Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cherry on Top

What does that mean? Cherry on top? Well... It's the additional flavor... it's the extra money you get... it's that little push you see in someone's work... It's the extra mile someone gives at something... It's the smile!!! It's the extra help you receive when you don't expect it... It's the surprising little thing you enjoy... It's an award!!!!

I just received a blog award from my friend Zulma. She's such a wonderful lady from a Scrapbooking group I belong in Puerto Rico. You can see her tremendous work here.

And this award gives you the opportunity to express your grattitute and admiration for others. What a cool thing to do!!!

And there are rules... And these are fun rules to follow (or break)... and with them we get the opportunity to know and present other blogs.

The rules are:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Copy and paste (post) the award to your blog
3. Share three things about yourself that you enjoy...
4. Pass the award to five others

So, here are my answers to the rules:

1. Thank you Zulma... I admire your work very much... and I'm so honored to receive the award from you... Thank you, thank you, thank you.

2. ok

3. I want to share four instead of three... why not? Remember, this is a blog to be imperfect, hahahaha...

  • First of all, scrapbooking (hello???? This must be in the list!!!)

  • Drink wine (especially with my husband, good company, and paired with great food)

  • Enjoy my dog-son (I love my dog Malbec)

  • And... since we were just in the Halloween mode last week... the fourth thing is to wear customes...

4. My five splendid, marvelouus, golden, chosen award recipients are:

  • Zulma, from My Little Scrappy Owl - The rules do not say you can't award the same person who gave you the award, right?
  • Marilyn, from Treasuring Memories - What a talented lady... visit her blog and see for yourself!
  • Joan, from Mi Rincón de Papel - I call her "Master Joan". Visit her blog and understand me.
  • Mari, from Amigas del Scrapbooking - She's from Argentina and she offers her friendship and talent to other ladies around the whole world...
  • Daly, from Del Scrapbook y otros Amores - This is one of the leaders of the group I belong to (SB Friends) and she's such a natural teacher, mom, giver... Thanks for always provide the Cherry on Top, Daly.
    And there are so many other friends I would like to recognize, even though some do not have blogs, but just want to take advantage of this opportunity to point out the friendship from the SB Friends, and also mention some girls... Jessica (I call her ET. Her talent is out of this world!!!), Marirose from My Pictures on Paper, Gladys (my favorite Colombian girl), Yani... (such a talent with legs)...and my friend Vivian, with whom I share this hobby a lot (even though not as much or frequently as I wished). There are so many others, but I have to let some to be mentioned by other friends...hehehehehe
      Hope you liked this award and this recognition moment. It reminded me of one of the first cards I made as I went through the Scrapbooking world... Let me continue the "cherry" conversation and share it with you... What is peculiar about it is that the cherry was on the inside of the card... very nicely stamped and cut, but I don't have a picture of the inside... so here's the cover.

      (patterned paper: TAC, stamps: Unity; miscellaneous: cardstock, ink, eyelets)

      Have a cherry weekend!!!!


      MARILYN said...

      OMG!!! Muchas Gracias, Myra!!!Por esas lindas palabras. Este es el tercer award esta semana pues recibi otro y no lo he posteado todavia, ahora aprovecho y los posteo a la vez. Me encanto tu introduccion...Cherry on the top? puedo copiar?..ja,ja! Muy bonita tu tarjeta! y nuevamente Muchas Gracias!!!

      MARILYN said...

      Muchas Felicidades amiguita!!!!! Que vengan muchos mas "awards"!!!!!

      MARILYN said...

      Amiguita, por favor, pasa por mi blog te deje una sorpresita para ti!!!!!!

      Zulma said...

      Me he quedado sin palabras. Gracias Edelmira! Sobre todo me encanto toda la explicacion y creo que ese es el mensaje correcto del award. Que bueno que aprovechaste la ocasion y creaste una tarjeta, esta bien bonita y original. Un abrazo, Zulma.
      p.d. cuando tenga una oportunidad me dare un vinito contigo jijiji...