Sunday, August 25, 2013

Beautiful Sunday!

Happy Sunday.

I had a great day today.  Went for brunch at Old San Juan (our main city in Puerto Rico), walked around the old city and visited nice shops, had great pizza at rustic pizzeria... and came back home on time enough to visit some friends' blogs, leave some comments and make a quick CAS card for the Outlawz Challenges...  Still more to do tonight... but I think it's been a great Sunday so far.

For the CAS card with a cheer up sentiment, I stamped this one from Unity...  I love it!

Then I masked it to stamp some clouds around it.

It was a nice CAS card as that but...

...I added some color to some clouds to make it better.


Have a beautiful Sunday...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Unity FWF... and I am ready for some WINE!

Oh! I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last post...  Well... such it's life!  I've had to dedicate some time to some other things lately.  But, believe me, I need scrapbooking so bad.

Anyway, it's Friday!  This means fun, weekend, family, resting, and Unity Stamp Co. Friends with Flair!!!!   I made a card last night just because I wanted to post it for FWF today... and because I've got an order yesterday and was dying to use at least one of the new stamps, and also because I am very stressed at work and I needed to relax a little bit.

So I made this CAS card using Unity stamps.  For the background I used these new pens I found at TJ Maxx that are specially for stamping.  I wanted to use only one section of the stamp so I directly inked the section and stamped, instead of having to cover any other part I did not want to use at this moment.  So I love my little multicolor wine glasses.

The new stamp is the sentiment.  Don't you love it?

I framed with cardstock and placed while embellished with a doily, ribbon and some sequins.  I also colored in red and added some glossy accents to the little heart.

I felt better...  but still want to make more cards and layouts and cut papers... just for fun... LOL..

Seriously, finding scrapbooking has been great for me.  Sometimes I want to make something but my body doesn't let me.  Have you felt that way?  Tell me... leave me a comment... and maybe meditate about it while having a glass of wine today...  Have a good one!!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Best of Luck... So long... Goodbye!

Happy Friday!

I was sooooo waiting for today! LOL... as always.  Friday is a great day, what can I say?

This is a quick post to share with you a card I made for a co-worker who decided to move to New York.  A group of co-workers will sign the card and will give it to him today.  He is such a good person and we will really miss him.  I made the card trying to show a little bit of what we know about him, mixed with our good wishes and thoughts for this new journey he's decided to take.  His name is Juan and he's a Finance guy.

Here are some details.  The bundle of numbers is a stamp from Unity Stamp Co. (I also used it in my previous post; you can see it HERE).   I pretend it to be an obvious reference to Juan's finance background. The circle with the words "choices" and "decisions"was cut using Graphically Speaking Cricut cartridge.  I combined two circles with words to be able to have both words in the same circle.

I also used these stamps from Stampin' Up as an advice to him (Enjoy... life, the little things, every moment).

This beautiful sentiment from Unity Stamp Co is also added as an advice... "Scatter Sunshine all along the way", as a reference to the journey he is starting soon.
The works "chicken", "pizza", and "tacos" are a reference to the industry we work for, which is foodservice.  These alphabet stamps are from Inkadinkado.

One of the corners combines a stamp from Inkadinkado (Best of Luck) with another one from Unity Stamp Co (the background with playing cards symbols).

I also added the "think" and "dream big" message from same cartridge "Graphically Speaking", and tried to play with the words adding "NYC" and the apple stamp from Unity Stamp Co.  So it should read "think, dream Big Apple".  An obvious reference to the place he is moving to.

Something very peculiar about this guy is that he works in the finance area, but he actually studied culinary arts he's a chef.  Then I draw this chef hat and cut to add a detail in reference to that fact.  The square background is a stamp from Glitz Designs, and I draw on some of the squares for a crafty drawing look.

There are some other stamps... like the sentiment "wherever you go, go with all your heart" from Unity Stamp Co.; and the heart to which I added glossy accents, from Inkadinkado.

And stickers, ink, washi tape, cardstock, baker's twine, glitter... and lots of love and good wishes.

I like that there's a lot going on in this card but it's all trying to communicate a message or represent something specific.

I hope he likes the card, but mostly I hope he finds success and happiness in NYC!

Tks for your comments.  Have a great weekend.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Tough Week... Finally Friday!

Friday... at last.

A hard working week I had.  I traveled on Sunday morning to Dallas for work and came back Wednesday night. Worked yesterday and today... although today I left a little earlier due to Summer Hours.  I feel like I had not arrived home until now...  and I have not had the chance to BE here, you know?  Home is home.

I took some time to make a card to be able to participate in today's Unity FWF  - but I think they forgot 'cause I didn't see any related post - .... and want to post it before my DH arrives so when he does, we are officially starting the weekend.   I think I deserve some wine, to be honest.  LOL

So I used two stamps I've got thanks to grab bags I've purchased in the past (assorted stamps from Unity Stamp Co.).  Actually, they are having a sale "as we speak"...  I have to control myself and I'm not buying, but if you have the chance... go ahead.

The stamps I used are this beautiful salad of numbers, and the lovely cupcake.

I combined with other stamp sentiment from Latina Crafter... and a doily, patterned paper, sequins, bling bling, and more...

I gave a cupcake a little personality by adding glossy accents and glitter.

It's a birthday card... but made just because... not for anybody in particular right now...

I really like the result.  Hope you liked it too.  I'm linking it to FWF Friday if it's up at some point... for a chance to win great stamps.  Leave a comment to have same chance to win as well.

Have a wonderful weekend.