Tuesday, August 4, 2020

No Probllama Card

Hey Friends.

What's UP????

Just a quick stop to share a card I made for a coworker...  another card for a coworker... I know...

This girl loves llamas and alpacas... I guess all camelid family.  I've used this stamp in the past for other cards, but this one is special because I know she will love it.

So I stamped the llama three times.  I tried to give it different personalities and colors shades even though it's the same face.  I used paperpiecing, watercoloring, masking, and love.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Since the Lock Down started...

Hello dear friends. I hope you are all fine and healthy.  We are living a historical pandemia and this is definitely something we will continue telling others for years to come, and remembering as a very special life event.

Well... In my beautiful Puerto Rico the lockdown and social restrictions started on March 16, 2020.  Since then, I hadn't posted anything in my blog.  It's no coincidence.  I really haven't dedicated much time to the hobby, but it's not that I haven't made any projects.  I have actually been working all the time and am one of the lucky ones to have a job.  I know the blog is not as "in" as it is social media (Facebook and Instagram), which are platforms that allow for more immediate sharing; but I'd like to continue "feeding" the blog so we have this one place to see all my creations and remember.  It's a top documenting tool and I am glad it is still available.

So I've made some projects during this time we have been in lock down and I just wanted to show some of them here... even though you have probably seen the in social media :).

This composition was made in a shadow box to remember one highlight event during a trip to Italy on 2018.  Love this visit to Guizzo, and really enjoyed the time with the family.  They gave me all the colors caps they have used so far, so I placed them along with the picture as a memorabilia tribute.

This card was made combining several stamps and I tried to show a girl blooming... I later gave to a coworker on her birthday.  She really is a blooming girl.

During this time, I also shared this page from a traveling journaling book.

I made this card with Covid theme... just for fun.

And for Mother's Day I made several cards with same CAS style, using embossing, stamps and watercoloring.

Another project I made during this time, was this page about me and my brother when we were little.  I don't remember my three years in New York but I sure treasure all the pictures.  Mom always said she we had a very hard time, and I wish I'd remember.

This is an ATC I made for a show and tell group and I later gave it to a coworker friend who loves Panda bears.  :)  She loved it.

This card was for another coworker leaving our company for another job.  We will miss her so.  This was very interesting because when I was making the card I was thinking... what are some of the things she likes so I can make a card she loves????   And I thought ... pizza... decorations... party planning... maybe makeup...  But then I thought to myself... Let's use these cute stamps with succulents... maybe she likes succulents.  Well, long story short... she loved succulents.  Voila!

Then I made this little project with some sparkling wines and champagne caps.  I still have a lot more of different colors... It just happened I used only a few of the gold and black ones for this project.  Tasting the stars was the first impression about champagne, from the man who discovered it... and I agree it is like tasting the stars.  

Another card for a co-worker... I think I am making lots of cards for my coworkers..LOL!  This is a special one.  This girl loves elephants.  Her name is Patricia but we call her PatG to distinguish from another Pat... LOL!   She wasn't at the office on her birthday but we left the card in her desk and she discovered it like a week later... LOL!  She loved it.

This another card just for fun...   It kind of make me thing of all the strong girls and ladies I know... and since she's a mermaid I specially think about my niece. :)  She is a mermaid.

Another coworker's card...   This time my boss.  Made this card with these beautiful new stamps.  I love making it... love this wooden look, and the best part was the watercoloring and the fussy cut.  

Finally, and enough for this long post...   This card I had made for a magazine that paused printing during this time of pandemic lock down.  The card was not actually chosen... I think it could have a good chance.  But the best part is that I really loved making it.  Giving wings to this girl was an awesome feeling... and the background with different inks and distressing...  really liked how it turned out.  Hope you like it too.

Thank you for stopping by.  If you like, leave a comment.  I would like to maintain this blog alive.   Help me a little if you want.  Hope you liked my projects, and found some inspiration.  Keep safe and follow the social distancing rules... They are for our own good.  Don't be stubborn... Be supportive.

See you in our next post.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Unity Blog Hop

Hey to all.

Thanks for stopping by and participate in this fabulous blog hop.  I'm so thrilled to share some projects with you.

First, this card.  I made it recently and had so much fun.

