Tuesday, January 12, 2016

You May Say I'm a Dreamer...

... But I'm not the only one!!!!

Oh Yes, I dream.   I dream of fantastic situations in which I have super powers and am able to make justice...  But I also dream of a better world, where nobody lacks food, love and health.   And I also dream about romantic stories and the pink love... just like any girl.  LOL.

I made this layout and chose to emphasize of love and being a dreamer, because I love this picture so much, that it inspires me.  I love that we look just like we are... posing but not being fake, with the wine glasses just like the moments we enjoy.

And I love to make my own embellishments, so for this layout I used lots of stamps and make some handcut hearts with cardstock and vellum, and sprayed with paint.

Love my layout... and yes, I'm a dreamer.

I plan to share this with Unity Stamp Co blog hop this week, so leave a message for a chance to win.  I will also share with Craft Stamper magazine friends in the Take It Make It Challenge of January... just for fun.


Sweet April said...

Lovely,romantic,fabulous layout! Ahh...yes...we do have our moments of love,happiness and dreams! So many dreams,some will come true and others will have to wait! Thanks for being a wonderful dreamer(like me)

Amanda Rhodes said...

I love this layout! I love the splashes of color!I now have John Lennon's song stuck in my head, but it's one of my favorites! :)