Monday, April 14, 2014

Daisies Card

Monday Night?  Eeeek!  I said I was going to bed early and now there's an eclipse to watch?  No, no, no...  I'm sorry.  I love to live the moment and enjoy life, but I can probably sleep a couple of hours and then wake up to see the red moon... if I can get up!
But before going to get some rest... what about a CAS card?

Before showing it to you... do you know what CAS mean?  It stands for "clean and simple".  You want to leave open space, without embellishments, avoiding lots of layers.  It is important to also have a featured element as a focal point.  This means there must be something that when you look at the card you quickly see it 'cause it gets the attention.  It's the one thing you see first and remains as the main thing.  The CAS project is usually easy to reproduce... This means you can replicate a card maybe using other paper, other image, etc... but basically same "layout".  If you have to look at a project and think "how was this done?", then it probably isn't CAS.  And this doesn't mean you can't use some techniques...ok.  Some people think CAS style does not allow for painting, embossing, using color, and some texture... You can't abuse... but can allow.

I used daisies on this one and will link to the Sunday CAS challenge at the Outlawz Challenges.

A very CAS card using mostly white and with the flowers as the main element.

You can easily make a similar card or replicate this one with cardstock, half doily, a stamped image and a sentiment.  Of course, this one card is unique... LOL!

Here's a closer look.  Note I also added some glitter to the flowers... just a extra touch without over doing it.  I was tempted to add some pearls, but this one beauty already has just enough to be called a CAS card.

Hope you are having a great Holy Week...

Tks for your comments.


sweet art designs said...

I think the card to stunning! I love how you made the daisies pop with the added glitter and have them off the white on the right. Great job

Sueli Pinheiro said...

Muy tierno e gracioso!