Monday, December 31, 2012

And this is it... 2012 coming to an end!

Hey.. just a quick note on the last day of 2012 year!

It's been a nice year... well being positive and all that.  It's really been a tough year in terms of criminality, economy, politics, and the list goes on and on...  But you know, there is always good things to be thankful for.  I admit the bad things make the good ones disappear for some time.  When you concentrate in the bad things you forget about all the beauty you have lived.

So when I saw this in facebook (a friend of a friend posted it)... I immediately thought I should give some of these to my guests tonight.  It explains itself:

I didn't have much time because the rice, salad, pork shoulder roast, decoration, and all these things had priority.  (The most difficult task was to empty my scrapbooking table to be able to use it for the food. LOL)

So the embellishment is not quite elaborated, it is very simple but with the Unity stamps I used to label the jars and tins with "2013" and other images, they came out very cool.  I also included instructions in Spanish.

So, if my guests want to try this for 2013, they'll have the recipient already to start.

Cool, isn't it?  Wanna try it?
You'll probably be surprised at the list you can come up with at the end of the year.
Happy 2013!


Sonibel Acosta said...

I love this idea. Definitely want to do it and remember all the positive things going on during the year.

JAY said...

Todo muy bonito. Me encanta la idea, te la voy a copiar.