Friday, May 31, 2013

Another Friends With Flair... Woohooo!

 Here I am, with another Friday... How are you?  It's also the end of one more month... Time goes by fast, doesn't it?

Just a card to share today and link it to Unity Stamp Co. 's Friday Friends with Flair (FWF).

I used this nice stamp from one of their KOM.  I've been wanting to use this stamp and I've thinking on the coloring or paper piecing I want to do with it to end up with lots of nice different buttons... But then when I stamped it, I liked it simple for this time... (you know, the muse always wins...).

I combined with some distressing, buttons, another stamp (this one from Latina Crafter), a clothespin, washi tape and jewels...

Hope you like my card I chose to share with you today.  Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win on FWF by Unity.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Scrapping Everyday Miracles... challenge

Here's the story...

I have a son... very obedient, loving and sweet.  Everybody loves him, everybody wants to be with him.  Since he was little, he's been a great student.  He has won lots of awards.  He's been in the newspaper, magazines, TV, and several stages around the island.  He's special.
He has several conditions and has been under a lot of medicines during his life, but he's always happy, positive, and ready to do whatever is next.
He enjoys nature, he loves to kiss and be kissed back.  He's now volunteering to be a therapy helper in hospitals and institutions where there are people who needs some love.

I sound like any very proud mom...The thing is, I'm talking about my dog.

The Scrapbooking Everyday Challenge, called All Things have become NEW, is to make a layout about something new in my life... using at least one old and one new element in the page.

The new thing is that I visited a children's hospital with my dog recently and our dog is being evaluated to be a therapy dog, and we (my husband and I) are being evaluated to be certified as Therapy Dogs managers.  It's something that brings a nice feeling but I am experiencing new activities as part of the process.

So here's the layout.

I have several old things here...  The background paper with little squares, as well as the paper used for the journaling is from a Basic Grey collection of dogs and cats... it must have at least 3 years old.   The chipboard words/phrases in the journaling are from a K&Co kit I bought when I started to do scrapbooking in 2007.  The black and white stripe paper is from a b&w collection a friend gave me about 2 years ago.

But these letters.... specially these letters... are from a patterned paper I remember I bought in 2007 or maybe 2008 in local store sale.  The paper was 25 cents!!!!

Well... and then the new thing is this glitter from a kit I bought recently at TJ Maxx and since then I've been using it like crazy...

Here's a closer look to the journaling.

Hope you liked it.  You don't have to leave a comment, but I sure enjoy them.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The chosen one!

Hello friends.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Let me share with you a couple of cards I made for a friend who plans to engage his girlfriend next month during a trip to London.  Romantic, isn't it? 

He has been planning for a while and he knows exactly the place and has several people from the hotel who will be assisting him so everything is perfect.  Don't want to give too much detail, but the thing is he asked me for a card.  He will give her a dozen of flowers... 11 of them yellow tulips, which are her favorites, but one of them a red rose.. with the ring.

So my first idea is to use a background like a watermark with the St James's park as symbol of the place where this will be happening.  Then I added the year to make this image a true memory already documented.  Tried to keep the romantic look, kind of vintage shabby (I said "tried"...LOL), so I added a couple of stamps, rub ons and ink in the edges and background.

I added a glittery yellow flower, a red rose, and the ring as a detail for the real purpose of the card.

Here's a better look at the result.

But then I made him another card as plan B...

For this one, I inspired by the fact he will be giving her the flowers... so I literally made 11 yellow flowers, and a red slightly larger one.  All have pearls except the red one which have a crystal, symbolizing the stone  of the ring.

I organized them in the shape of a heart (kind of) and place them on embossed white paper and more delicate details.

The sentiment at front goes "Among all, the chosen one..." And then inside it says:  "... it's you".

He kept both...

Do you have a favorite?  Tell me about it in your comment.

By the way... this is how my table ends up most of the time after a project...  

Friday, May 24, 2013

Scrapbooking Style?

 Hello Friday... Woo hoo!!!  And with a Holiday Monday... I love you more!  LOL

Welcome to the weekend.

Have I told you before that I don't really know what my scrapbooking style is?  I enjoy most of the styles very much.  I'd probably say Vintage is the less I enjoy, but I sure appreciate it, and I have to admit that it is the shabby vintage the one I don't identified with, but the vintage elements such as antiques images, or books, doilies, I do enjoy that.
I like CAS... I think it is THE style sometimes needed to communicate or stand out certain messages or elements.
I also like modern.. love the new techniques, the trendy stuff... and love to challenge me to do new things (under my budget's permission).
I love to do my own embellishments, I love to use things that are not meant to be used for what I use them... LOL...
I even read a book about finding your own style on scrapbooking and I go even more confused because I ended up loving them all.

Anyway... I made this layout last week... and I found out I enjoyed it a lot... and I made it relatively quick and enjoying every step of it.  My husband said it was too crowded for my style, but then every-time I saw it  I found so much meaning in every element.  If this would be a style, this is mine.

Love the callouts with everyday messages... You know I mainly love scrapbooking because I can document the everyday blessings... not just special events or dates... but the everyday...
Love that I used this "one step up" tag... from a blouse... Yes! I take the new clothes tag that are cool and keep them for possible use in projects... I know I'm crazy, but don't you love this one?
I love that I hand-cut my little banner.. without stencils, or die cuts... just my hands and scissors.
Love the washi tape, the little camera (a friend gave it to me in a class) and love I added dimension foam squares to make the edges pop.

And if you look a little down from there, there is a stamp arrow indicating where I am...

