Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sketch from The Scrapbook Store

Hey there...Happy Sunday.

 Last week was a very tough one... Lots of things to worry about...  Health issues with my son (dog) we are still waiting to confirm, a lot of work in the office, family stress, financial struggling (the whole Island is suffering a lot), plus a Tropical Storm that most people wanted to pass so we can get water and avoid the rationing we are supposed to have starting next Wednesday, due to a drought.  So, I don't really complain.  I'm not a person to be talking about my negative happenings in life with everybody, but boy, my neck was in pain, my back hurt a lot...  It's the way my body works with all this, I guess.

This weekend I dedicated most of my Saturday to continue some office work so tomorrow (Monday) just have to complete some details I need to access from there... But today I said to myself "Scrapper Myra... At least you should relax an hour or two..."  And this means SCRAPBOOKING.

So I was very anxious to be able to participate in a sketch challenge a local store posted in facebook.  I so wanted to support this.  The owner is a very enthusiastic lady who really has made a significant difference in local scrapbooking business.  She's the one who first brought international scrapbooking artists to the Island in a whole weekend convention... and the rest is history.

Anyways... remember about my husband's birthday last May?... We had a blast at a local wine place and I made the cake topper.  You can read about it HERE.   So I made a page about that day.

I used the sketch provided, just that I went to a more rustic look instead of the suggested flowers and delicate borders... and I rotated the design counterclockwise for a better fit to the photos I wanted to use.  Good thing about most of the well balanced sketches is that you can rotate and have a different approach.

I used stamps to communicate time (for the birthday theme) and the good times we had tasting wine with friends and celebrating.  These stamps are from Unity Stamp Co...

The clock...the phrase "Good times"... the sentiment about age... and the phrase "it's time for wine and friends" with the different grapes names... I love these stamps.

I plan to add another page or a multipocket second page to this, so I can include other photos with our friends.  But for this page I only used three main photos showing my hubby, the cake, and the moment we were singing and someone took us a photo together.

I also used sequins and crystals, washi tape, burlap, cork sheet and more...

Here's the full page... and my take on the sketch.  I'm going to share this photo on the store facebook page HERE (The Scrapbook Store).  You still have time to participate too.  They will giveaway goodies among participants.

Have a great Sunday!

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Yamil said...

Chulisimo Edelmira!!! Me gustó mucho tu versión. Excelente!!! :-)