Sunday, March 31, 2013

Romance in Paris!

Happy Easter you people!  Hope you are having a blast.

Last night I went to the 15th. Birthday Celebration I told you about.  Remember?  I mentioned it when I showed you the card I made for the young lady HERE.

Everything was beautiful.

The girl had this beautiful main area for the photos, where she displayed a big cardboard Eiffel Tower made by her.

There was also a special area for the young friends.

A candy bar... all made using her imagination.

Beautiful centerpieces.

Delicious cake...

And the invitations were also made the way she wanted. She had this idea of the Eiffel Tower as the main image, in a triangle envelope...

So, I cut the Eiffel Tower with a cartridge I borrowed from Gladys Amiroty... a friend from a local scrapbooking group.  Thank you Gladys!!!!  I'm ready to give it back to you... Will call you to coordinate later. 

So I embossed the cut image and placed with 3D foam pieces to the stamped handmade triangle envelope.

The text of the invitation was in a triangle inside, that you pull out through the little flower at the edge.  Just like the girl wanted it.  This is all her idea... I just had to draw until I had a stencil to cut one by one... everything made by hand with lots of love.

I'm glad all came out just as the girl wanted and we really had fun.

Hope you liked what you saw... and tks for your comments.

Happy Easter!


JAY said...

Hermoso todo. La invitación esta increíble.

Gladys pérez-almiroty said...

preciosas! las invitaciones te deben haber dado un trabajo enorme. tanto detalle!!