Friday, July 22, 2011

Some Cards... and an important REMINDER

Hey... It's still Summer! Are you enjoying it? Having fun in the sun?

I have to admit that even living in the tropics, I do not enjoy sun that much... Too hot for me. But I know it's not "normal". Don't have to tell me.

Anyway, Summer's a good season to enjoy outdoor activities, and especially with kids, or pets, or family... Most people are on vacation (not me :(... ). It's also a great time for scrapbooking yeah!

I've been very busy at work and that includes working on weekends... so that leaves me with little little tiny little time to do other things, including going to the beach or Scrapbooking.

What I do is that even if it is cutting a little paper and position it for an idea, or just pass near my SB room and enter to glue something, move the elements, write an idea.... I just do... and when I don't expect it, I have a card almost finished, or an idea just developed and ready to implement. That's the only reason I can keep doing scrapbooking and most people ask me how do I find time to do it...

Here are some cards I made. I hope you like them...

But before that... remember we have a giveaway running. It's so simple to participate and even though you might have a lot of scrapbooking materials, a little candy doesn't hurt. Give yourself the opportunity. You can see details at the bottom of this post.

This K&Co sticker is great to have the sentiment for a card already done. When you are in a hurry, and don't want to stamp, type, write or cut letters, stickers help a lot.

I cut the hearts shape with Cricut from the Paper Pups cartridge. The patterned paper is a scrap paper I received from a make and take.

This sticker is also from K&Co. Isn't it cute?

The card is very simple... A punched border, a sticker and a bow, over a patterned paper.

This other card was made with different pieces of paper of different sizes. You can make your own design of patterned paper with different shapes. In this case I used squares and rectangles all over the card base.

Hope you liked them. Your comments are always appreciated. They make my day!

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JOAN said...

Nena, estan chulisimas. Me encanta la se Someone over me. Tiene look de mixed media.

jecg1999 said...

Todas preciosas!!!! me inspiro la de los pedacitos de diferentes papeles...un exito!!en un LO se tiene q ver bello tmb.

Laura Figueroa Colon said...

Me gustaron mucho. WOW. Ese ponchador quedo brutal con la tarjeta

Melissa said...


JAY said...

Edelmira, todas las tarjetas están bellas y cada una con sus hermosos detalles. Que bueno que has podido sacar un ratito para hacer tarjetas.

Karin said...

Me encantan, bellas, delicadas y llenas de color. La primera me encanaron los corazones.


Myrna Marcano said...

Me encanto!!!!!

MARILYN said...

Amiguita estan Bien LINDAS!!! Me encanto la ultima en pedacitos de papeles de colores, Pero todas tienen lindos detalles!!! Te entiendo sobre el trabajo...en verano es cuando yo mas trabajo primero Senior Proms y luego Bodas necesito vacaciones,lol!! pero que bueno que existe este hobby asi liberamos el estres!!! Un abrazo!!! :)

Sonia said...

Myra, todas tus tarjetas tienen un toque especial, estan bellas.
El verano uff1 aca en PR ha sido algo loco.. si hay mucha calor y mucho sol pero unas lluvias repentinas y truenos y centellas ja ja!... pero asi es tropico!
Saludos, Sony