Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Driving Back Home...


Well... I'll be travelling a couple of days for work and I wanted to make sure to post another message this week... and it's a great opportunity to confirm this "scheduled" posting works... So if you are reading this message before November is gone... then it works!!!!

Well well... so what's this post about? Does it happen to you? Is your mind very active when you are driving back home? I know minds are awesome and are always doing something... but when I'm driving back home is like I have relaxed and stressful feelings combined at the same time... Crazy, huh?

It takes me an average of 45 minutes to drive back home from the office everyday, from Monday to Friday... and that is if there's not any special happening affecting traffic. And there's so much in my mind... I review the day... all the things I did, what I left for tomorrow, things being said to me and by me, projects completed, new tasks...

And then... I remember something and I write it down... so I don't forget. And then, I remember I have to buy things, I need to clean that, I should call ... blah blah blah... Then... I get a call from mom, read a text message from my brother, tell my husband I'm on my way home, etc... (I'm not a saint, but really... I avoid using the phone while driving, I use a bluetooth, and I text if the traffic is slow and there's no risk...)...

And, driving back home, I look around and see other cars, other people, the trees, the signs, the sky... And I give thanks to God... And I turn on the radio, listen to music, sing (or make some noise), and move my hands to the rythm of music...

And one day I said to myself: How do I look while driving back home? And the traffic was too heavy... I was almost stopped. So I took my camera and turned on the timer and get ready for a picture... and this is how I look!

And I scrapped the photo... and I documented my driving back home experience. Here's the layout...

Have you ever scrapped your "driving back home" or similar experience? Do you like to scrap on everyday situations or do more traditional scrapbooking for birthdays, special occassions, etc? Please share your experience with me...

(patterned paper: Fancy Pants Designs, Basic Grey; journaling card: My Mind's Eye; stamp: Glitz Designs; flowers: Prima; brads: Fun Expressions; ink: Color Box; pen: Sakura, Sharpie; punches: Martha Stweart; adhesives: Scotch, Scrapbook Adhesives; miscellaneous: cardstock, ribbon, Cricut cartridges Opposites Attract & Graphically Speaking)

Friday, November 26, 2010

I Love...

Hello everybody...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day... and that your Black Friday is not so black after all!!! My Thanksgiving was very good. I was at my mother in law's with all the family and we had a great time together.

And I haven't posted anything for a while. My computer is kind of crazy. We are planning to ask Santa Claus for a new one... or maybe the Three Wise Men will take care of it... (In Puerto Rico we celebrate the Three Kings' Day or Three Wise Men's Day on Jan 6th. and is more of a local tradition. They bring presents as well. For what I've learned, most people in the metro area think of the 3Kings' Day as a secondary festivity during Xmas and the toys or presents expected are less important than the one received in Xmas Day. However, for us people from the center of the Island, the 3Kings' Day is even more important and they bring better toys and presents because they are three -instead of just one - and they are rich because they are kings...). So, let's see what happens...
So anyway... I've worked several layouts recently and haven't posted... This one I worked it last weekend. I met with some friends and celebrated our "Wine, Cheese and Scrapbooking" activity. Yes... just like my blog's title. We've been celebrated this activity for a while. We meet to scrap, and our husbands are with us... serving us wine, cooking, and just sharing... Isn't it nice? We've celebrated 20 WC&S already and hope we continue doing it. It's great to share this hobby and it's an opportunity to keep on feeding our friendship.

This layout is called "I love"... and shows a picture of my goddaughter, Fabiola, with my dog, Malbec. I just love it when Malbec is so kind and always willing to play with kids and allowing them to touch him, and just love him... All kids love him, for sure... And Fabiola thinks she owns it when other kids want to touch him... her face just changes completely like saying... "this is my dog" ... hahahaha... but I love the way Malbec behaves around children.
The paper from Bo Bunny already has a lot of elements, so I just used it as base as is, and added some things like the heart banner I cut from other paper, the ribbon I placed with glue dots, just bending it with free from (you know... just don't forget to add the obvious imperfect touch), and the little chipboard hearts to emphasize on love.
I used this yellow letters from American Crafts to break a little bit on color pattern the layout was resulting to have, but I also lined them with a glitter pen so they can be more noticed...

I'll be posting more LO's during the next weeks... as far as my computer allows me... hehehehe...

Hope you continue enjoying the Holidays... and by the way... Do you have your Xmas tree already? We already have ours... and it's just something so different from traditional... but you'll have to see it... I can't tell you... Maybe in some future post...

(patterned paper and journaling card: Bo Bunny; Heart banner from patterned paper, letters and chipboard hearts: American Crafts; ribbon: EK Success; adhesives: Glue Dots, Scotch, Scrapbook Adhesives; miscellaneous: glitter pen, cardstock)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My First Cards of the Season

Is it Christmas yet?

Yeahhh... It's the most beautiful time of the year! La la la la...

