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Friday, December 25, 2015


Merry Christmas!
Today's a wonderful day!  Hope you have a great Christmas. 

This is the 10th post of my Christmas giveaway.  I've been posting some Christmas cards for a while.  You only need to go to my facebook page and like the posts that are related to these on my blog.  If you like all 10, you are participating.  You can also get more chances to win if you share, comment or tag a friend... and if you leave a comment here in the blog.  But you have to like all 10 posts in facebook first.  

You can still participate if you are just finding out about this now.  Get more info HERE.  And remember this is just for fun... So enjoy it.

This card I decided to show you last is a very special one because it was published in December Craft Stamper magazine. 
 Yeih! This cute little Santa stands in a unique background made with ink and doillies, and he's ready for Christmas day!

It was featured in the Ready, Set, Stamp! section of the  magazine and it feels so good!

Here's a larger view.  Hope you like it... and good luck on the giveaway.  Stay tuned on my facebook page...  'Til next post!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Hoy les comparto una de mis tarjetas favoritas de las que he hecho para esta Navidad.  Espero que a ustedes también les guste.

La base de la tarjeta está cubierta con tela de saco color rosado, y adorné con papel de diseño y "doily" para empezar.  Luego estampé la imagen principal y coloreé con distintos medios.  Además, incluí dos mensajes estampados.

La combinación de colores no es tradicional para Naivdad, pero me gustó mucho el resultado.  Un poco de brillo y lentejuelas aquí y allá dan un toque mágico y especial a mi tarjetita.

Esta es la penúltima tarjeta de mi sorteo de Navidad.  Puedes leer sobre las reglas y el premio AQUI.  Visita mi página de facebook, dale like a los 10 posts relacionados a las tarjetas de Navidad y ya estarás participando. Debes darle like a los 10 posts para ser parte del sorteo.  Puedes obtener participaciones adicionales escribiendo comentarios, compartiendo los posts y etiquetando a otros.   Tienes hasta el mismo día de Navidad y un poco más... pues seleccionaré el ganador el domingo 27 de diciembre.  Got it? Participa!

Saturday, December 19, 2015


I'm so excited with this giveaway...  Like my posts on facebook and you can win.  See the rules and the prize HERE.

This is a cool card.  I love I did not use Christmas products but several patterned papers lined up for colorful layers.  I also included some twine, sequins, and of course some stamping.

Hope you like it as much as I do.  Are you enjoying the game so far?  Don't forget to like my page on facebook and like the 10 posts to be able to participate.

Thursday, December 17, 2015


This is post #7 of My Ten Christmas Cards giveaway... This doesn't mean I'm giving away the cards...LOL... Read about the contest HERE.

Card #7 was so fun to make!  This little car carrying a Xmas tree is just so cool.  I made a background for it with some snowflakes stamps and ink; then colored it subtlely and added some sparkle with glitter.

Christmas really IS a wonderful time, isn't it? 

Don't forget to be part of my giveaway... It's for fun.  Join the fun.

Monday, December 14, 2015


Are you following all the posts related to the giveaway going on????   You can read about it HERE.   It's easy... Like my Facebook Page, and like the 10 posts showing 10 Christmas cards prior to Christmas day.  If you share, comment or tag someone, you have additional opportunities to win the giveaway.  And if you make a comment here in the blog you have another chance.  Just follow me and like the posts... This is just for fun.  You can see the prize HERE.

Today I'm sharing the sixth card of the 10 to complete.
For this one, I simply arranged layers of cardstock, patterned paper and tape, on a sprayed background. The stamp says it all.

Get ready to four more posts before Christmas. You can go back to prior posts and like them before the contest ends on Christmas day.  Winner will be selected on Sunday, Dec. 27.

Take care!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Peace to the World... that is what everybody would love for Christmas...  Even with all the bad situations in life, war, hunger and all... I think life is good.  Hope your Christmas season is turning out to be a great on for you and your loved ones.

This is my 5th card of the contest going on in my facebook page.  You can read about it HERE.

I used spray paint to make the background, for which I covered the stamped sentiment with a mask before spraying.

