Friday, May 13, 2016

No Good Bye... See you later

So sad to see a friend coworker leave her job for 16 years to move to Texas.  However, I know this is part of life and she's just living a new stage she'll enjoy a lot. Plus this is not the end of our journey as friends ... This is more s beginning. 

I made her a simple composition in a shadow box to show some love. 

The vivid colors represent the happiness our friend always shared and inspired, but mostly using blue because it's her favorite. 
The phrase "she laughs" is so true. She rally laughs out loud and always smile. 

You will see bricks representing her strength, hearts for the love she gives and sequins to demean she will shine wherever she goes. 

Finally, a clear dot representing her transparency and inviting her to always be true to herself, authentic and literally transparent. 

Besides the materials mentioned, I used Prima Color Blooms sprays, gelatos, modeling paste, cork sheets and stamps.

Hope you like it. It was made with love.