Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

So, tomorrow's the day to give thanks... I know, I know... it's everyday.  But it's cool to have a special day to remind us how grateful we should be.  I hope you have a wonderful day with your family, at church, or doing anything that is what you want to do to demonstrate your gratefulness.

I made a card for two challenges...  You know, after being out for a while I needed to heat the mechanism... so it's simple and have the Fall colors most people see in the places where the season is very noticeable.

The inspiration for the card, besides the challenges... was also those Fall colors I'm talking about.  I live in Puerto Rico, and either you see green leaves or no leaves...but with just a few exceptions, if you want to see colors in the trees, you have to look out for flowers.  When I recently traveled to Colorado, and then to Spain... I was able to see the yellow, orange, nice brown, burgundy and beautiful Fall colors in the leaves...  so I thought... maybe these are the "flowers" of Autumn...  the mere leaves.

So this is why I simulated a flower with the leaves stamp, and used the sentiment that says "Autumn Leaves"... got it?  I know it's a long story for such a simple analogy but just wanted you to know about the thinking behind my card...  Both stamps are from Unity.

You can also notice I painted the white half doily with distress and chalk inks to achieve some unity with the colors.

And again... Happy Thanksgiving... I am grateful for life, health, family, a job, my husband, my dog, my mom (well, all family), friendship, the senses (being able to see, smell, touch, hear, and taste...)... and I am grateful for scrapbooking and for the comments you will leave me... those make me feel very happy.  Thank you blogger friends.

(I am linking this project to Unity Challenge and to a local group blog I belong, SB Friends)


Julia said...


Laura Figueroa Colon said...

Me gusto mucho lo que hiciste con el doilie. La flor de hojas preciosa. Muy linda tarjeta.

Karin said...

Hermosa creación. Me necanta que le hayas dado color al doily y el color block se ve fabuloso.
Gracias por participar en el reto de noviembre.


Beejay said...

So pretty! Great autumn colors!