Monday, December 2, 2013

Warm Wishes... from the tropic!

My beautiful friends...

How are you doing?  How's your Holidays going?  Are you enjoying?  I hope so.

Our Holidays in Puerto Rico are very warm... really warm.  Some people might say they feel the weather is cooler than the rest of the year... and it is true... but still warm. 

So when I make Christmas cards I don't necessary think of the winter with snow, snowmen (even though I love them), snowflakes or blizzards... LOL!  I think of great food, music, presents and gaining weight (besides the famiy, love and friendship factors of course!!!).

So, I thought I could make a card for those who live a colder winter and Holiday season.

Love these Unity Stamp Co. stamps that put prices to the kisses and hugs...LOL!   I made a banner with those and ready to be sent with warm wishes.

I was going to make the card with a palm tree and a bright sun, but then I might had given the wrong impression and people could think I was being ironic about the weather, don't you think?  That's a card I will make soon.

Receive my warm wishes with lots of love...  Tks for your comments.

1 comment:

Iovanna said...

Very nice! Please, do go ahead with the palm trees one... seems fine to me!