Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Sparkling Debate!

The other day, my husband brought home a bottle of "cava". It was a Segura Viudas. We do have this sparkling wine from Spain available at home most of the time, so it called my attention. Then he explained to me that someone gave it to him because it had been storaged for a while and since he knew my husband liked wine, thought we might drink it and don't let it spoil.

What is more interesting here is that my husband thought this bottle was not properly taken care of, so he said he wanted to try it just to compare with a well preserved cava.

Sometimes people ask me how a well preserved wine should taste and I always say, if when you drink it, you like it, it's fine... If it tastes like vinegar, then something is wrong... LOL!

Anyway, we rested the bottle for a couple of days and brought it to the right temperature, and the day arrived... we opened it. Immediately we saw a dark color you don't usually see in this liquid. Then when we tried it, it was too sweet, with no effervescence at all... It wasn't refreshing.

Here you can see at left the one I am talking about... and at right the same kind of cava, but from a bottle we had for comparison. So, you would definitely notice the difference.

Then we tried a Prosecco. Prosecco is a grape from Italy, but since it is the grape most commonly used for sparkling white wine there, most people call Prosecco the wine itself... or any sparkling wine from Italy.

It's so fruity... and light... It smells like fresh flowers and is very effervescent. You can see the bubbles all the time. It has the right sweetness and is very delicious. If you look at the picture above, you can also notice it is very clear... It's a very appropriate sparkling wine as an appetizer, or just to refresh...

Here are the prosecco and the cava side by side.



JOAN said...

Nice wine class!!

Jannette said...

I don't know much about wine, but I am always eager to learn. Thanks for the insights!

Sonia said...

Gracias por siempre compartir info de los Vinos, interesante por cierto... A tu salud! ;-)