Sunday, September 29, 2013

CAS Baby Girl Card


Remember my post about the little baby girl who recently arrived to our planet Earth? LOL...  Here's the post I'm referring to where I show the shadow box.

Just wanted to stop by and show you the card I made to go with the gift.

It's a CAS (clean and simple) card I made with stamps from LYB. 

I used a patterned paper from Prima with solid card base from AC and stamped directly on it.

Added some baker's twine, a jewel (elephant's eye) and glitter (in the flowers stamp on the giraffe).

I think it came out pretty.  And it was very simple and easy to do using different stamps and inks.

Just another example of how simple tools can provide for a great project.

Tks for stopping by.  Have a wonderful week!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Day!

Friday yet?

Wow...  I've been all week thinking each day is Friday already.  It's about time!

I won't talk too much today...  you know the instructions...  This is going to Friends With Flair.. Leave your comment for a chance to win.

Thanks for stopping by.

This card was made for a friend at work.  Girly girl turned 30!

The stamped girl if from Wine and Friends kit, and the sentiment is one I've got recently from the Unity sale... What an amazing message suitable for lots of occasions, don't you think?

Have a great happy day friends!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow...

I've always thought of this...
It's definitely true that we need to learn to learn from yesterday.  And I on purpose wrote "learn to learn" because sometimes we just don't know that we can learn from everything we live.  It's easy to say it and it sounds cool "learn from yesterday", but sometimes we just keep doing the same things and expecting different results.  If you want to have different outcome from your behavior and decisions, then start behaving differently.  But it is also important to apply that learning from the past.

Then... Today is the day... today is beautiful... today you are alive... don't waste time... you don't know if you are going to be here next minute.  Enjoy the NOW.

And tomorrow?  Some people say you should not plan the future too much because you forget about the present... some say you have to work for you tomorrow, today...  I think both are the truth.  It's just about balance.  Don't get a fixation only on the future, while the present provides you so many beautiful things to enjoy...  but also know most of the things you'll live tomorrow, might has to do with your today... it is called consequences.

I was just saying...  because this sentiment from Unity is just that inspiring!
 I love how this card came out.  I made it just for fun... no particular recipient or occasion.  I think that's why I love it ... because I just enjoyed creating it just because... (well, really just because I wanted to use this stamp that I've got recently and had not used it yet!!!!).

For the circular embellishment I cut a strip and scored multiple times at same size/distance... then bent and assembled with glue.  On the top I glued several tiny Prima flowers and adorned with jewels.

I stamped the sentiment in a journaling card and added butterflies stickers.  All these on top of patterned paper, distressed and inked in the edges.

Thanks for stopping by and remember that with your comment you are participating for a giveaway from Unity Stamp Co. because I am linking it to Friday's Friends with Flair.  And at the same time you are contributing to my happiness... Your comments make me happy.
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Just stopped by to say hello...

Hello there!

Just wanted to say hello...  My week is going very good so far.  Work, work and work... but attitude is everything...

 Even though I am tired and should be going to get some rest so I can be awake and productive tomorrow at work, I sometimes need to do some scrapbooking as stress reliever.

So I grabbed these stamps I've recently got from Latina Crafter and wanted to use.  

I used a doily as base and stamped the sentiment on it.  Then stamped the image in patterned paper but use a die cut frame and glued with 3D squares to make the 3D effect.

For the script on the bicycle, I used a packaging from Prima Marketing.  Yes, the packaging... the plastic sheet that come with the flowers.  I stamped the image also in this plastic to create some  dimension.

I carefully placed it in the same position of the image in the patterned paper but when you look at it from the side, you can see there are two images and I love the effect.

I embellished more with sequins and a die cut flower.

Hope you like it.  Just stopped by to say hello.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Happy Sunday my friends.

I continue making some progress for my friend's album I told you about HERE... the one for the First Communion of her son.

I thought I could accelerate with some help from challenges.  It's also a way to use the materials I have and at the same time put them to work to collaborate with other blogs.

So, I received an email with a post from Let's Capture Our Memories.  I always read them and love the great inspiration they provide.  They posted this fabulous sketch.  You can see details by clicking on it.

So, I decided to use it to show the First Communion certificate that will be part of the album... and this is what I came up with...

