Saturday, February 11, 2012

Getting closer to St Valentine's Day!

Oh yes... I've been out for a while... I was in a business trip for a whole week... It's cool to know different places and change routine at work, but being away from home for more than a couple of days, without the loved ones... it's not that cool. And I've had some busy weeks lately... so here I am.

The day after I got back home my husband wanted to try this wine he's read so many good things about. It's called Enate and it is from the region of Somontano. We tasted a Cab-Merlot blend which was great. You can read this wine's description HERE.

We paired it with prosciutto and salami... mmmmm.

Since this was a small bottle just for the afternoon appetizer and as an excuse to hear all about my trip after a week without each other, my husband had reserved a special wine for dinner. This particularly we had tasted before and he has some bottles in storage. It is Chateau Clarke. It's a red bordeaux blend from France... So tasteful, strong, robust... delicious. It's the kind of wine with so much aging potential. You drink it and you know it's going to be better several years from now. I'm glad my husband still keeps some for the future.

And as a pre-St.Valentine's Day, let me share these cards I just made the other night in an intent to relax my stress out... hehehehe.... As you know, scrapbooking it's a hobby, and as such it's relaxing... so I needed to relax and made these...

Hope you like them... and thank you for your visit and comments. I will be back on St. Valentine's Day... to say hello. Stop by... don't forget to be imperfect.


Myrna Marcano said...

Feliz dia !

Hermosos trabajos.
Y con un buen vino, me encanta.
Abrazos, Myrna

Maga said...

Querida, no entiendo como no te relajaste con esa botellota para dos. Que comensaste primero, las tarjetas o el wine tasting. Me alegro por las dos cosas. Yamil se cree con exclusividad con mama y si mama esta bregando con papeles o telas o embarres de pintura alli esta su preciosa manita y ya no hago nada para evitar que se pinche o corte. By the way Yamil toma Merlot de bare feet....

jecg1999 said...

Preciosas...precisamente estoy haciendo las mias manana las posteo.

Gladys Arenas Franco said...

Muy lindas tus tarjetas amiga :)