Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another CAS Sunday!

Happy Sunday my friends.  And Happy first day of July!!!!
For me this Sunday has been a clean and simple one!  Had a late breakfast and have been doing some "nothing"...  I mean, just relaxing, doing things here and there but without stress.  Sometimes we just need to relax and don't have deadlines or chores to do with pressure.  
Today is one of those days for me.

And the Outlawz have this CAS challenge every Sunday... CAS stands for Clean and Simple style.  It's cool to be simple because sometimes less is more.  I like to participate from time to time because it is really a challenge for me.  I usually start simple but always look for more to add to the projects, so participating in this makes me control and finish with a simple design.

Look how simple I went with this star.  I assempled some strips of washi tape in cardstock, and then stamped this star on them. Then I cut it and created my own embelishment.  I could say it's like a continuation to my imperfect washi tape heart from my previous post... LOL!

And I stamped some other stars and added to the other washi tapes placed at the bottom.  Very clean and simple...  It was that easy and fast to do... that it made me want to make another one.

And this one was using same stamps into red cardstock and cutting the shapes.  Then assembled on top of three strips of washi tapes used as background.

I added some glossy accents and glitter to the center star of the big star.

Really clean and simple.  I think I really honored the challenged because it was very easy and fun to do with great results.   I'll enter this one in the Outlawz challenge today.

I hope you liked my cards.  Please let me know with your comment. :)  And have a happy Sunday and a great rest of the week.  Don't forget to be imperfect and enjoy it.


Myrna Marcano said...

Buenos dias!!!
Me gusto mucho tu trabajo. Las estrellas me encantaron.
Gracias por compartir.
Abrazos, Myrna

jecg1999 said...

Bellas ambas tarjetas(estrellas) me gusto el uso q le diste al washi tape en el corazon. Aprendi algo nuevo...exitos