Friday, August 29, 2014

BTS Playing Cards

Hey friends. 

Love the fact it is Friday. It sounds as words I've said before but I assure it is a genuine new and fresh feeling every time.

Today I am sharing a project published recently in the Papeles y Más magazine. 
The assignment was to make educational games for Back to School season. I made these playing cards with vocals and numbers. Check them out.  

In one side the letters and numbers and on the other side the images to associate. 

I am linking this today to Friday Friends with Flair at Unity Stamp Co.  Leave a message/comment for a chance to win.  Besides, I looooveee to read your comments. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The day of the 'WITHOUT CHILDREN' people!

Hey there!

Yesterday, we celebrated a special day in my husband's family.  It is a day we made up with the excuse to get together and celebrate.  

Let me explain... We are used to get together several times during the year, but mostly on Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christmas.  On Mother's and Father's Days we share presents with respective mothers and fathers in the family; and Christmas is usually more for the kids.  We don't necessarily are used to share presents in our adults' birthdays (not because we don't celebrate them but because we are a lot and there are limitations...), so those adults who don't have children, won't necessarily receive any presents or have a special day during the year.

Long story short... even though the presents are a good part of this day, the real best reason to have created it is the excuse to have a day when we honor those who are not mothers, fathers or children...  So we celebrate every third Saturday of August the National Day of the Without-Children!  (In Spanish, it is literally "without Children" but it is understood that is referring to those who don't have any children; Día de los SINHIJOS).

This is the 5th year celebrating it, and guess what... I'm one of them!  So I had a lot of fun, celebrated with family... and received presents!!! LOL...

Anyway, let me show you a notebook cover I embellished as one of the presents for my sister in law, who is one of the SINHIJOS celebrated yesterday.

I used a Unity Stamp image which is a beach girl.  It reminded me of my sister in law because she likes to suntan.  She also has a tattoo, so this can easily be her. :)  I colored it with watercolor pencils, cut and used as a diecut image with other elements such as design paper, stickers, dots, washi tapes, chipboard letters and more...  I also stamped a sentiment in the card.  I think this can be a great notebook to write thoughts, use as journal, or any bucket list...   The thing is that it is personalized specially for her.

The stamps are from Unity so I am going to link this to next Friday's Friends with Flair at Unity Stamp Co, so you can leave a comment for a chance to win. 

I hope you like it.  Tks for stopping by and for your comments.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Pretty Friday... Pretty Please!

Hello Friday..
It's been a week without you...LOL

It's really been a week since I last posted something around here.  It's complicated.  The important thing is that the weekend oficially starts today.

This is a card I made last month for a special girl.  She's pretty inside and out... but above all, she's a happy person.  She's always full of energy and looking for the happy side.  She's the hyper kind of happy... I don't know how she does it but I think she's electric or maybe she's a robot, you know?  Don't tell her!

She also dressed up like Audrey Hepburn last Halloween, so I thought this sentiment was right cool for her birthday.

And since I had not shared the card before I think it is great to share today and link to Unity's Friday Friends with Flair.  So, leave a comment for a chance to win great stuff from Unity Stamp Co.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Love the Little Things...

Hello Friday... and hello friends.
I have heard a lot of "sayings" about loving the little things... it's in the little things... or that the big things are the little ones... etc...  I always say that it is in the little things that a person shows a real self.  For me this applies to good and not so good things.  So no matter how little you think are the things you do for someone, probably they are big for them.

I had these stamps from Unity that had not used before and discovered this sentiment with this "ribbon" shape... Love it!

Then... inspired by some colors and images in the Unity Be Inspired challenge,  I colored this image showing several glass vases.  I love coloring even though I don't think I color that well.  I mostly use watercolor pencils, because are an economic tool vs other coloring markers... and I wanted to achieve the softer look these pencils help achieve.  So watercolor pencil it is!

But besides all that.. do you see this background I just made?  I really like it.  It is one of those things that suddenly come to your mind.  I was the other day thinking about nothing (literally) and though of vellum and how many cool things you can do with it... and I imagined circle shapes in a layout...   So soon after that thought, I was at my scrapbooking table playing with vellum.  I cut the circles and assembled as background with mini glue dots.   Sprayed some color on it and then postioned the image and sentiment as shown.  I covered the "glue dot" that were seen through the vellum, with pearls.  I also added some glossy accents to the vases in the image for a more glass-like look.

Hope you love the final result as much as I do.

I'm linking this to Unity Stamp Co Friday Friends with Flair, and the Be Inspired Challenge.

Thanks for stopping by.  I will enjoy reading your comments.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Una tarjeta de Cumpleaños...

Hola a todas...

