Friday, February 6, 2015

Wine Labels Cards

Hello Friday!

Hello Friends... If you are of those who like to use a variety of materials you can find around the House for your projects, this might interest you. 

Sometimes I have used in my projects, clothes tags, packaging, gift or credit card, coasters, pieces of fabric, ribbons, buttons and items that have sentimental value. From necklaces I get stones and unique ornaments and even snails collected in a day at the beach can serve to support my project and reinforce the memories that I want to keep.

Finally, most scrapbookers or crafters reuse items in projects. For example, others could not see potential in a packaging and discarded it without even looking at it, but we see inspiration in the forms and colors of anything that surrounds us. I often find myself keeping items with a lot of ideas in mind, but after a while I have to discard them ... but the inspiration is always worthwhile.

I have relationship with wine for many years. For a long time we have admired the processes of vinification and we have visited some places to learn about wine. My husband is a sommelier certificated by CAFA, and we are accustomed to enjoying wine with any meal. Malbec is my favorite grape.  Both that this is also the name of our dog which we consider a son. Anyway, I say all this because in my house is never missing wine. That means that we generate many empty bottles which for many is garbage. I have recycled bottles for other liquids or for special projects that someone needs. Also keep corks and  I've used them for various crafts. We collect some capsules and sometimes labels.

I saved labels of special wines to remember the moment and even use them as part of the "journaling" or the design of a project. Wine labels are cool to include in many projects because they can represent a favorite wine or grape of someone, can draw attention for the colors or design, or even the name, or can simply add a special touch.

Some examples of projects in which you can use bottle labels are: tags of gift, layouts, cards, mixed media, and much more. Cards with labels of wine are the ones I am sharing today. 

You can search on the internet pictures of wine labels and print them, but if you prefer an original label to make your project more genuine, I share here how you can remove the same from bottle.

To remove labels and keep them complete, I use two main techniques:

1) you can heat the bottle in the microwave oven for 1 minute and then carefully remove the tag. If needed, use the help of something sharp with great care. If needed, heat the label for 20 extra seconds and try again.

2) Another way is to soak the bottle in warm water for several minutes. If the label is not very thick I do not recommend the water because it will weaken and it can break easily. In this case use the #1 technique.

If removing the label breaks any edges or wrinkles, don't worry because this gives authenticity to it. The important thing is that it can get as complete as possible. To remove it you can stick it against cardstock for firmness and then cut it, or you can use it directly in the design. If you use the technique of water, prior to use in the project, put it to dry on a paper towel with the glue up.

I am going ti link this to Unity Stam Co.'s Friday Friends with Flair. So leave a comment for a chance to win. 

Have a great weekend. 


Ruby said...

Great cards.

Donna K said...

Oh...the wine! Love your creations this week each of them is so unique! I think I shall have a glass later today, thank you for the reminder!

Sweet April said...

Thanks for sharing your technique on how to remove labels. As usually your card is fantastic,love all the special details it has!

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing your projects!

Dawn Louise said...

Great projects and thanks for the explanations. saying hi from FWF

Kim Rippere said...

Great idea. You have shown some cute ways to use the wine labels.

Kim Rippere
Craftisan Studios
Design Team Showcase

Lagene said...

Love your projects! The Unity girl on a label is great!

D- said...

I came over from Unity FWF. Love your wonderful cards. Thanks for sharing.
Crafty hugs,
Designs By Dragonfly {blogspot}

Angie said...

What a great idea! I love to see everyday items used in fantastic design. You nailed it!

Janis said...

Interesting all the ways you have used the labels, etc in your crafts!!!! Saw you on Unity FWF.
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Crystal said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, these cards!!! My hubby and I used to keep a wine journal years ago and we would painstakingly peel off the labels to put in our journal (some would come off easy but it always seemed like our favorites would tear) and I just adore how you incorporated them onto your cards with stamps! I used one for an art journal page recently and wish I could go back and use some of my favorites after seeing your cards but the journal itself is just too sentimental. Thanks for sharing your awesome creativity!

Dawn Fields said...

Your cards are wonderful! So creative! I really enjoyed reading your blog post about wine!

Gaylynn said...

Wonderful and unique with the labels in there. Awesome!!!!

ionabunny said...

Fun card. Love the labels. Hugz