Also made a little rosette and assembled with a stamped Xmas tree in the center, and several banner flags.   This was a very fun to do card.  Hope you like it and I hope to read your comments.  Don't forget to like it in facebook, and comment, share, tag your friends, and more...

Friday, December 11, 2015


Hoy es viernes y que bien se siente!!! :)  Verdad?

Ya estamos cerca de la Navidad y como saben, estoy corriendo un sorteo simplemente para pasarla bien y divertirnos un rato.   Pueden leer la información AQUI y aprovechar para participar.  A manera de resumen, es imporatnte que vayan a mi página de facebook (Scrapper Myra), y allí den like a los posts relacionados al concurso.   Van a ser 10 en total y deben dar like a los 10.   Si quieren otras participaciones adicionales, solamente tienen que comentar, compartir, etiquetar a un amigo@ de scrapbooking, y comentar también en el post del blog aquí.

Para esta tarjeta utilicé pintura en spray en el fondo, papel de diseño y un "doily".    Acomodé varios arbolitos cortados con diferentes papeles y amarré un cordón para adornar, además de añadir varias lentejuelas y copos de nieve.

El mensaje es un sello de Latina Crafter :).

Espero les haya gustado mi tarjeta.  Buen Fin de Semana!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Hello there!

This is the third post about my Xmas giveaway!  For instructions on how to participate click HERE.  It's easy... just like, comment, and share the love.

This card is a sexy one.  I used Unity Stamps.  Colored the image with markers and watercolor pencils.

I assembled several layers of papers including the one with sentiment and the one with the image, and tied with cord and embellished with sequins.

Love this cute sexy Xmas image.  Who doesn't?

Remember to leave a comment for a chance to win with Unity too, since I will be linking this post to their next blog hop.

Have a great day!

Monday, December 7, 2015


Are you playing along?  Do you know about "My 10 Christmas Cards" sweepstakes?  Well, I am not giving away the cards, but certainly very cool scrapbooking goodies you can win...  Refer to my December 1st post in this blog and in my Facebook Page, so you can start participating.  Or send me a message if you are kind of lost and I will guide you.

This is the second Christmas card that is part of the game.  Leave a message, share in facebook, tag a friend... and more.

I combined several scraps of different patterned papers to create this backbroung.   Stamped the pear tree and colored with watercolor pencils, then cut and positioned in the background.  Some sequins of course... love sequins.

Hope you like it... and remember you should participate in this game.

Also, if you leave a comment, you are not only participating in my Christmas contest, but you have a chance to win with Unity Stamp Co because I will link this to their next blog hop.  Fun...

Thank You!

Friday, December 4, 2015


Hi... this is the first Christmas Card related to the Christmas contest....  If you missed the explanation of this game, please refer to December 1st post in the blog and in Facebook (Scrapper Myra). The contest is happening at the Facebook page but there are several ways to participate and you can win great scrapbooking goodies.

For this card I stamped the beautiful Sparklie girl and colored with copics, watercolor pencils and gelatos.  Sentiments were stamped in design paper and cut to be placed on top and bottom.

I combined with cardstock, design paper and some sparkling gems.  Hope you like it.  Leave a comment for a chance to win in the Christmas contest... and also 'cause I'll be sharing in next Unity Stamp Co blog hop and you can also win with them.  It's great, isn't it?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Christmas Tree

Hello my friends.
Another Christmas during which I do not want to overspend too much in tree ornaments or decoration. I have some from many years and we've managed to make the most out of them.  And we've also had some  years with very peculiar Xmas trees with some crazy ideas...  But this year I'm using the same old ornaments I bought about 18 years ago...

But... what I did is that I combined those old ornaments with some new fresh and handmade rosettes, so I deceive myself thinking I have a new Xmas tree. :) LOL!

Here are some photos of the rosettes.  This one is beautiful and big... made with two same color/style papers.  Cute Santa in the middle is from Unity Stamp Co.

This other one using one paper and leaving it unfinishing the circle, with an Unity peace sentiment in the center.

This cute stamped Xmas tree was with the latest Craft Stamper magazine.  Isn't it cute?

