Friday, March 11, 2011

What a Dog may come...

Do you have a dog? Or have had dogs before?

I really did not have the opportunity to be related to dogs before... well, not in a good way. I was afraid of them. I didn't understand why I passed near them and they hated me. I even felt they smelled bad.

But to make a long story short... when I met my husband we talked about dogs and he learned how I felt. He said that if some day he had a dog, he would like a Rottweiler. Wow... not a little one!!! And he said he'd understand if I decided not having a dog ever, but if I gave in, he wanted it to be a Rottie.

So the years passed and I decided I had to learn to enjoy dogs... and after looking for information and decided to change my attitude towards dogs, Malbec came to our life. And he has become my best friend, my love, my son, my dog... I understand he is a dog and we don't pretend to treat him like a human, but he's so special. He knows when I'm sick, he is always willing to show love... he's adorable.

But he's also very special and came for a reason. He's an angel. I made this layout about 3 years ago when I started to know this hobby. I tried to express that this dog was really sent from Heaven specially for me.

My husband and I ... We've lived some "little special difficult moments" in which we've looked at each other's eyes and thanked God for having each other... but we've also looked at Malbec and have thanked God for having him. He's fullfilled a lot to us. He also has special needs that we've had to attend. His veterinary says we were made to have him and take care of him because others would have not been able to do it.

I regret not having a dog earlier in my life. But I'm sure enjoying it now.


JOAN said...

Edel ambos LO's te quedaron de show!! Tus paginas siempre me encantan, tienes una creatividad brutal!!! Gracias por compartir tu historia y las fotos de tu macharran.

Karin said...

Definitivamente estos angeles de cuatro patas son definitivamente enviados del cielo. Me encanta la foto de Malbec en el primer layout es divina! Que lindo tu layout digital, no sabía que lo trabajabas.


JAY said...

Muy bonitos tus LO's, la historia, para pelos, las fotos, un millón. Me parece que tengo ese kit digital por ahí. Gracias por compartir tus historias y tu arte.

Vivi said...

absolutamente hermoso. Yo también amo a ese adorable perrito.