Sunday, September 2, 2012

A card with deep meaning!

Happy Sunday...

In the middle of the weekend since tomorrow is a Holiday!

I wanted to share this card I made a couple of weeks ago.

It was the card a friend would give to his girlfriend when asking her to be his official girlfriend... got it? 

So, he's very special and has attention to details for her.  They've been through a lot to make this happen, so he was going to give her some special presents for several days (one daily) and then at the end of the week, give her this card and ask her.

One of the days, he gave her a certificate of a named star to honor her, so that's why I included a little chipboard star that says "for you".

He also gave her flowers one of the days, so I added this paper pieced one.

Other day he gave her a section of a song he wrote, so the background is music symbols and also included the music symbol in crunchboard material.  Other day he gave her coupons valid for free hugs, kisses, this and that... so I included a coupon that you can flip and have different sentiments.

He told me she liked purple and yellow colors so I added some of that without conflicting with the music background paper I had... and also added a border at left in a different color to make the card more interesting.

So here's the whole card with the coupon flipped so you can see both versions.

Hope you liked it!  Thanks for stopping by here.  I love it when you do that!


Analia Faul said...

Estupenda tarjeta,un trabajo lleno de paciencia,belleza y creatividad,felicitaciones y un abrazo!!

Myrna Marcano said...

Hermosa, me encanto la flor.

Abrazos, Myrna