This girl's name is Red Girl, but I colored her in blue...  LOL!  

I stamped the rain first in dark blue and applied glossy accents.  When dry I used watercolor pencils to color the girl, and the background.  Love the fabulous composition and the sentiment.

The other project I wanted to share is this media mix "card" with a stand I made for Craft Stamper Magazine.  It was published a few months ago and I hadn't shared so I'm  doing it now.   I used cardboard and added an easel to help it stand.  I added a piece of cardstock and when dried I peel off to create texture, then covered with gesso.  
For the composition I used distress inks with water and repeated several times until I got the desired color..  Then used watercolors, stamps (of course), embossing powder and more.  Hope you like it :) 

Now you should continue visiting all the Unity Friends blogs. Leave comments in all of them for the opportunity to win.
It's awesome, I know! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Water along your Journey - ATC

I made this ATC recently with the theme of "water".
Around our life journey we will have to protect from different factors that can easily detour our focus if we are not ready.  We should listen to advice, we should learn from others, but we need to be careful not to forget our dream, our goals, our reason to be at a place or doing a job..  our own journey.

 I think of it as the rain and having an umbrella.  It's ok to get wet sometimes, but you have to be careful and watch out for stronger showers... and always carry an umbrella.

I used distress inks for the background,  and stamped the image and sentiment.
Then I applied some modeling paste with a stencil and then reinforced color here and there with some mica powder and watercolors.

I finished up with some Mod Podge to protect the ATC :)

Hope you like it.

I will be sharing with my friends at Unity Stamp Co.  They are currently having a challenge at Unity Show & Tell Facebook page, and the theme is small stamps.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

So Magical...

 Happy Sunday... Happy New Week... and New Beginnings...  Let's see what this new month brings us and what we make out of it... :)  Let's be positive, because everything happens for a reason, and God's timing is perfect.

I recently made this composition to frame a beautiful picture of my daughter in law.

I used several chipboard layers in different levels and painted with color sprays and gelatos, helped with some water..

I applied and mixed colors... I added patterned papers, gel paste, stamps, embossing powders and more...  I used some stencils to help with some image too.  I wanted to have about the same colors of the photo, but also some different colors to contrast and make the piece more interesting.

I separately stamped some elements.  The girl at left was stamped and fussy cut.  The hearts at right were also stamped and cut separately as well as the sentiment.    The title was using stamps (so) and an acrylic word.

And here it is.  Her beauty is so magical that she makes our heart happy.  The good thing is that she is magical and good inside and out.  She's a very nice girl and a beautiful person.

I framed it in a shadow box to display in a special place.  Hope you like it. :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


I appreciate all your comments and love about the projects and hope you had got some inspirations and ideas... cause that's the purpose of all this... sharing!  

We have selected the winners, and it's time to announce them

Congratulations to:

Linda S. Vigil
Crystal Minkler

You go, girls. 

Please send me your email and postal addresses to:  winecheeseandscrapbooking@gmail.com. 

Thank you, and happy Scrappin'.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Secret Santa.... In January?

Hi to all...

Hope you had a great week.  And hope you have visited all my 5 posts related to Growing in Unity from Unity Stamp Co...   If you haven't, you still have a chance.  Go to my previous 5 posts, take a look, get inspired, like, dislike... and comment.  By leaving comments in all posts, you will have a chance to participate to win great stamps from Unity.

I want to share this unconventional or nontraditional card I made for my Secret Santa.  Yes, I know!!! Secret Santa and we are almost at the end of January.  Well, we had to change the exchange date several times at work and we finally did yesterday.

So I made this box with cardstock and embellished with papers.  The card itself is in the box.

When you open the box, the message is meant to be in the back of the lid (this photo was taken before I wrote the message), and then you have to lift the card.

Notice the "cover" of the card is about Christmas, but then when you continue pulling, you start to see other messages from other Holidays too.  

Mother's Day, Anniversary...

Birthday, or just a Happy Hello...

At the end it was just a Happy Day greeting.

I made this because I really was confused if I should give her a Christmas card given the fact we were way behind the schedule... so I had fun adding other holiday greetings.  I meant my best wishes no matter what we were celebrating ... LOL!

Hope you like it.