If you are trying to figure out how I got inspired by the sketch, turn it upside down... Now you see it! 

Hope you like it and thank you LCOM for the inspiration and the opportunity to support you with my participation.... and the opp to win some candy too, of course... LOL...


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Granny's baby girl

Hope you are having a great weekend.

Whatever your activities are during the week, hope you are seeing the positive side of them all... the blessings behind each moment of our lives.  There's always one positive side... Sometimes we just don't know about it until later.  Hang on!

I am sharing today a tag I made for the grandmother of the little baby girl I told you about the other day.  Please refer to this post HERE.

Her grandmother is a very strong, hard worker, hyper, nice woman!  She likes scrapbooking too but it seems she doesn't dedicate too much time to it as she would like.

But the thing is that I bet she will be a wonderful granny!

So I made this tag to congratulate her for the granddaughter news!!!!

I used Prima papers combined with American Crafts stickers, doily, sequins, rub-ons and ribbons.

I basically combined shabby chic with some modern elements.

I hope she liked the tag... just a detail to remind her how blessed she is for having such a great treasure... to be a granny.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Family of 3!

Friday again... Yessss.... So cool.

I've been working with several pages for a co-worker.  Her youngest son had the first communion recently and she asked me to put together an album with the photos of the family at the event.

I usually do not make multiple pages about specific events.  I'm kind of a random scrapbooker because I just make what I feel to do at the moment.  I do have some projects about trips or events... and you know what?  They are incomplete because I hop from one to another when I get bored of the same theme.  This is why this project has been kind of difficult to me because some photos are very similar and the theme of them all is the same... so I've been trying to give a twist to each page so they tell different stories within the same story of the event.    Did I explain myself? LOL... 

Anyway... this photo shows my co-worker with her two sons.  If I was a mother, I think this would be the most special photo, so I tried not to tie it necessarily to the first communion because the boy is holding the certificate so it is kind of obvious.

I titled the page "3"... they are a family of 3.   I framed the photo with different elements and I liked it.

I used an inventory tag portion from a patterned paper and filled the blanks (article or kind of material:  family; amount: 3; unit: 1; count: each).  I also used a journaling card I got from Unity as a gift with my order (love all the words and phrases related to family), and some other pre-made cards or portions of them... and also stamped my own, like the one with the big heart at the bottom and the one with the XOXOXOXOXOXO message.  These are both Unity Stamp Co. stamps.  At the left bottom corner I included the first letter of each of their names.

I left a white strip at the bottom of the page as part of the page, but it is really the commercial strip from the other side because this is a double sided page.  But I cut the same size strip from the  top of the paper to maintain the 12"x12" size and be able to have that white strip as part of the design.

So... I will keep on working in the album.  I hope she likes the final result.  Hope to be able to give it to her soon.  She said NO RUSH... thank God!!! LOL...

Have a great Friday.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another CAS Sunday with The Outlawz!!!

Today's Sunday CAS challenge from The Outlawz is to feature marine life.

I immediately thought of sea turtles, because I like turtles, but then I remember I had some stamps related to the sea, that I don't use as often, so this was a great opportunity.  By the way, I won these stamps from Crafty Secrets about 5 or 6 years ago.  It was a giveaway from Scrapscene and I commented on their blog.  I swear I did not commented that much in any blog or website because I was really starting with this hobby, but when I found out I won, I was so happy!!!

I stamped the following images:  Girl with sand castle and toys, seagulls, crab, lighthouse and the snail shell.  Then I softly colored side by side without touching the stamped images with watercolor pencils...  beige at bottom, another strip of green/blue, and the rest sky blue.  Then with the water brush spread the colors and that's it.

I then put some extra color in the girl's hat and the crab, and bent and inked the corners before glueing in the card base, but being true to the CAS style which means clean and simple... and the design must be ideally without layers and easy to reproduce.

Then I stamped the sentiment... this one's from Unity Stamp Co.

I hope you like my marine life scene.

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Shadow Box

Happy Saturday.

I recently had a class with Frank García, from Prima. You can check out his blog here:  Haus of W.

