Sunday, March 20, 2011

Age is only a number?

That's what is said... Age is only a number! That number sure comes with a lot of things. If your number is 25, the number means energy, youth, party, new experiences, future... I your number is 60, you probably think more of past, health, grandchildren, live day to day...

But I do agree that the number is just to give everybody else the idea of all your knowledge and experience... Age is really an attitude. Oh yes, I'm sure it is. The way you feel, and you decide to feel with your attitude, will project a lot of what you are. Positive attitude is always a plus no matter what the issue.

This very simple card was made very fast. I just wanted to use my cuttlebug for a card I wanted to give to a friend, but I didn't have much time. And I didn't know what to do.... hehehehe...

So I fastly embossed this background, matted it, stamped a sentiment, embelished with a chipboard flower... and that's it. I know it was fast and simple, but here's another beauty of scrapbooking: Sometimes to have the time, sometimes you don't... Sometimes you have the inspieration, sometimes you don't... Sometimes the things you took longer to do, were not as great as other simpler and faster...

I like the results. And I used the cuttlebug and that's what I wanted. It's new and I'm experimenting with it.

So I hope you like the card ... The person who received it just turned 25. Beautiful and nice girl from my work.
And remember.... Age is only a number... put some attitude to yours.

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