Saturday, July 26, 2014

Another Unity Be Inspired...

Hello my friends...

I am posting today my contribution to the Unity Be Inspired challenge from #Unity Stamp Co. 

And notice I said my "contribution" and not only an "entry". It is both. I love when I am able to participate in challenges and contest. They get us inspired, and make us be active in this great hobby. You also get to see other interpretations of the same inspiration, from people around the world who also loves what you love.  I confirm everyday how subjective art and scrapbooking are, and I love that fact.  So, for me, more than an entry in a contest/challenge, it is also a contribution to keep the hobby alive. And it is a support for the brands I love, and the contest/activity they are promoting... So they can keep doing it. 

This is the inspiration combo this month. Great colors and sketches. 

I immediately got captured by the colors, that sunset, and the way you can see different colors in line and mixed at the same time. 
I wanted to make a similar arrangenent of colors but also wanted to soften them. 

So I stamped the main image and covered with a mask. Then painted my colors with pencils. 

Carefully I blended with water brush protecting the image and mask. 

When finished I took out the mask and covered with vellum to soften the colors look. 
The sentiment was stamped on the vellum.  Love that sentiment because it is not only the pure thruth but it goes perfectly with the effect I was trying to achieve. Behind the vellum is the true beauty and there is a butterfly. 

Same thing with people. Beauty inside is the one who reflects the real person. 

Hope you like my card. Comments are always welcome. 


Karen (karey2005) said...

Very pretty! Love the vellum over the darker colors! :)

Carol L said...

This is beautiful! NJ!

Sheryl said...

So pretty. Thanks for showing us your process!

Jill Jacobsen said...

you beautifully captured the beauty within!