Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another CAS Sunday!

Today's Sunday!

My Sundays are usually relaxing.  Either we take the day to rest, or we need to do things at home, or we spend with family... but most of the time my Sundays are relaxing.  I like Sundays because they kind of divide the weekdays from the weekend and I get time to think of what I've done during prior week and what will do next week...  In the spiritual way, even though everyday is special and we are grateful for all the blessings and of course we keep in contact with God... I think Sundays have these "near to God" special and different feeling I can't describe.

Anyway, Sundays is for cooling down, being simple, just don't complicate... and scrapbooking is part of this relaxing "department" in my life.   I usually like to change the materials' texture, or want to twist this and that, or because a special touch sometimes require to complicate a little, I end up doing crazy things in most of my projects... but I also love challenges that make me work different styles...  I can say I am not "married" to any style at all (I enjoy them all!), that's why I love CAS Sundays at Outlawz Challenges group (CAS meaning "clean and simple").

I was ready to use the materials just as they were made and  make a card really fast to post it today in the challenge, using berries.  There are so many patterned papers with great designs that I sometimes cut and change... so I remembered I had this one and decided to use it as is. 

So I took this wonderful patterned paper from DCWV's Sweet Stack...

...grabbed a doily, used a punch to have a cardstock shape, stamped a sentiment and put some bling below it... 

... And got a sticker from the "Quotes" Stack...

Put it all together in an already cut card base, and ended up the card in 15 minutes! (maybe a little less).

I enjoyed doing it in a CAS way... like my Sundays are.

How are your Sundays?  Tell me about it.


Cheri said...

Love it!!! Perfect way to do make a CAS card. So happy you've joined the fun at Outlawz.

jecg1999 said...

Muy bonita y gusto lo q expresastes sobre los domingos. Para mi son iguales, es mi dia favorito...aunq el lunes tenga q ir a trabajar:(

Gladys Arenas Franco said...

Amiga, linda y delicada tu tarjeta, me gusta mucho!
Un abrazo

Myrna Marcano said...

Me gusta tu trabajo tan particular, toda una belleza.

Gracias por compartir tu talento.

Abrazos, Myrna

JOAN said...

Me encanta!! Diex chocolates ;)

Sonia said...

Estoy en ese grupo hace tiempito y es muy bueno y las DT muy nice.
Que trabajo hermoso, te felicito!

Sonia said...

Estoy en ese grupo hace tiempito y es muy bueno y las DT muy nice.
Que trabajo hermoso, te felicito!