Sunday, July 8, 2012

Free Wallpaper

Are you one of those who love to change your phone or computer wallpaper/background from time to time?
I am.  I get bored of the same images behind my icons.

There's a couple of applications to get nice wallpaper and some images from default are always available... but I want mine to be unique.

So every time I see an image or texture I like, I take a photo for further use as wallpaper.   First, you can assure no one else will have it, and second, it's free.

Besides, these textures and colors give me a lot of inspiration for other projects too.

Here are some examples.

This is a close up of the tiles in the wall of my dining room.

This is the floor in my terrace.

What about the exterior walls of my house?

And this one is among my favorites... it's the wall of my half bathroom in the patio.

This is a tree I saw in a beach resort.  Isn't nature wonderful?  Look closely for the ants' rail and look at all these colors... Magnificent!

A pile of woods.

Another tree close up.  This was taken in a botanic garden near my home.

Leaves in the floor.

Palm tree.

Thru the trees and leaves.

These are items in a centerpiece in my living room.


My kitchen top.

And the rug of a hotel.

Can you think of more inspiration of textures and colors around you?  I definitely can...  the sky, clouds, skin, a door or window... and so on.

Hope you liked the idea for the wallpapers in your phone or computer... or at least got inspiration for your projects, scrapbooker or not... sure you picked up something out of these.

Have a nice Sunday.  Tks for your comments.


JOAN said...

Esas fotos estan bien creativas. Muy buenas ideas ;)

Nilsa said...

que buena idea..yo usa las fotos de personas pero ahora voy a usar tus ideas, gracias.

Sonia said...

Si supieras que yo acostumbro los pequeños detalles que pasan desapercibidos para muchos.. como por ejemplo tienes varias fotos de cosas que yo he tomado con mi camara, alfombras, paredes, arboles...
Todavia mas, tomo fotos de las comidas cuando salgo con mi esposo. En fin no acabo si comienzo escribir, que bueno que tu tambien lo haces.
Little things in our life that inspires our everyday.