Monday, October 14, 2013

Papeles y Más

Hey there!

Let me tell you about the "Papeles y Más" magazine.  A Puerto Rico's scrapbooking magazine that is provoking a real revolution in this hobby's world locally.  There's a lot of talent in our island and this magazine has provided room for different styles.  It is also very valuable because there are just a few sources of inspiration in Spanish around the world and our language is kind of different vs Latin America and Spain.  We have a lot of influence from US and even our measures are using the English system...  We are unique... we are Puerto Ricans!  So this magazine is covering for a lot of needs... and is awesome!

Mari Esposito is the leader behind this beautiful magazine that has published for almost 2 years.  She's a very genuine person and she really understands scrapbooking is about diversity of styles, there's no right or wrong but lots of heart and fun when making a project.  She's also very organized and responsible, qualities I really appreciate a lot.  Tks Mari!

I've collaborated with the magazine in the last two issues and I've been published.  I feel that this being a local effort, we have certain responsibility to support somehow.  Not only buying the magazine, but also spreading the word and in my case, helping to generate content they can publish.

 I will share some of those projects I've had published, in future posts... but today I wanted to share great news with you.  The magazine has its first Design Team to be featured in next issue (December)... and... I was invited to be part of it!!!  Isn't that amazing? I'm so blessed to have the trust of Mari and her team... and I am going to have so much so much so much fun!!!!

We met the entire team last weekend.

We have people from different towns of our beautiful Island. I already knew some of them or have heard about them but it was really exciting to meet them in person and share for a little while.  Some of these girls have a long trajectory in this hobby and for some this is a business...  

We even had an individual shooting... 

... and I had to see how the photo turned out, you know!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you can enjoy this magazine.  You can get information in this Facebook page HERE.   Talking about Facebook... I will soon have a Wine, Cheese & Scrapbooking fan-page in Facebook...  Pending to details coming soon.

Bye bye!


JAY said...

Felicidades nuevamente! Exito!

Yani said...

Quedamos retratadas!! jaja Que bueno que te hayan seleccionado :)

Jannette said...

Felicidades Edelmira y todas las demas chicas! mucho exito y que se disfruten su "trabajo"!!!!!

Joan Figueroa-Jiménez said...

Muchas felicidades!! Muy bien merecido amiguita!

Gladys pérez-almiroty said...

mis felicitaciones. ¡bien merecido!