Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

This is a great day!  We are celebrating when Jesus was born!  It is a good reason to celebrate, don't you think?  I admit we, humans, sometimes forget the real meaning of this celebration... It's not that we don't know, it's just part of being imperfect.  So, just in case, take a few moments to thank God for everything you have lived, or whatever you have or don't have... God is good.  Wish Jesus a Happy Birthday today!

I thought it was appropriate for today, to share a mini album made for a class I gave at a local store last month.   It's a class designed for two hours so it was a combination of mixed media and really regular simple scrapbooking so we could finish on time. 

So I am going to share some images with you, since today's Christmas day and the mini album is about this holiday and at the same time you can see some photos and have fun! 

This is the cover/first page.  We used modeling paste with stencils, and cut some poinsettias which we made glow with gold spray.

Here are some of the pages.  I placed photos from different Christmases and other events, 'cause I didn't want the mini album to be just a plain project without life.  I like the students to see how the photos can look in the album or pages I make for them.  The girls in the photos are my neighbors and goddaughter...  They are older now.

The photo at right... I remember we took this photo at one of my neighbor's house. The Xmas tree was beautiful!  And these girls are 9 now.
At left my other neighbor who was just months old... She was kind of scared of me taking pictures while she was lying in a blanket at the beach. Who wouldn't?

This is my dear brother with my niece and nephew.  These are wonderful children.  They live in the States and we don't see them very often, but they are really good children and so loving, caring, and brilliant.  My bro also has an older daughter who is actually going to be a mom next year... God bless her!
Note that this photo is hidden behind a tab?  Well, we actually made some more pages with flaps and tabs so we could accommodate multiple pictures.  It was a very nice project.

My god daughter again...  She was such a little baby here.  The circles here are from a design paper, but we also combined with cardstock circles.  some are flat and some are with dimensional adhesives, so this is a very cool and simple page with lots of movement and life.

My beautiful mom...  Guess that smile is in the family.

This page had flaps at top and at bottom... so you could place photos inside and out... Very clever!

My husband and I.  Love this guy.  We are not a perfect couple... that doesn't exist, but yes... I love him.   And I know he loves me ! :)

This is the backcover of the mini album in which we also used some glass beads/crystals and paint with stencils.  Love the texture we achieved here.  Beautiful!

Being a scrapbooker has brought me nice experiences, and teaching is one of them.  But I wouldn't call it 100% teaching because most scrapbookers know what they are doing; I would say is sharing a project with them and making it together...  It's so cool.  

Now, my mini album is part of a great collection at Creative Time store.

And if you read this post until the end, then I wanna thank you for that.  Have yourself a Merry Christmas!

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Hermosos y coloridos tus trabajos.

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