Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spain 2012

Happy Wednesday... 

I so want to have an album with photos of our vacation to Spain last October!  But you know what, I took around 2,000 photos!!!  No way I can scrap all those photos and be able to make any other project in my whole life...

So I picked about 300.  It's still a lot.  

I will use the divided photo sheets with different sized pockets to do this album... and I'm very excited about it.  It's going to take a lot of time because I have to interrupt it with a lot of other projects, but this is one of these projects you have for a while, and when in the mood you add something else and so.  Does that happen to you, scrapper?

I was also thinking... there are friendships just like this.  I have a very best friend that not necessarily are in touch with each other all the time... It's just the routine, the everyday's life, and the different lifestyles we had followed...  However, when we catch up probably twice a year, it's like I always confirm how precious her friendship is and how much we have in common.  It's like a special project to love all the time, but see and relate to just sometimes.  It's the beauty of friendship.

So enough talk.  I just made the cover of that album I'm going to finish in 2014... LOL!

It's a cover, so it's simple and just to communicate the content.

I used the year 2012 to establish the date.

I also used some grungeboard symbols...  a man, a lady, a plane, and arrow, and a wine bottle with glass...

Don't know if you remember, but my trip to Spain was mainly to visit wineries and learn more about wine... so we visited Barcelona and Madrid, of course, but focused more on Rioja and Ribera del Duero regions.  This is why that image with wine is important.

I used the negative of those images and placed them on black cardstock.  The letters are also grungeboard (Tim Holtz').  All the letters, numbers and symbols are painted with distress paints and inks.

Here's the whole page.  I chose one photo of us (there are just a few when we are together), which is in a Madrid famous monument to represent the destination to which the album will be dedicated.

I really like my cover page.


Laura Figueroa Colon said...

Que cover mas divertido! Me gusto especialmente el uso del grungeboard. Estas con la musa alta.

Myrna Marcano said...

Feliz dia!
Hermosas paginas, con un colorido fantastico.
Gracias por compartir tu arte.
Abrazos, Myrna

Julia said...

A mi me encanto y como todavia estoy con la fiebre de mi viaje, este cover es ideal...

Sonia said...

Super linda creación... me gusto como hiciste todo. Si te creo de las fotos a principio de mis viajes yo tomaba demasiadas y decia... Wow! tantas.
Ya soy mas selectiva al tomar las fotos.. y aunque tomo muchas ya no es lo mismo, aprendi je je!