Friday, March 27, 2015

I need Scrapbooking!

I have been very apart  of this wonderful hobby lately.  Haven't made any new project in the last couple of weeks.  Other priorities have taken my time.  No regrets, but I need it.  
Have shared some things though because I usually make multiple projects but not necessarily share them all at once. 
Hopefully will be able to share a class tomorrow at a local store and some good plans and ideas are coming up within next month. But still... I miss getting home and be able to just cut a little paper to calm my fever. But have not been even able to do that. 
I realized there is this quickie card I recently made and shared in Facebook but didn't post in the blog.  Here it is!   Made it while cleaning some scraps.  Hope you like it.  Will share it with Friday Friends with flair. Leave a comment for a chance to win.  

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Let's see if you agree with me... There are many kind of friends. Those who are always there no matter what you've lived. Those who are really important part of some periods of your life.  Some might be still in touch, some might not. Does, who no matter how much time passes, they are there and when you call them it's like you saw them yesterday. Those who need space from time to time. You need to understand that they won't call you because they are going through something and they prefer not to talk to you, but they love you and you should not called them back because then you would be bothering them. Then there are those who probably you don't call them friends all the time, but you see them at work, or you see them at your community, you are part of a group or just share in other places and then maybe you don't call them like that but they are your friends. And then there are members of your family, that are definitely also friends. 
Do you agree with this?
Have a great weekend. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

God's timing is perfect

Happy Friday my friends.

I've always said God's timing is perfect, but I am also convinced that sometimes we don't know it in the moment...  we don't understand what is happening or why, and we even doubt it.  But then, with time, we always end up convinced again that God's timing is perfect.  HE knows why, where, what, who, and WHEN.

So I've been experiencing some very human feelings lately... Some loved people have suffered losses or are battling illnesses... but I wanna be convinced that God's timing is perfect.

This card reminds me that no matter the situations, we (and specially, us, women) can move one and be strong...  Hope you feel the same way and that this card reinforces that.

Have a great weekend.

I'm linking this to Friday's Friends with Flair from Unity Stamp Co.  Leave a comment for a chance to win spectacular prizes.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Unity Be Inspired Challenge

Welcome to a new week and the end of a fabulous weekend, my friends...  This is going to be a great one!!! Let's declare it!

Today's also International Day of Women...  Congratulations to all magnificent ladies from all over the world, specially the creative ones who share this great hobby with me.

Today I am sharing a card made for the current Unity Stamp Co.'s Be Inspired Challenge.  They provide color combination and sketches inspiration so we all can share our passion and learn from each other.

This card was made using the "Jars of Love" kit which I love.  

I also used some cut butterflies, enamel dots and spray paint over design paper.  Notice I used a portion of the design paper from Crate Paper, showing the design on the back.  I usually don't cut that part, 'cause love to use paper to the max.

Hope you like my card... Have a beautiful beautiful week...  just as you are!

Don't forget to be imperfect in everything you do.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

LCSC#45 - Reto Latina Crafter

Estaba yo recogiendo un poco un reguero en mi mesa de scrapbooking y como siempre...  no quiero botar nada y quiero aprovecharlo todo...  Si visitan mi página de Facebook, pueden ver un post que había compartido sobre este tema y la foto del "revolú".

Con parte de ese reguero hice esta tarjeta que les comparto y que la voy a compartir también en el Reto de Latina Crafter #45, el cual pueden ver AQUI.  Ahí verán el tema y por supuesto el "sketch" utilizado.  Tienen todo el mes de marzo si desean participar, igual que yo lo estoy haciendo.

Con excepción de la base de la tarjeta, y un poco de spray, los materiales usados eran de pedazos que tenía en la mesa, pruebas que había hecho para otros proyectos, cositas que no había guardado donde se supone que estuvieran guardadas... y así.....

El sentimiento y la imagen de la pieza de rompecabezas es del kit "Unidos Somos Fuertes"... que si recuerdan fue diseñado con un poco de inspiración de unas ideas compartidas de mi parte a la gran familia de Latina Crafter...  Así que es muy especial para mí.  Si quieren saber más sobre esta historia, lean AQUI.

Espero les haya gustado mi tarjeta y espero me dejen sus comentarios... pues me hacen muy feliz.

Friday, March 6, 2015

A bottle tag...

Hey friends...  I have been kind of focused on some issues with mom"s health lately, so there is no much new crafty projects recently made.  I have some in my list that will hopefully be posted soon. 

I recently made this bottle hanging tag though... And I hadn"t shared with you yet. 

It is quite Simply made. I stamped the journaling stamp first and then used a mask to protect it when color was sprayed over it.   I then stamped the little Bottlers variety at the bottom. 

This was given to someone as a gift tag, and  of course it included a bottle. 

Hope your weekend is full of Love and fun...and thanks for your visit.  
I will link this post to Friday Friends with Flair at Unity Stamp Co.  Leave a comment so you can participate with the opportunity to win great Stamps.