Sunday, September 23, 2012

Here comes Sunday....

Today is Sunday... a very hot Sunday here in Puerto Rico... and I'm going over an even warmer area in my beautiful Island... the town of Ponce.

I'm going to visit my mother in law.  Her mom died last week :(... (My husband's grandma).  She was 89 and had been sick for a while.  We said good bye to her last Saturday... and it was my mother in law's birthday.  It was so sad to see her saying good bye to her mom the very same day of her birthday. But it was special too, because she thanked her mom and said that she was leaving a day like the day she gave her life, so that was special.  We learn different life's points of view everyday.

So, anyway... My husband didn't want to mention her birthday on that day... he thought he would be giving her more sadness... but he wants to visit her today and give her a card.

So I made this one for her.  Didn't want to really put any sentiment related to what happened, but just a card that reflects relaxation, tranquility, or possibly a moment of serenity. 

I'm not sure if I accomplished that (LOL!) but I liked the card for her.

I used a doily, different scrap papers and some baker's twine.   The "Happy Birthday" sentiment is washi tape.  (I've told you... these sticky friends have come to my life to stay).  I chose this stamp from Unity and I also got inspired from Unity's Sketch Challenge.

Hope you liked my card.  Have a beautiful Sunday...  Tks for your comments.


Joan Figueroa-Jiménez said...

Amiga, la tarjeta está perfecta!! Bien delicada y serena, justo la sensación que quieres transmitir. Mi mas sentido pesame para ti y tu esposo. Un abrazo, Joan

JAY said...

Totalment de acuerdo con Joan. Hermosa y delicada tarjeta. Mi pésame para ti y tu esposo.

Lisa H. said...

so pretty. love the dimension you added, I'm sure she LOVED it. thanks for playing along.