Another Unity sentiment, with wings... :)

This one very simple and elegant.  I love it.

Another big one with the beautiful Itty Bitty Xmas tree, followed by another version of it.

Oh. I love this one... made with different colors of cardstocks and one of them is spray painted.  The edges are cut with a beautiful punch.  Very delicate.

Cute Santa? Present again.

And a few with plain circles in the center...

Here's one side view of the tree ...  It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.  Hope you like my tree.  Leave a message for a chance to win, since I will link this post up to the next Unity Stamp Co hop.

Have a beautiful Xmas!


(For English, follow the red...)

Ya llegó diciembre ... y con él llega la Navidad.  Es una época tan hermosa, ?no creen?
December is finally here and Christmas arrives with it.  Isn't it a beautiful season?

Como agradecimiento a su apoyo y compartir de este hobby, quiero hacer un sorteo de Navidad.  El juego se llevará a cabo principalmente en la página de Facebook. Si aún no me sigues en esta red social, pues busca a Scrapper Myra y dale like hoy mismo.
To thank you for all your support and for sharing this hobby, I want to conduct a Christmas sweepstakes.  The game will be held mainly in my Facebook page.  If you still don't follow me in Facebook, go look for Scrapper Myra right now and hit the like button.

Sé lo mucho que emociona recibir algo nuevo para este hobby maravilloso de scrapbooking... y por más que se tengan muchos materiales, lo nuevo siempre luce mejor y nos alegra el día.  Y como es Navidad, quiero hacerl@s felices!!!!
I know how cool is to get something new when you are in this wonderful hobby of scrapbooking... and even when you have lots of materials, new items always look better and make our day.  And since it is Christmas, I want to make you happy.

Tienes la oportunidad de ganar lo que ves en esta foto y lo que pueda seguir añadiendo hasta el día del sorteo.
You have the opportunity to win what you see in this photo... and whatever more I could add until the sweepstakes date.

Estaré publicando en el blog y en facebook, 10 posts especiales desde el viernes 4 de diciembre hasta el Día de Navidad.   Son 10 tarjetas de Navidad.  No van a salir con ninguna frecuencia en específico, y van a seguir saliendo otros posts en mi página, pero estos van a estar identificados y son 10 en total hasta el 25 de diciembre.
I will be posting in this blog and in Facebook, 10 special posts starting on Friday, Dec 4 until Christmas Day!  The posts will be about Christmas cards.  There's not going to be any specific frequency, and other posts will also continue to appear in my page, but these are going to be identified and will be 10 until Dec. 25.

Entonces... Pendiente a estos 10 posts porque si le das like a todos estos posts de Scrapper Myra en Facebook hasta completar los 10, entonces ya estás participando del sorteo.   Debes darle like a los 10 para participar y debes ser seguidora de la página de Scrapper Myra.
So...  be aware of these 10 posts because if you hit like to all 10 on Scrapper Myra Facebook page then you will be participating in the raffle.  You should like all 10 posts to participate and you should be a follower in Scrapper Myra page.

Ahora bien... si quieres aumentar tus participaciones para el sorteo, haz lo siguiente:
However... you can increase your number of participations ... doing the following:

Escribe un comentario en el post en Facebook para una participacion adicional
Dale share al post en Facebook para otra participación adicional
Taggea a un amigo o amiga scrappera en otro comentario, y ya tienes otra participación adicional
Comment in the Facebook post for an additional chance
Share the post in Facebook for an additional chance
Tag a scrapbooking friend in another comment, and you have another chance to win

Así que además de la participación oficial cuando le das like a los 10 posts, tienes oportunidad de aumentar tus probabilidades con 3 participaciones adicionales por cada post en el que comentes, compartas, taggees a alguien... 
This means that besides the  official participation you get when you like all 10 posts, you have the opportunity to increase probabilities with 3 additional participations for each post in which you comment, share or tag someone...

Pero eso no es todo.  Si vas al link del post del blog y haces un comentario en el mismo, tienes otra participación para la oportunidad de ganar el sorteo.
And that's not all.  If you come to the blog post and make a comment there, then you have another participation.

