I even used a real wine glass tag which says: "this drink belongs to: JOHN".

Hope you like it.  Have a great Friday...  I will link this to Unity Stamp Co. Friends with Flair Friday.

Ah!... and I almost forgot...Happy Father's Day!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Puerto Rico Scrapbook Event 2013

I had a great time at the Puerto Rico Scrapbook Event last Saturday.  The event was held during the whole weekend, but I only went one day.  This is a great event because you get to be in the same place with hundreds of other people who share the love for this wonderful hobby.

There's always something new to learn, someone to know, someone to help, and a lot to enjoy.

I started with the class sponsored by Simple Stories with designer Layle Koncar.  It was a mini album full of great stuff.

I plan to use mine to document things about me... probably an A to Z album or something... Will see.

Then my second class was with Vicky Boutin.  She had taught at last year event too.  Her layouts are very cool and fun.

I used a new product with her... which I liked because I got to use my fingers and get painted...LOL.  It was called gold ink or something like that.  Sorry I don't remember the name but I will probably recognize when I go shopping soon.

Then, after lunch I met wonderful Teresa Collins.

She's sweet, and very talented...just as I thought she would be.  I brought with me Scrapbook Trends magazine, from which I got to know more about her.  I had heard her name before and have seen her work and products, but this book/magazine was great for me to know more about her and I really loved it.  So she autographed it for me...

She even accepted to pose for a crazy photo with me.

For her class she made two beautiful pages that I hopefully will complete soon.

Then, my last class was from Prima's teacher Frank García.  I did not know about him before the event.  He is very talented and he is truly a teacher.  He explains all in a very simple way and we all enjoyed his class very much.

Look at his wonderful work:

I also met Eva, who designed the line of products Frank used for this class.
I usually don't win many things by luck, and I won a small stamp designed by her in a random giveaway.  Cool, isn't it?

I thank God because I've had the opportunity to learn about having a hobby, and find relaxation, friendship, joy and a  lot more in it.  Those who have a hobby probably knows that hobbies can be a lot more than just something to pass time.  And you know what?  Not everybody has this blessing.  I get inspired, I express feelings, I know people, share with my friends, love the results of the projects... and have a good time.  Scrapbooking has come to my life to stay.

Tks for stopping by and don't forget to dedicate some time to be imperfect.  Enjoy!