His style is very romantic shabby chic, and it goes perfectly with the Prima products in general.  Even though I usually jump from style to style, and shabby chic is not the most frequent I use, I have to admit I really enjoyed the class.  Firstly, he explains very well and is very organized.  And the other thing, and the one I really enjoyed the most, is that I was able to learn techniques that I can use with other styles that I most commonly follow.  I love the way he made us achieve great dimension in the projects and the use of cords to keep paper in place.... Amazing.

Anyway, this page I made in his class, added some sort of my personal touch with tiny details, and waited for a great photo to use...   One of our friend's sister had a baby girl recently and I thought, this is it!

Before I show you the result, let me tell you I found these great shadow boxes at TJ Maxx.  Great design and perfect size.  I glued the layout in the middle (with hot glue to make sure it stays in place), and used thin chipboard to make two pieces to place at both sides of the layout to make it pop even more.

So, not only the layout has great dimension with flowers, pop up elements and so, but I also made the edges of the layout itself to be in 3D.

Since the shadow box is deep enough I could do this and have a great result.  This is going to be our gift for the happy parents.

Isn't it beautiful?  I think so too.

Tks for stopping by.  Have an imperfect happy weekend!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Have a Groovy Birthday!

Happy Friday!!!!

It's time for Friends with Flair again.  It's a cool weekly activity from Unity Stamp Co. where you can share your creations using their products.  And you get inspired from other participants and share comments.  You'll have a chance to win by posting and by commenting.  It's very cool.

I made this card a week ago, for a co-worker's birthday that is tomorrow.  I didn't share before waiting just for today's FWF.

I used this itty bitty stamp I won by commenting at Unity's facebook fan page.  Thank you Angela!!!

It is perfect for my co-worker's age (51) because he probably remembers the groovy days more than me...LOL.

I cut the numbers from the Graphically Speaking Cricut cartridge, which I definitely love.

The sentiment is stamped in paper and I glued it in a way it looks like a ribbon (at least that was my intention but it looks cool anyway!).

Coloring was made with watercolor pencils.

Have a groovy weekend and don't forget to leave a comment for  a chance to win with Unity.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Unity Stamp Co. Inspiration Challenge

Happy Wednesday!

It's the first time for me participating in the Unity Inspiration Challenge since all challenges were consolidated in just one... a wonderful one.

You can choose to make a project inspired in the color combination provided and/or using the sketches for cards and layout.  It's great inspiration.

I chose to make a card using the color combination.

For the base, I placed patterned paper over patterned paper and combined with solid cardstock, matching the colors from the inspiration palette.  

Then I stamped the sentiment in the solid cardstock, but also in a separate patterned paper, so I could cut a section of it and glued on top of the other for contrast.

I stamped the lady image in another patterned paper with the colors and cut it too.

Finally embellished with a die cut flower and some rinestones stars and circles.

Love the final result.  Hope you love it too.

Have a great rest of the week.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Hello my friends... Happy Sunday... and Happy Labor Day weekend...

I've been home all weekend because we have some people over working with a remodelling. But I don't really mind because I can get to rest and also dedicate some time for scrapbooking. Besides, I really want them to finish the work they are doing...

I've made this layout several weeks ago and I am sharing now.  I sometimes collaborate with a local magazine and this layout was not published so I can share here now.  I had another one published that I will share with you later though...

As you know, my dog is a Rottweiler.  Those who don't know much about dogs (me included 6 years ago) think Rottweilers are bad dogs, inclusive to be with kids.  I was and they are all wrong. 
But the thing is I wanted to do something showing this photo of my dog with the "bad attitude" in his face.  Hush hush, for the picture I was holding a cookie so he was paying all the attention and looked "bad"...LOL...  Seriously!

So, very simple...  I place the picture of him as he was a "wanted" target and titled the page "Se Busca", which is the adapted translation for "WANTED".

At the bottom of the picture it says in Spanish:  Extremely lovable; Armed with kisses;  Reward: Loyalty.

For the letters I combined Tim Holtz' with others cut with the Cricut machine.  The base paper design I just used it as it comes... with the wood design, to simulate there is a sign placed in a wooden wall.

Hope you liked it.

Love me, love my dog... LOL... Have a great rest of the weekend.

I plan to link this to the Outlawz Challenges for Saturday challenge... Anything Goes.