These are my first cards this year... I used My Mind's Eye Winter Wonderland collection and with the help of some stamps, ink, punches and ribbon, I created them.

This one shows some symbols of the Season... Aaaaah the tree!!! Santa's hat!

This other one features a Christmas ornament in the middle with a detail of three trees in a corner...

This one, very simple and delicate... the tree as the main character!

I love the way the ribbon lace looks combined with punched borders from patterned paper.

And here's a tree made with a simple triangle, ribbon and flower punches. I like my very own made up tree.

Here's a picture of all together... These are my first cards of many I will probably make within next weeks...

Do you make your cards for your relatives, or maybe for sale? Have you started making the ones for this year?

(patterned paper and cut outs: My Mind's Eye; ribbon: Multicraft Imports; stamps: Inkadinkado, TAC; punches: Martha Stewart, Memory Makers; ink: Staz-On, Color Box; adhesives: Scotch, Glue Dots; miscellaneous: gel pens)

Puzzle Card

My brother's birthday is this month... He's 45 but he's still a kid inside... so the card I made for him is a puzzle...

This is what he's going to receive:

I imagine his face when he gets it... He will open the bag and get the pieces just like these:

Then he'll have to put them together to be able to read the message.... Here it is:

Because it's the first one I make of this type, I worked in the surface of the puzzle with paint, stamps, embossing, gel pens, and glossy accents... I wanted to make it fast and simple... and for me these elements are better to work with...especially since you are working in a surface that you'll break apart in pieces. But with these puzzle cards from Joann you can work with patterned paper, 3D elements, fibers, fabrics, use the pieces as stencils, etc. etc... The cards come with envelopes, but I thought it was better to send in a bag as a treat... Do you like it?

(puzzle card: JoAnn Craft Essentials; inks: Staz-On, Color Box, Portafolia, stamps: Glitz Designs, Inkadinkado, Plaid; embossing powder: Ranger; miscellaneous: gel pens, embossing gun)

Cherry on Top

What does that mean? Cherry on top? Well... It's the additional flavor... it's the extra money you get... it's that little push you see in someone's work... It's the extra mile someone gives at something... It's the smile!!! It's the extra help you receive when you don't expect it... It's the surprising little thing you enjoy... It's an award!!!!

I just received a blog award from my friend Zulma. She's such a wonderful lady from a Scrapbooking group I belong in Puerto Rico. You can see her tremendous work here.

And this award gives you the opportunity to express your grattitute and admiration for others. What a cool thing to do!!!

And there are rules... And these are fun rules to follow (or break)... and with them we get the opportunity to know and present other blogs.

The rules are:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Copy and paste (post) the award to your blog
3. Share three things about yourself that you enjoy...
4. Pass the award to five others

So, here are my answers to the rules:

1. Thank you Zulma... I admire your work very much... and I'm so honored to receive the award from you... Thank you, thank you, thank you.

2. ok

3. I want to share four instead of three... why not? Remember, this is a blog to be imperfect, hahahaha...

  • First of all, scrapbooking (hello???? This must be in the list!!!)

  • Drink wine (especially with my husband, good company, and paired with great food)

  • Enjoy my dog-son (I love my dog Malbec)

  • And... since we were just in the Halloween mode last week... the fourth thing is to wear customes...

4. My five splendid, marvelouus, golden, chosen award recipients are:

  • Zulma, from My Little Scrappy Owl - The rules do not say you can't award the same person who gave you the award, right?
  • Marilyn, from Treasuring Memories - What a talented lady... visit her blog and see for yourself!
  • Joan, from Mi Rincón de Papel - I call her "Master Joan". Visit her blog and understand me.
  • Mari, from Amigas del Scrapbooking - She's from Argentina and she offers her friendship and talent to other ladies around the whole world...
  • Daly, from Del Scrapbook y otros Amores - This is one of the leaders of the group I belong to (SB Friends) and she's such a natural teacher, mom, giver... Thanks for always provide the Cherry on Top, Daly.
    And there are so many other friends I would like to recognize, even though some do not have blogs, but just want to take advantage of this opportunity to point out the friendship from the SB Friends, and also mention some girls... Jessica (I call her ET. Her talent is out of this world!!!), Marirose from My Pictures on Paper, Gladys (my favorite Colombian girl), Yani... (such a talent with legs)...and my friend Vivian, with whom I share this hobby a lot (even though not as much or frequently as I wished). There are so many others, but I have to let some to be mentioned by other friends...hehehehehe
      Hope you liked this award and this recognition moment. It reminded me of one of the first cards I made as I went through the Scrapbooking world... Let me continue the "cherry" conversation and share it with you... What is peculiar about it is that the cherry was on the inside of the card... very nicely stamped and cut, but I don't have a picture of the inside... so here's the cover.

      (patterned paper: TAC, stamps: Unity; miscellaneous: cardstock, ink, eyelets)

      Have a cherry weekend!!!!