Friday, March 31, 2017

Forever In Love

I love my dear husband and this is a layout featuring one of his multiple funny faces.  Can't get enough of his good sense of humor. Love it when he's happy and funny. Of course I don't like him when he's angry once in a while... we are a normal couple. LOL!!!

I created a colorful background with watercolors and framed the photo with lots of elements. Some are from patterned paper, other are stamped images or sentiments and much more. 

In the corners I sprayed single colors and made them run to outside direction. And then added sequins or dots in coordinated hues and colors. 

Love the colorful page and the fact that my hubby is the center of it. Forever in love my love. 

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Beautiful Inside and Out

Love this image of this lady and love the sentiment too. 

I used watercolor paints to color the image and the background.  I then hand teared the paper to create a distressed edge. 

I then arranged patterned papers together for the card design. I even used some ribbon and lovely washi tape. 

It's so cool I am on time to still share this card in the current Unity Stamp Show and Tell challenge at Facebook. 

Hope you like it and thank you for stopping by. 

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

World of Love

I have painted images with watercolor pencils and love it. But I recently bought some regular watercolor paints to use them more for backgrounds and more flexible techniques.   I recently made a card with a multicolor background using these paintings. You can see it here:

But I had this in mind to paint a blue watercolor background for the world.  Love this Stamp and had it in mind.   So I painted the background in blue watercolor and then stamped the image with distress ink. 

I also wanted to use a powerful sentiment and reinforce  it with other elements. 
So I decided to tie the world image to a kraft card stock using eyelets and a cord. And added red elements to show the "united by love" feeling. 

The base of the card was also watercolored in the edges for a combined soft look all over. 

I already shared this card in the current Unity Stamp Show and Tell challenge at Facebook. Maybe you saw it first over there but I hadn't had the chance to share here.  

And of course will also share at Take It Make It Challenge going on at Craft Stamper Magazine blog.  It's about to end and this month I entered several times so this means I could take some time for he hobby. 
Here's the link for your reference:

Thank youuuuuu!!!

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

God timing is perfect...

have a friend at work. She and her husband have been wanting a child for years... since I know her she's always talked about her wishing to be a mom.   

And I am not a mother ... but I perfectly understand how important that is for most people. Some of us find ourselves in the situation of facing the probability or the actual fact of not having kids ... and some just won't stop until they explore all possibilities and do all they can to convince themselves of the idea of not having or ... at the end have success and having children. 

The important thing in the process is to understand that no matter the result you should be happy, you should enjoy life, and you should accept what God has for you.  I remember this girl to suffer a lot. And she looked for me for advice or comfort several times... because I kind of was in a similar situation except that I didn't pursue the same end as her... but understood her.  And my advice was to work for what she wanted but always thinking it is God who will decide at the end... and the right moment... and the time he thinks best...  and whatever the outcome, you have to live...
And that's only my opinion. 

But now to the end of this story... this couple will receive a 2 year old girl as their daughter very soon. Isn't this amazing?  Oh God. She's so happy... and everybody around her is too ... and I am.   But the most important thing is that God's timing is prefect. 

This card is to remind her and her husband about it. 

I watercolored the background with different colors for a unique look and feel. Love it.   Then stamped this beautiful image of this girl with her head up. Love it too. 

Finally the sentiment.  It says it all.  I hope they like the card I intend to give it to them soon. I need to get a gift for the new member of the family ...  

Thanks for stopping by. I recently shared this card in the current Unity Stamp Show and Tell challenge at Facebook. 

I will also share with my friends at Craft Stamper Magazine. Current Take it Make it challenge is an "anything goes" and I try to support it every tine I can. One, because love the work this magazine does. And two, hoping to win some candy. Why not?  LOL. 


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Saturday, March 18, 2017


got so inspired by the current Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge that decided to make another card.  Love the use of a textured background as base for the creative design.  I used an embossing folder but actually turned over to use the design from the back side which shows the more "fluff" look. 

I sprayed some soft colors that help make the fluffy embossed textured more noticeable. 

Placed a piece of design paper to contrast colors and added the sentiment and some enamel dots. 

And I will also share this with friends on Craft Stamper Magazine for the current Take it and Make it challenge.  Link next:

Sentiment is from Unity Stamp Co.  Hope you liked my card. 

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My wish to you... Sunshine and Happiness

A CAS card with textured cardstock as base, sprays of colors and a simple but very powerful sentiment. 

I sprayed de colors on a side and let them drop and dry for a different look to have he movement from side to side instead of traditional from top to bottom. 

The sentiment is a stamp from Unity Stamp Co. and I heat embossed it for a glossy shiny dimensional look. 

Hope you like it.  My wish to you. 

I will share this with friends on Craft Stamper Magazine for the current Take it and Make it challenge. Here's the link:   

Will also share with Curtain Call challenge. Lovely inspiration going on here:

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

50 globos para dar felicidad - Reto Latina Crafter LCSC#69

Hola a todos. 