Por aquí les comparto una tarjeta que hice con motivo de cumpleaños.  Hace tiempo quería volver a hacer algo con sorbetos de papel.  Había hecho diseños simulando banderitas, y hasta sombrillitas...  Pero en esta ocasión hice unas velitas con los sorbetos.

Corté varios pedazos de diferentes colores para asemejar velitas.  La llama de las velas es un sello del kit "Pasaba a Saludarte" de Latina Crafter.  

Corté una sección de un "doily" para usarlo de base y combiné con cardstocks coloridos en combinación con las velitas.
El sentimiento también es parte de las colecciones de Latina Crafter.

Estos sorbetitos suelen inspirarme... Tengo en mente varias cosas que se podría hacer con ellos.  Y tú?  Qué ideas me puedes dar?

Gracias por tu visita y por tus comentarios.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sketch from The Scrapbook Store

Hey there...Happy Sunday.

 Last week was a very tough one... Lots of things to worry about...  Health issues with my son (dog) we are still waiting to confirm, a lot of work in the office, family stress, financial struggling (the whole Island is suffering a lot), plus a Tropical Storm that most people wanted to pass so we can get water and avoid the rationing we are supposed to have starting next Wednesday, due to a drought.  So, I don't really complain.  I'm not a person to be talking about my negative happenings in life with everybody, but boy, my neck was in pain, my back hurt a lot...  It's the way my body works with all this, I guess.

This weekend I dedicated most of my Saturday to continue some office work so tomorrow (Monday) just have to complete some details I need to access from there... But today I said to myself "Scrapper Myra... At least you should relax an hour or two..."  And this means SCRAPBOOKING.

So I was very anxious to be able to participate in a sketch challenge a local store posted in facebook.  I so wanted to support this.  The owner is a very enthusiastic lady who really has made a significant difference in local scrapbooking business.  She's the one who first brought international scrapbooking artists to the Island in a whole weekend convention... and the rest is history.

Anyways... remember about my husband's birthday last May?... We had a blast at a local wine place and I made the cake topper.  You can read about it HERE.   So I made a page about that day.

I used the sketch provided, just that I went to a more rustic look instead of the suggested flowers and delicate borders... and I rotated the design counterclockwise for a better fit to the photos I wanted to use.  Good thing about most of the well balanced sketches is that you can rotate and have a different approach.

I used stamps to communicate time (for the birthday theme) and the good times we had tasting wine with friends and celebrating.  These stamps are from Unity Stamp Co...

The clock...the phrase "Good times"... the sentiment about age... and the phrase "it's time for wine and friends" with the different grapes names... I love these stamps.

I plan to add another page or a multipocket second page to this, so I can include other photos with our friends.  But for this page I only used three main photos showing my hubby, the cake, and the moment we were singing and someone took us a photo together.

I also used sequins and crystals, washi tape, burlap, cork sheet and more...

Here's the full page... and my take on the sketch.  I'm going to share this photo on the store facebook page HERE (The Scrapbook Store).  You still have time to participate too.  They will giveaway goodies among participants.

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Special Card

I read in the web today that there were some gay events around the World this week.   That reminded me of a personalized card I recently made for a friend. He gave it to a couple on their anniversary.  It needed to be a quick card because I really had a lot of projects that day and this was an extra.  He knows!  But I wanted it to be unique though. 

I stamped the image from Unity Stamp Co in the center. I chose these feathers with script to communicate time and history. This couple celebrated 11 years together so there must be a lot to say, remember and cherish. 
Then I made a mask to cover the image and painted the base with distress ink all over.  Love the achieved effect when I took out the mask.

The sentiment, heart and number images are from Inkadinkado. 
And the two wood embellishments are ftom Latina Crafter. 

I then distressed the edges and placed on a yellow cardstock card base. 

I was told they loved the card. 

Happy Anniversary!!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

More Thank You Cards...

Hi friends..  Hope this is a fabulous Friday for you... and a great beginning of a new month!  Welcome August!!!

For today's Friends with Flair at Unity Stamp Co, I'm sharing two cards.  These are part of a bunch I made for a friend who just got married and wanted to give some personalized cards to thank some special people during the wedding.  I already shared the Spanish part of them before (CLICK HERE).

This first card was for the maid of honor.  She's a scientist who loves dogs and the beach.  I combined a watercolor scene simulating beach in the background and used my Shari Girl.  I also included some hexagons to sort of represent the science side of the story... LOL.

The other card was for the wedding planner.  I combined digital embellishments by printing these messages I found with the "keep calm" theme.  Then assembled feminine elements and used a Unity sentiment as the main message.

Tks for stopping by and tks for your comments... You have no idea how much I need them!!!