Saturday, March 25, 2017

God timing is perfect...

have a friend at work. She and her husband have been wanting a child for years... since I know her she's always talked about her wishing to be a mom.   

And I am not a mother ... but I perfectly understand how important that is for most people. Some of us find ourselves in the situation of facing the probability or the actual fact of not having kids ... and some just won't stop until they explore all possibilities and do all they can to convince themselves of the idea of not having or ... at the end have success and having children. 

The important thing in the process is to understand that no matter the result you should be happy, you should enjoy life, and you should accept what God has for you.  I remember this girl to suffer a lot. And she looked for me for advice or comfort several times... because I kind of was in a similar situation except that I didn't pursue the same end as her... but understood her.  And my advice was to work for what she wanted but always thinking it is God who will decide at the end... and the right moment... and the time he thinks best...  and whatever the outcome, you have to live...
And that's only my opinion. 

But now to the end of this story... this couple will receive a 2 year old girl as their daughter very soon. Isn't this amazing?  Oh God. She's so happy... and everybody around her is too ... and I am.   But the most important thing is that God's timing is prefect. 

This card is to remind her and her husband about it. 

I watercolored the background with different colors for a unique look and feel. Love it.   Then stamped this beautiful image of this girl with her head up. Love it too. 

Finally the sentiment.  It says it all.  I hope they like the card I intend to give it to them soon. I need to get a gift for the new member of the family ...  

Thanks for stopping by. I recently shared this card in the current Unity Stamp Show and Tell challenge at Facebook. 

I will also share with my friends at Craft Stamper Magazine. Current Take it Make it challenge is an "anything goes" and I try to support it every tine I can. One, because love the work this magazine does. And two, hoping to win some candy. Why not?  LOL. 


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