Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Special Card

I read in the web today that there were some gay events around the World this week.   That reminded me of a personalized card I recently made for a friend. He gave it to a couple on their anniversary.  It needed to be a quick card because I really had a lot of projects that day and this was an extra.  He knows!  But I wanted it to be unique though. 

I stamped the image from Unity Stamp Co in the center. I chose these feathers with script to communicate time and history. This couple celebrated 11 years together so there must be a lot to say, remember and cherish. 
Then I made a mask to cover the image and painted the base with distress ink all over.  Love the achieved effect when I took out the mask.

The sentiment, heart and number images are from Inkadinkado. 
And the two wood embellishments are ftom Latina Crafter. 

I then distressed the edges and placed on a yellow cardstock card base. 

I was told they loved the card. 

Happy Anniversary!!!

1 comment:

Carol L said...

How could they not like the card? It's unique, especially made for them, and something you'd never be able to find at the Hallmark store! Well done :)