Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hope you celebrate with your loved ones, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, daughters... and moms to be... well, well, well... Do you think the pregnant women should celebrate Mother's Day? Not that I disagree, but I recently discovered some people think they are already moms when pregnant, and some think they still aren't.

I have a friend (a father to be) who thought he shouldn't give a present to his wife on Mother's Day because she still wasn't a mother... she had 3-month pregnancy. But he knew she thought a pregnant woman should be considered a mother and shoud celebrate Mother's Day (and get presents). He defended his point of view saying that he is not considered a father until the wife gives birth. And he might be right... but anyway I made this card so he could give it to his wife.

I used a digital stamp image from internet and printed it in white cardstock and also in several patterned papers so I can cut the clothes. I also used some color pencils for the skin and hair. The funny thing is that this image looks just like the recipient. She will love it... I hope.

I also made this other one inspired in the "pregnancy" theme.

And, finally, let me share this layout with you. I made it last year. This is my mom when she was pregnant to have my older brother. Isn't she beautiful?

Happy Mothers Day... including those ladies expecting to have a child... Take care... :)


Karin said...

Edelmira; yo también tuve esa misma cntroversia elaño pasado con mi cuñada que estaba embarazada para el día de las madres y no sabía si regalarle o no. Terminé haciéndole el regalo pues dije es mejor regalar y que no esperen dada que no llevar nada y que se queden esperando...

Ambas tarjetas están bella, pero tu página me encantó, los colores que usaste están hermosos y elegantes.


Sonia said...

Tus tarjetas estan hermosas y delicadas.
El layout me encanto!!... bonito y delicado. Lindo color combo.