Ya ves?  Tengo que aclarar que esto es solamente por diversión y por compartir el hobby.  No hay auspiciadores en este juego/sorteo y Facebook no es de ninguna manera auspiciador ni responsable por esta actividad.  El ganador se seleccionará por medio de y se contactará para coordinar entrega del premio.  El sorteo se llevará a cabo el domingo 27 de diciembre de 2015.   El premio consiste de varios artículos mostrados en la foto. 
See?  It's fun.  And I need to clarify that this is just for fun and to share the hobby.  There are no sponsors for this raffle and Facebook is not in any way a sponsor or responsible for this activity.  Winner will be selected thru and will be contacted to coordinate getting the prize.   Selection will be made on Sunday, Dec 27, 2015.  The prize consists on the articles or items shown in the photo.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Halloween Layout

We usually have a Halloween contest at work every year.  Our department somehow has always been in the top 3.  But more than that, we really enjoy our costumes and love to celebrate this day in a very positive and good way.  This year we didn't have the contest, but we decided to work in our diguises anyway and the truth is that we had such a blast.
We decided to be super heroes.  So we had a Wonder Woman, a Batgirl, the 4 Ninja Turtles (Girly versions; I was one of them), Captain America, Superman, Spiderman and Batman.

I made a page about it. I included three photos... one of the whole group, one of the Ninja Turtles and a solo...LOL!

Love my page. Have a memory of this day and the good times I had with my friends and co-workers.  Hope you like it too.  Have a great week.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

LCSC#53 - Una tarjeta de Navidad

Saludos querid@s amig@s latin@s.

Aquí les comparto una tarjeta hecho con la inspiración del sketch de Latina Crafter #53.  La compartiré en el blog de Latina Crafter junto a otros bellos proyectos que por lo regular comparten, y al final realizan un sorteo.
Al final del post, verás el sketch y un link para este reto por si deseas participar.

Para la tarjeta usé un base de "kraft" cardstock, y ensamblé un fondo con varias tiras de papel de diseño.  Tengo que admitir que estos papeles son bien "viejitos" pero siempre guardo literalmente los "scraps" de papeles pensando en momentos como estos en los que puedo necesitar pedacitos sin necesidad de usar un papel nuevo.

Con el "die" de "Polaroid" corté en rojo un marco aunque mi intención no era que se viera completo, pero no quería utilizar un pedazo de papel entero o sólido, sino que quería que se viera el fondo de las tiras de colores.  Los Reyes Magos al igual que el mensaje, son sellos de Latina Crafter.

Finalmente, con tela de saco (burlap), hilo, pedazos de sorbetos de papel y un cascabel, coloqué más adornos a la tarjeta.

Espero les haya gustado... ya quiero seguir haciendo tarjetas de Navidad para que no llegue el 25 de diciembre y me tome por sorpresa.  

Aquí el link del reto del sketch #53 de Latina Crafter:  AQUI.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Wedding Card

Today is a beautiful day! Hope your Saturday is full of joy. 
I am sharing today a wedding invitation I recently designed for a friend coworker.  She will have a very close friends and family wedding today and she will sure be radiant.  She's a beautiful young woman with great future. 

I embossed vellum to make a sleeve and embellished with gold jewels around it. 

The base paper is gold and was bent in three parts to make the invitation. 

Inside, white cardstock with embossed patterns in the sides, and the text in the center. 

Very simple yet delicate and elegant. Hope you like it. 

Have a great weekend!! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Twins Baby Shower

Hello there. 

We were recently invited to a baby shower. My neighbors are expecting twins.  They've been waiting for this moment for several years. The twins will be girl and boy. 

I made a card for the family. I used these oldies Unity Stamps on Kraft paper and represented tge family.  Then, with a mask, I covered the stamped images inside a heart shape. I mixed some modeling paste with acrylic paints and used a stencil to apply blue and pink in opposite sides.  

The sentiment is a rub-on and the stencil is from Latina Crafter. 

The achieved dimension and textures are awesome.  

Hope you like this card project as much as I enjoyed making it. 

