Friday, June 24, 2011

Finally 2009

Finally... we are now seeing wines from 2009 vintage. At least we had not seen any yet in Puerto Rico... and we were waiting for them...

2009 is being described as an excellent year in Spain... referring to grapes' harvest. So, I finally tasted a 2009 wine and it is one we've tried before from other years so we were able to compare.

La Planta is from Arzuaga Navarro winery. Not many people know that "La Planta" is the "cosecha" wine from the "Arzuaga" line of wines in "crianza", "reserva" and "gran reserva". Wines usually have the same name no matter the aging, but in this case they use "La Planta" name for the first wine to be bottled and then the rest are named Arzuaga.

"Cosechas" are usually not aged in oak or anything, it is bottled and good to go... but this one has some oak in the process of 6 months.

About the 2009 vintage, the winery claims it "has been the most complete with high quality grapes provided with very good sensory qualities." All I can say is that I was not dissapointed at all. This wine was exquisite.

It has intense cherry red color and great aromas of fruit... As I always say, I am no expert, but this wine is one that has never failed to me ... year by year... and this 2009 seems to be stronger and way more balanced.

I regularly do not like tempranillo by itself without pairing with food. But this is an exception. This wine is 100% tempranillo and it is very enjoyable with or without food.

If you are looking for some wine to start your weekend.. have this delicious red wine that is just out to the market... get La Planta 2009. And don't storage for long time... enjoy it.

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Nilsa said...

excellent review! I certainly will look for it pretty soon..

Maribel said...

Love your post. Excellent!!! Now I think i need wine..ha..ha..ha