Monday, June 10, 2013

Puerto Rico Scrapbook Event 2013

I had a great time at the Puerto Rico Scrapbook Event last Saturday.  The event was held during the whole weekend, but I only went one day.  This is a great event because you get to be in the same place with hundreds of other people who share the love for this wonderful hobby.

There's always something new to learn, someone to know, someone to help, and a lot to enjoy.

I started with the class sponsored by Simple Stories with designer Layle Koncar.  It was a mini album full of great stuff.

I plan to use mine to document things about me... probably an A to Z album or something... Will see.

Then my second class was with Vicky Boutin.  She had taught at last year event too.  Her layouts are very cool and fun.

I used a new product with her... which I liked because I got to use my fingers and get painted...LOL.  It was called gold ink or something like that.  Sorry I don't remember the name but I will probably recognize when I go shopping soon.

Then, after lunch I met wonderful Teresa Collins.

She's sweet, and very talented...just as I thought she would be.  I brought with me Scrapbook Trends magazine, from which I got to know more about her.  I had heard her name before and have seen her work and products, but this book/magazine was great for me to know more about her and I really loved it.  So she autographed it for me...

She even accepted to pose for a crazy photo with me.

For her class she made two beautiful pages that I hopefully will complete soon.

Then, my last class was from Prima's teacher Frank García.  I did not know about him before the event.  He is very talented and he is truly a teacher.  He explains all in a very simple way and we all enjoyed his class very much.

Look at his wonderful work:

I also met Eva, who designed the line of products Frank used for this class.
I usually don't win many things by luck, and I won a small stamp designed by her in a random giveaway.  Cool, isn't it?

I thank God because I've had the opportunity to learn about having a hobby, and find relaxation, friendship, joy and a  lot more in it.  Those who have a hobby probably knows that hobbies can be a lot more than just something to pass time.  And you know what?  Not everybody has this blessing.  I get inspired, I express feelings, I know people, share with my friends, love the results of the projects... and have a good time.  Scrapbooking has come to my life to stay.

Tks for stopping by and don't forget to dedicate some time to be imperfect.  Enjoy!


Ilymar said...

El nombre de la muchacha de Prima que diseña los papeles no es Eva es Jodie Lee Patherson

Pryn said...

You look like you had an amazing time, Myra! You seem like such a beautiful and happy person. I am sure that those you got the chance to meet thought the same thing :) Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!