Recuerdan que les comenté en un reciente post sobre el reto de Latina Crafter?  Este mes hay un sketch muy cool, y el twist es sobre alegría y felicidad.  

Les compartí ya una tarjeta pero en el proceso de hacer una segunda fue muy interesante pues comencé siguiendo el sketch lo más fiel posible y luego me gustó mucho lo que estaba haciendo y me desvié un poco. Eso es lo cool de este hobby.  La creatividad te lleva de un lado a otro y no hay correcto o incorrecto.  Sólo creaciones únicas y diversión. Jajaja

Dividi la tarjeta en dos partes y enmarqué unos mensajes en El Centro.  Me dispuse a continuar el sketch pero me cautivaron los globos y decidí estampar muchos de ellos en diferentes papeles de diseño para rodear el mensaje.  La imagen es de dos globos por lo que la estampé y corté 25 veces!!!

Cuidadosamente los pegué en la tarjeta y añadí lentejuelas entre ellos. 

El resultado fue fascinante.  Esta tarjeta la hice para una amiga especial que cumplió 50 y a la cual quería brindarle alegría.  Su familia le hizo una fiesta sorpresa y yo estuve allí entre los elegidos especiales para esperarla en su fiesta. 

A continuación les comparto el link del reto y sketch para que se animen a participar! 

Gracias por su visita. 

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Felicidad - Reto Latina Crafter LCSC#69

Hola amigos y amigas del hobby. 

Recientemente me dispuse a trabajar una tarjeta inspirada en el reto de Latina Crafter.  Este mes nos han compartido un sketch muy simple y versátil, y el twist es muy interesante.  El twist consiste en que los elementos que se usen, sean para brindar felicidad a alguien. 

Tengo que confesar que hice día tarjetas con este reto. En este post les comparto una de ellas.  Más adelante en un post futuro les compartiré la otra. Hace tiempo no participaba en el reto de LC así que me emocione e hice dos. Jajajaja

Esta primera tarjeta transmite la alegría por medio de sus colores y por medio de su imagen y mensaje. Esta muñequita bella y simpática tiene un banner en sus manos diciendo felicidades. 

Utilicé varios papeles de diseño para contraste del background o fondo, y en el centro utilicé una franja de otro papel con brillo para dividir ambos paneles. 

Ambas imágenes, la niña y el pastel/bizcocho, las enmarqué con otros papeles. En el caso del pastel corté con un ponchador para darle forma en movimiento. 

Algunas lentejuelas ayudan a dar un toque final a la tarjeta. 

Espero que les guste esta tarjeta. Pendiente a otro post donde estaré compartiendo otra también inspirada en el reto. 

A continuación les comparto el link del reto y e sketch para referencia. Y anímense!  Participen. 

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

All My Love... in aJar!

Here's a card made recently.  Love the bright colors on it. 

I sprayed painted the doily with mustard right yellow.   I then stamped the jars and cut individually. 
Each jar has a different unique stamped image or sentiment; and each has a bakers twine around the lid. 

I added glossy accents to the jars to resemble glass. 

Sequins added for finishing touch. 

Hope you like my card.  I will share with my friends at Craft Stamper Magazine and its current Make It Take It Challenge. Link here:

Thank you for stopping by!!!

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fire Winter Love...

Another mini canvas by Scrapper Myra. 

This one started with some gesso and White acrylic paint.  Then I stamped a sentiment in red and covered with a mask to be able to work around it. 

I used modeling paste with different stencils for great texture ... even some in the lateral edges.   I then added glossy accents to be able to glue some more elements... such as glitter, metal chains and wood. 

For even more texture I mixed acrylic paint with glitter and applied deliberately.  Final touches include sequins, more glitter and paint. 

After taking out the mask I emphasized words with marker. Love it. 

Once all dried it looks so great my mini canvas. 

I will share with my friends at Mixed Media Place.  Following is the inspiration board that led to my creation and the link to the challenge:

I will also share with my other friends at Craft Stamper Magazine and its current Make It Take It Challenge. Link here:

Thank you for stopping by!!!

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Challenge Color and Challenge Technique

I have combined two challenges in one project. I really want to be part of several  challenges this month so I am organizing for the opportunity to participate in most of them. 
 The color challenge is from my friends at the Curtain Call.  They have asked for creations with green. The inspiration photo and link are at the end of this post. 

The other challenge is going on at the Unity Show and Tell Facebook page. It is about paper piecing.  I really love paper piecing and used to make it a lot but with time I have substituted with other techniques and materials so this was a great opportunity to have fun with paper piecing again. 

I went with this Stamp kit called Hey Girl. It's a kit of the month from May 2014 (Unity Stamp Co). 

I stamped the image in white cardstock and cut for base. Then stamped again in four different patterned papers and cut each of the dresses in the image in a different color/paper.  Then put together from small to larger pieces and loved the result. 

I placed in a white doily and then in the card base to which I stamped some flowers as background. 

As final touches I added a ribbon, some jewels and the sentiment. 

Hope you like it. Will share with both, Curtain Call, and Unity Show and Tell. 

Find the link for Curtain Call below:

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