Thursday, September 29, 2016


Hello friends.  

September has gone too fast. Don't you think?  I guess it has to be with busy minds. 
I think it is good to have a lot of things to do, create, and keep busy. Still a little time to relax wouldn't be bad at all. I need vacations. LOL. 

Anyway... I want to share with you that third mini project designed for the Refresh Woman Expo in which we participated last Sept 17. Remember?  I facilitated three classes with three different special projects that could be done in half an hour.  Thirty people per class. Yeah. It was a marathon. 

Latina Crafter helped with some materials and Scotch sponsored with adhesives too. It was great. 
I shared the other two projects in my blog and Facebook fan page already. Go back to previous posts and see. This third project is a stand with a "clip". You can use it for place cards, for a photo, a recipe card, business cards, or whatever you want to display or show. 

I got inspired by a similar object I once bought for my mom and my mother in law which was made with a tile  but I made this with wood and paper.   You can see in this photo of the back how it is glued for support so it can stand well. 

The beauty in the photo is my recently passed away baby, my dog. The message as well as the cloud and rain images, are stamps from Latina Crafter.

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