Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The chosen one!

Hello friends.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Let me share with you a couple of cards I made for a friend who plans to engage his girlfriend next month during a trip to London.  Romantic, isn't it? 

He has been planning for a while and he knows exactly the place and has several people from the hotel who will be assisting him so everything is perfect.  Don't want to give too much detail, but the thing is he asked me for a card.  He will give her a dozen of flowers... 11 of them yellow tulips, which are her favorites, but one of them a red rose.. with the ring.

So my first idea is to use a background like a watermark with the St James's park as symbol of the place where this will be happening.  Then I added the year to make this image a true memory already documented.  Tried to keep the romantic look, kind of vintage shabby (I said "tried"...LOL), so I added a couple of stamps, rub ons and ink in the edges and background.

I added a glittery yellow flower, a red rose, and the ring as a detail for the real purpose of the card.

Here's a better look at the result.

But then I made him another card as plan B...

For this one, I inspired by the fact he will be giving her the flowers... so I literally made 11 yellow flowers, and a red slightly larger one.  All have pearls except the red one which have a crystal, symbolizing the stone  of the ring.

I organized them in the shape of a heart (kind of) and place them on embossed white paper and more delicate details.

The sentiment at front goes "Among all, the chosen one..." And then inside it says:  "... it's you".

He kept both...

Do you have a favorite?  Tell me about it in your comment.

By the way... this is how my table ends up most of the time after a project...  

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Nilsa said...

que lindas todas!! pero mi favorita es la 2da...