Thursday, September 11, 2014

This is my happy!

What makes you happy?

I am happy to see nature, be able to enjoy a good food, get to know new people and places, and feel the presence of God in everything around...

Just being alive... Enjoying a good wine with my husband also makes me happy. And just being with him and my dog, is the best!!!

Having my mom and family... Great friends... A good job!

Scrapbooking makes me happy. 

I love this layout that started with an urge to use some paint and a brush.   I wanted to make a great background for my page. The result made me very happy. 

I started with some irregular vertical brushes... And it was magic. 

Oh. Love this page!  I kept adding brushes of different colors and when dried, added a photo of my dogboy.  He makes me happy.  I can't even explain how much I love this dog. He is awesome in all senses. 

Anyway... Before I cry let me continue talking about this page... Stamped some images and also made some embellishments with circles and shapes. Added some jewels and tips little dots of paint  in opposite corners for some balance. 

Love me... Love my dog... Love this page...  This makes me happy. 

Tks for stopping by.  Leave a comment. Reading it will make me happy. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Got some coins?

Hello dear friends.  Stopping by to show you this project. It is a "piggy" bank... only without the piggy.  LOL

This was published in last issue of "Papeles y Más" magazine. 

It is really a baby's food jar which was recycled.  I had lots of fun painting it with acrylic paint as base, then when dried, I stamped some images and painted them. The idea was to make it look kind of vintage and make the impression these images were painted directly and not stamped first, so imperfection was required. 

I stamped the images by inking the stamps and rolling the jar on it. It was sooo cool. 

I replaced the top with a patterned paper scalloped circle with the hole in the center, to insert coins. 
Also tied some cord around the neck when completely dried. 

I also sprayed some pinky color as a final and natural touch/look. 

Hope you liked my project. I will link this post to Unity Stamp Co's Friday Friendswith  Flair, so make sure to leave a comment for a chance to win with Unity. 

And come back and take a look at what makes me happy post from yesterday here:

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Unity Be Inspired Challenge :)

Every month there is a color/sketch challenge happening at Unity Stamp Co.  Current one features Halloween colors... Love this combination!

I also think these colors can be cool for a bright birthday card, so I decided to use the inspiration for a co-worker's birthday card so we can give it to him from the whole group.  His Bday is today but since he will be on vacation next week, we gave it to him last Friday.

I used both, the card sketch and the color combination for this card.  Simply arranged design paper strips on top of the card base - which by the way I chose that the base should be green 'cause it is his favorite color -  leaving space within.  Then framed the sentiment stamp and positioned with dimensional adhesives.  Also added a masculine touch with the wood mustache (yes, he has a mustache).

Hope you liked it.  I loved the result...  and I love that I will link it up to the Unity Be Inspired Challenge. :)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sketch Challenge from The Scrapbook Store

Here's another challenge from a local scrapbooking store...  Love that these kind of challenges make me work on projects and keep me active in the hobby.  It's not always I can participate, because I don't really have too much time, but I do everytime I can..

It's a sketch basically designed for a scrapbook page... Lovely, isn't it?

Well, I decided to use for a card instead of a layout page...  You know I like to change rules a bit...  And there's not really rules for a sketch.. Inspiration can lead to such different results from everybody!
I got inspired by the shape in the center which reminded me this stamp from Unity Stamp Co. which forms like a frame and has flowers at left.  I even stamped more of the flowers section and cut to add more at upper left and lower right corners.  The woman and the sentiment are from the same kit.  

I used several distress and dye inks and watercolor pencils to provide color to this card.  Plus, I used a stencil from Latina Crafter and lots of sequins.

I am linking this to the original challenge in facebook (The Scrapbook Store), and also will share for the Friday Friends with Flair at Unity Stamp Co.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Coloreando con Latina Crafter...


Hoy es el último día para participar del concurso "Coloreando con Latina Crafter".  Les confieso que desde que publicaron este concurso quise participar... no porque yo coloree de maravillas, pero porque me gusta apoyar a esta compañía...  Y yo soy de las que pienso que compartiendo es que se aprende... así que siempre que puedo, participo en los retos y en las cositas que veo por ahí.  También es una manera de obligarse a realizar el "hobby" para que el que no tenemos mucho tiempo.

En fin, ya pensaba que no iba a participar pues no tuve el tiempo y tampoco tengo muchas imágenes de LC... Había trabajado otras cosas con las imágenes que tengo pero eran para otro trabajo y no los podía usar para éste pues quería que fuera algo no visto antes...  Pero hoy tuve que quedarme en la casa por razones médicas, y luego de obligarme a descansar un raaaatoooo, me levanté y quise hacer esta tarjeta mega rápidamente para poner mi granito de arena en este concurso.  

Utilicé la imagen de esta niña en la playa y la coloreé con pinceles de agua (watercolor pencils).   También utilicé "stencil" de LC para el fondo de líneas "chevron".

Espero les guste y termino el post rápido... antes de que cierren el concurso y me quede fuera... Adiós!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

BTS Playing Cards

Hey friends. 

Love the fact it is Friday. It sounds as words I've said before but I assure it is a genuine new and fresh feeling every time.

Today I am sharing a project published recently in the Papeles y Más magazine. 
The assignment was to make educational games for Back to School season. I made these playing cards with vocals and numbers. Check them out.  

In one side the letters and numbers and on the other side the images to associate. 

I am linking this today to Friday Friends with Flair at Unity Stamp Co.  Leave a message/comment for a chance to win.  Besides, I looooveee to read your comments. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The day of the 'WITHOUT CHILDREN' people!

Hey there!

Yesterday, we celebrated a special day in my husband's family.  It is a day we made up with the excuse to get together and celebrate.  

Let me explain... We are used to get together several times during the year, but mostly on Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christmas.  On Mother's and Father's Days we share presents with respective mothers and fathers in the family; and Christmas is usually more for the kids.  We don't necessarily are used to share presents in our adults' birthdays (not because we don't celebrate them but because we are a lot and there are limitations...), so those adults who don't have children, won't necessarily receive any presents or have a special day during the year.

Long story short... even though the presents are a good part of this day, the real best reason to have created it is the excuse to have a day when we honor those who are not mothers, fathers or children...  So we celebrate every third Saturday of August the National Day of the Without-Children!  (In Spanish, it is literally "without Children" but it is understood that is referring to those who don't have any children; Día de los SINHIJOS).

This is the 5th year celebrating it, and guess what... I'm one of them!  So I had a lot of fun, celebrated with family... and received presents!!! LOL...

Anyway, let me show you a notebook cover I embellished as one of the presents for my sister in law, who is one of the SINHIJOS celebrated yesterday.

I used a Unity Stamp image which is a beach girl.  It reminded me of my sister in law because she likes to suntan.  She also has a tattoo, so this can easily be her. :)  I colored it with watercolor pencils, cut and used as a diecut image with other elements such as design paper, stickers, dots, washi tapes, chipboard letters and more...  I also stamped a sentiment in the card.  I think this can be a great notebook to write thoughts, use as journal, or any bucket list...   The thing is that it is personalized specially for her.

The stamps are from Unity so I am going to link this to next Friday's Friends with Flair at Unity Stamp Co, so you can leave a comment for a chance to win. 

I hope you like it.  Tks for stopping by and for your comments.