Friday, November 23, 2012

New Header!

Do you like my new header for the blog title?

Well.. just stopping by to give some credit.  I used some digital papers and elements from several sources.

First.. Mel from Mel Stampz has created a wonderful collection of papers.  They are designed with Christmas in mind, but sure you can use for other themes as well (I love using things for what they were not meant to).  You can download know more about this collection she has put together HERE.  If you decide to download some of her work, please make sure to read her rules about usage.

I also used some elements and alphas from a collection called Wild Sorbet which I don't have the exact source, but it was a freebie I found a while ago.

Finally, I used the alpha from the Flutter Collection from Page Maps (also a freebie from a while ago).

Just wanted to refresh the blog look a little bit.  We all need some refreshment from time to time...  Christmas is a good time as an excuse to do it.  I invite you to think of some things you might want to "refresh" and do it now.

Have a great weekend.

1 comment:

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Hi Myra! Wow that is creative. LOVE the mix. I would've never thought to use the round tags as elements. Hmmm methinks I feel a new paper coming on. Thanks for the inspiration. Gotta get the hubby to pick up my favourite wine on his way home. I'm no sommelier, but I love Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. :-)