I will be sharing this post with Unity Tuesday hop so if you leave a message or comment, you will have the chance to win with Unity. 

Have a great day, week, month...

Monday, November 9, 2015

Otra tarjeta de Cumpleaños!


Si me visitaron en mi más reciente post notaron que les comenté sobre otra tarjetita que les compartiría hoy. 

Para esta tarjeta urilicé sellos de cumpleaños de Latina CRAFTER. Opté por ubicar los globos en el centro sin colorear y añadir color a través de papel de diseño. 

Corté varios "inchies" o cuadritos de una pulgada, de distintos papeles y formé un patrón en la base de la tarjeta, que rodeará la imagen estampada. 

En la parte de abajo el mensaje encima de un listón de papel. 

Espero les haya gustado.  Voy a compartirla con LC en su link de proyectos de cumpleaños. 

Que tengan todos excelente semana. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

De Cumpleaños @ Latina CRAFTER

Saludos amigos.  

En Latina CRAFTER exhortaron a subir proyectos coloridos o del tema de cumpleaños para unirnos a la celebración del día especial de una de las miembros del equipo de diseño. 

Aprovecho que esta semana tengo varios cumpleaños que se aproximan y por eso hice algunas tarjetas. 

Les comparto esta tarjetita que hice con los "stencils" de "banners" de LC.  Utilicé varios colores de tintas para lograr el colorido solicitado.  El mensaje también es un sello de LC por supuesto. 

Espero les haya gustado.  Mañana les mostraré otra tarjetita que hice también pensando en compartir según solicitado por Latina CRAFTER.  Espero verlas por aquí  y leer sus comentarios. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy 50th Bday to my bro!

My brother turned 50 today!  Wow!  What a blessing. I guess that having my dad passed away at 46 makes me feel even more grateful about aging. 
My brother has been through a lot.  He's had a kind of crazy life. Not only because he is no saint but also because life has given him a lot of lessons. I think most of his experiences are rich and even though some are bizarre, I think he should write a book about it.  We could learn from him about the things to do... And not to do. And we will sure laugh a lot. lol. 

Anyways, I made this card for him. I cut several shapes for an irregular unique banner, including the stamped magic little number, of course. 
I used a sentiment from another kit and combined with buttons and cord. 

Hope you like it.  I am sharing with Unity Tuesday  hop tomorrow. Leave a comment for a chance to win. 

Have a great week. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Christmas Card

Christmas already?  No, no, no....  Unless we are talking about start making Christmas cards with time, we should be enjoying October and November holidays before Christmas is here.  Don't you think?  some people are already decorating with Christmas theme since the beginning of October.  I just wait until Thanksgiving has arrived.

But yes, I made a Christmas card in advance.  I assembled a vintage Christmasy look with strips of papers to which I distressed the edges.

I stamped several images from Unity Stamp Co.  The main one was stamped in the background, but also stamped on craft paper and partially cut to be placed on top for dimensional look.  I also used washi tape and enamel dots.   And I bet you didn't notice the cord around the composition framing it all... Did you?

Hope you like it.  Merry Christmas.

I'm sharing with Unity Fun Hop Tuesday.  Leave a message for a chance to win.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Take It and Make It Challenge - Craft Stamper Magazine

Sunday Sunday... It's kind of rainy today at home (Puerto Rico), but we've been waiting for this for a while.   Our island has been through a drought for more than six months now.

Anyway, I am sharing a special ATC I made for the Take It and Make It Challenge from Craft Stamper Magazine.  You can read more about it in the blog, linked HERE.

This beautiful girl is from Unity Stamp Co.  Love the way she is and is not smiling, and irradiates calmness... while at the same time you can't tell if she's happy or not.  Plus, naturally beautiful.

I stamped it in a canvas ATC and colored with watercolor pencils.

Then I created a mask to protect her while I used distress inks and sponge dauber to color her background.

I then inked the edges and reinforced the background with metallic Gelatos(R).  So sad you can really see the shining effect in the photo but it's kind of cool.

Finally, I also made the colors darker on this lady and loved the final result.

Hope you liked it too.