Love the stamping... the wine bottle and glass 'cause I love wine... (have you read the title of my blog?), the ticket date (love to put a date on things)...
The arrow, the bottle/wine glass and the ticket are images from Unity Stamp Co.

 Love the heart ribbon (all about love), female symbol (representing me), a little flower made by hand too.. and yesss, another clothes tag h.i.p. (happening in the present).  Love that the journaling was a pure confession full of honesty and not being ashamed of the present living.  Every element somehow has a connection with the journaling I included in my big callout... of course the nice doggy stamped at right (my lovely dog son).

Love that the photo is very spontaneous... this is not the pose intended...
Love the buttons and the imperfection of the edges in the page...

And love the asymmetry.  Love the different colors that are not coordinated at all but that at the same time can live together and communicate.

Do you know what style is this?  Please tell me.

Monday, May 20, 2013

More Sparkling Stuff...

Hey friends...  I had more of the Mother's Day cards that I haven't share...  And if you liked my glittery hair girl  HERE,  then you'll probably love these...

Flower stamp is from Unity Stamp Co. and I just cut by hand the shape of leaves and added some glitter.

Sentiment was typed in the computer and I also used distress ink for the background and border punched this nice pattern at the bottom.

And look at this great heart also from Unity Stamp Co...  Love the glitter effect surrounding it.  I hope you love it too.

Same thing with the Spanish sentiment... dear computer.  And added some ink, washi tape and also border punched cardstock.

Tks for stopping by and for your comments, please.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Honoring Friday!

I can't just let go the habit...  I have to love Friday.  This day makes me feel good things... and one of them is that I want to place a post and share.

It's like I have a special shine on Fridays...  Mood is different... People pass the day thinking of happy things.  It's magic!  So, let's be happy... it's Friday!

I recently bought a bunch of glitter at TJ Max...  I used it for this girl's shiny hair.

I stamped this image from Unity Stamps and used distress inks, glitter pens, paper piecing and glitter to give her life.

She's ready for Friday.  Are you?

Tks for your comments.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers' Day!

Not a lot to say or explain...  I bet being a mother is a great blessing... and I know having one is also something to thank God about.  I wish all mothers a great day today... and that you can enjoy with your family and celebrate life and the opportunity God gives us to feel love...

Honoring moms... here are a few cards ... some simpler than others... some stamping, embossing, printing and distressing going on... but all made with lots of love.  Tks for stopping by.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Getting ready for Mother's Day weekend!

It's Friday again... How lucky are we?
I think this is going to be a special weekend... I guess it's all with the attitude.

Today I will have some very important meetings at work and we have visitors from other countries.  How cool... and at the same time can be stressful... So it will be a good excuse to start the weekend tonight with a little bit of wine to finish a great week of work... :)

Tomorrow we'll visit a children's hospital as part of some evaluations we have been attending for our dog to become a therapy dog... So far, he's passed all tests...  Let's see tomorrow.  I will have to prepare myself for this day... to see so many children in the hospital... but I am sure they'll enjoy our dog's company a lot.

Finally, Sunday is Mother's Day.  We'll be with family and hopefully having a good time with our moms.

Good reason for today me sharing with you a Mother's Day card.  I've made quite a few... most of them with Unity stamps.  This one I really liked how it came out.

I used this lovable big ticket stamp from Nov 2012 Unity KOTM and combined with a Spanish sentiment that says "for you" or "para ti" (from Latina Crafter).

I also used some other stamps in the background (from Glitz Design)... and other elements such as ink, doilly, buttons, cardstock and paper...  The cute clothespin is from Amy Tangerine.  I also typed "Happy Mothers' Day" in Spanish, printed and cut... 

Hope you liked my card.  And tks for leaving a message.  I love to read your comments about my posts...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

More Muse... CAS Muse...

Happy National Scrapbooking Day...

I plan to honor that day today... at least for a little while.. Hope you can enjoy this hobby today and relax.

So... as I told you in my yesterday's post... Muse has betrayed me...

I wanted layers... I wanted layers and layers on top of each other... but the muse wanted me to be CAS - clean and simple.

I made some more cards with that style that I shared with you yesterday... but these others include a hole...

Open the cover and you'll see more... 

This one featured some stamped flowers and leaves, cut and arranged in the cover and inside the card.

And this one is the same concept but with butterflies...

Hope you liked them.

Thanks for your visit and your comments.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Dear Muse...

Oh the muse!!!...  Or if you want to call it "inspiration"!  She can be your friend and support you when you need it... but sometimes she can be the enemy... LOL

I planned to make some Mother's Day cards during this week...  a little bit of time here... a little bit there... during nights... etc...  And I already had in my mind some designs... with lots of layers, distressing, ink... paint!!! yeah!

But you know... Muse is Muse... She controls me.

She guided me to the CAS style and I couldn't resist.

I have some beautiful girls from a Unity set called Time for friends and wine.  So I dressed them up...

I used clean and simple style to stand them out.

Some were dressed with patterned paper piecing...

Others combined with a little bit of watercolor pencils...

Other with cardstock and glitter pens...

... and even with some color in the face... 

I really enjoyed making them...  I combined Unity stamps with Latina Crafter and Inkadinkado stamps, washi tapes, paper and cardstock...

These are my friends for Friday...  that's what the muse brought to me this week...

Don't forget to leave a comment... I'll link this post to Friday's Friends with Flair at Unity... that by the way is celebrating 5 years anniversary and is having great offers and new releases... I want them all... (I know I can't have them all... but still want them... LOL).

I also made some other CAS cards with a hole in them... come back tomorrow to see them.