Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Card with pieces of patterned paper...

We recently celebrated a special day in the family dedicated to three of us who don't have any children.   To celebrate we went to a restaurant located in what we call "country" referring to the center of the island outside the metro area. Unfortunately, not all family members could be with us but we celebrated anyway because this day is very important for us and the day is established to be the third Saturday of August. 

This card was made specially for my sister in law.  I used several pieces of patterned paper and put together instead of using perfectly coordinated colors, so I can support the message about no needing to be perfect to be awesome. 

I love the sentiment, by the way... I always say I love the perfect imperfection.   Love to be imperfect!

The stamped image was colored with watercolor pencils.   I also used some sequins to add some bling. 

My sister in law loved it. Hope you like it too. 

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